Should i go pro ana to lose 90 pounds?

Should i go pro ana to lose 90 pounds? Topic: Should i go pro ana to lose 90 pounds?
June 16, 2019 / By Bettina
Question: i can't take my weight anymore. i'm so fat and disgusting. everyone around me is so skinny and happy. School is terrible. i'm almost always the fattest girl in class and P.E. is the worse. i went to the mall with my friend. she's skinny and very pretty, it sucked that everywhere we went, we were being stopped by some guys for her while i was completely ignored. i'm now a size 18. 210 pounds, 5'8". btw, i can't join a gym, or go on walks. my parents lost a lot of money to a gym n think their all the same. healthy eating is hard trust me i've made plenty of food lists over the years and have gone through many diets but they have all failed because my parents could never keep up. on top of that, we rarely spend quality time food shopping. my parents are always rushing out of there. pro ana is almost my only choice if anyone has any other suggestions.
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Aidith Aidith | 9 days ago
Do the Ana Boot Camp diet Day 1: 500 calories (or less) Day 2: 500 calories (or less) 3: 300 calories 4: 400 calories 5: 100 calories 6: 200 calories 7: 300 calories 8: 400 calories 9: 500 calories 10: Fast 11: 150 calories 12: 200 calories 13: 400 calories 14: 350 calories 15: 250 calories 16: 200 calories 17: Fast 18: 200 calories 19: 100 calories 20: Fast 21: 300 calories 22: 250 calories 23: 200 calories 24: 150 calories 25: 100 calories 26: 50 calories 27: 100 calories 28: 200 calories 29: 200 calories 30: 300 calories 31: 800 calories 32: Fast 33: 250 calories 34: 350 calories 35: 450 calories 36: Fast 37: 500 calories 38: 450 calories 39: 400 calories 40: 350 calories 41: 300 calories 42: 250 calories 43: 200 calories 44: 200 calories 45: 250 calories 46: 200 calories 47: 300 calories 48: 200 calories 49: 150 calories 50: Fast
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Aidith Originally Answered: Hey i want to lose 50 pounds in 10 weeks! Im 5'7 and weigh 180 pounds! I want to lose 50 pounds before school starts again.?
"Hey i want to lose 50 pounds in 10 weeks! Im 5'7 and weigh 180 pounds! I want to lose 50 pounds before school starts again.?" Realistically you can not lose fifty pounds in ten weeks. Although your five foot seven, and weigh one hundred eighty pounds, it's not a realistic, and obtainable goal. A more realistic goal would be twenty pounds, and maybe twenty five IF YOU'RE lucky. But much more realistic would be ten to fifteen pounds, in ten weeks. To lose fifty pounds, expect realistically it to take twenty five to fifty weeks, but IF you're lucky twenty weeks. I'm being very dead blunt, and brutally honest here. Exercise will help, but diet is the most important part of losing weight. I'm going to go farther and deeper, with my answer, than the others have, and most will. But hopefully you will be a bit better informed. Starvation diets do NOT work, not for more than about one to two weeks. After that what's known as starvation mode set in, and weight loss drops off, and significantly. Also maintain AT least, and NOT LESS THAN fifteen hundred calories a day. A goal of losing one two pounds a weeks is what's recommended, that way it's not going to come back, and with as much as fifty percent more. Also the weight scales are NOT your friend so to speak. By this avoid weighing yourself more than once every four weeks. By weighing yourself every four weeks, you will actually see the weight loss progress you make more clearly. It will rule out the daily weight fluctuations, that can hap[pen with fluid retention. Fluid retention can vary anywhere from on to four pounds a day. The ONLY people who NEED to weigh themselves daily are those who have a heart condition, are suffering renal failure, for fluid retention, or are taking a medication that can cause fluid retention. Learn how to eat properly, as well. What you eat will play a big role in weight loss. You need to try to getting in both the macronutrients, and the micronutrients as well. Also allow a day off about once every two weeks. By a day off, I mean a day where you eat some extra calories. By extra, I mean two hundred fifty to three hundred fifty. By you doing this, it won't allow your allow your metabolism to to become accustomed to a set calorie intake, and will help it to keep working at its best level. When it comes to food, you want more whole foods, than the prepackaged foods. Also you want to get plenty of protein. Which is easy to get even in vegetables. For meat though while many will tell you to eat the leaner meats, is all well good and fine. However they simply don't have a lot of actual nutrition. As a source of protein they're great. But add something like chicken liver two to three times a week, or beef liver once a week. Those are very nutrient dense, and can help prevent nutritional deficiencies. Then three to four times a week, try to incorporate some fish into the diet. It doesn't have to be expensive either. The liver will provide a top source for vitamin A on the retinol form, B12, and vitamin K2. However the beef liver should be kept to not more once a week, due to the high copper content. Now some will tell you to avoid the liver due to the cholesterol levels. However most who say that, are using now outdated information. In the last fifteen, to seventeen years, it's been found that with someone who eats dairy, eggs, and/or meat, will contribute up to fifteen percent of their overall blood serum cholesterol. The rest is produced by the body, mainly in the liver. The fifteen percent dietary cholesterol, came directly form my cardiologist, after my heart attack, in mid March of this year. Canned fish can be inexpensive. Some examples of canned fish that are good are herring, jack mackerel, pink salmon, and sardines preferably in tomato sauce, which can be bought in a large flat oval can. However tuna, should be eaten no more often, than once a week, and then limited to not more than about six ounces. This is due to the mercury content, in tuna. Pink salmon is the better salmon in cans. When a canned fish has bones in it, do NOT pick the bone out, and throw it away. That's a very valuable source of calcium, and some protein as well. Just crush it up and eat it. Especially if you substitute canned salmon or jack mackerel for tuna, which is easy to do. The fish OI listed will also be an important source for vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Eat a good mix of fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. But be careful with the nuts, and seeds. Nuts and seed while are a good source of both protein, and omega six fatty acids, can cause an imbalance with the omega three fatty acids. Seeds though are top source for vitamin E. Eat leafy green vegetables such as asparagus, beet greens, chard, collard greens, dandelion greens, garden cress, kale, mustard greens, spinach, turnip greens, water cress, as these can be top sources for vitamin C, and vitamin K1, along with some other trace minerals. However they're best eaten cooked, to get the most nutrition from them. Eat some red and yellow vegetables as well. as these are good sources for some other micronutrients, in the vitamin A group, as well as a good source for vitamin C. Potatoes are good, as they're a top source for potassium, which is needed to help regulate the heart. Learn what's in what you eat, What you see listed on packaging nutritional labels do NOT tell you everything. This can be done with a simple search. Modifiers are also important with how a food is served and eaten, as these can affect the nutritional values of what you eat. Here are some of the modifiers, that you can use are, baked, broiled, canned, cooked (this includes steamed, dry, or moist heat), dries dry roasted, fried, raw and roasted. There are other affects from cooking, that I'll not get into right now. But here are two examples of the search I use. broccoli raw nutritional value http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vege... broccoli cooked nutritional value http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vege... Now I use nutritiondata.self.com as it has the most complete set of tables. With the labels on food packaging, all to many only cover a few basic nutritional points. The same applies to what you're going to find on most websites, you look at. Now while nutritiondata.self.com isn't perfect, it's the best I've found to date. There is still a god bit of information, that's missing, but it's complete enough, to give anyone a good start, at eating a more healthy diet. I've been having to learn more about diet nutrition, on my own, over the past thirty nine years. While I'm not a nutritionist, I have gone deeper than the average person has, out of necessity. So I'm not some newcomer, to diet and nutrition.

Toal Toal
you do shed extra pounds confident yet what they recommend with the aid of it is you dont lose real healthful weight. lots of the load an anorexic guy or woman will lose is from muscle and water weight not fat. nevertheless some fat would be lost it quite is not maximum of what's lost. then if a guy or woman have been to start ingesting extra energy considering the fact that their bodies have slown down a lot to stay to tell the tale on the low nutrition intake it quite is 10% a lot extra probably you will benefit maximum if not all the load back. i replaced into ana for form of three months and lost 22lbs. as quickly as i desperate to start ingesting back i ate incredibly healthful low calorie nutrition yet because of the fact my physique replaced into so used to 200-3 hundred energy i gained 15lbs back in the subsequent a million-2 months
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Randell Randell
People get this whole anorexic thing messed up. You can choose to starve yourself, you can choose to exercise, you can choose to diet, but you can't choose to be anorexic. It is a complete mental disorder..my good friend had it and I saw what she went through. It isn't something anyone choose. This whole pro ana BS is ridiculous. Why can't you walk? You can start by eating 1,500 calories a day, 35 grams of fat, 200 grams of healthy complex carbs, and lots of protein. Go on walks with friends or go on walks with family for 30 minutes to an hour. Eventually when you start to run you can run little by little and work your way up to running for a long time. Buy dumbbells and workout tapes. You don't need a gym to lose weight.
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Martial Martial
a fast never hurt anyone but taking it too far is a def no no. At MOST try one week to detox your body then eat healthy from there. by no means go pro ana. How about you take the time to shop for the family. Then everyone in the house will be forced to eat healthy along w you. If they want junk, let them go buy it.
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Jeshua Jeshua
It's important to eat effectively to remain fit. Colon cleanse is an exciting suplement that keeps you fit and additionally has the bonus of assisting you to lose lots of weight. There's a free trial happening right now at http://lelunh.yourwell.info , why not try it, what's the worst that could happen?
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Glanville Glanville
get familiar with quinoa a wonderful grain thats easy to cook and goes great with sauteed vegetables or mushrooms
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Doug Doug
eating liquid based foods such as natural smoothies and low sodium soup can help you cut back on calories yet feel full
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Doug Originally Answered: I am 150 pounds. If I lose 135 pounds, will I lose all my muscle and turn weak? :( ...please help?
It depends on how you lose. Most people think only in terms of pounds, and only want to lose weight, not caring how it happens. Weight is just a number on a scale. What you want to do is lose FAT. If you exercise and eat healthy, you will lose fat and build muscle. You will gain a little bit of weight at first, because muscle weighs more than fat, but in the long run as you lose more and more fat and build muscle, you will drop the pounds. Diet is important. You must eat healthy. Eating smaller portions won't do you much good if all you're eating is junk.

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