I am very concerned about my mental and physical health, please help.?

I am very concerned about my mental and physical health, please help.? Topic: I am very concerned about my mental and physical health, please help.?
July 16, 2019 / By Bethney
Question: I realize that I am on my way to a very terrible journey, called Anorexia. I can't seem to stop seeing the fat in the mirror and I barely eat anything. I don't eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I have a small snack or two around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I look at my favorite foods and don't even have an interest in them anymore. This is beginning to be a huge problem because it is all I think about, I cannot stop myself from thinking that I am fat. I think my mother is figuring it out too, she always tries to get me to eat something, almost begging me (when she was my age her best friend was severely anorexic). This originally started last January, my freshmen year of high school, but it was no where as bad as it is today. I am 15 years old, 5'3'' and 102 lbs. I'm losing weight at a steady rate. I don't know if I am ready for recovery yet, I don't want to gain weight, that's my biggest fear right now. I don't think I could handle that happening. What can I do to help myself? Thanks in advance
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Aglæca Aglæca | 4 days ago
Anorexia is a life threatening disorder. it doesn't kill you as fast as bullemia, but just as dead. first tips: Throw away your scale and avoid mirrors. they're both lying to you. (note that both muscle and water weigh more than fat.) be advised that weight loss through dieating doesn't just burn fat; you're losing muscle mass as well, including cardiac muscle. long term anorexics always develop heart problems. if you want to get a real idea about how your body is changing, try taking pictures of yourself. for some strange reason, people with body dysmorphic disorder warp the image they see in a mirror, but do not do so with photographs. many specialists in the field are of the opinion that eating disorders are a manifestation of feelings of powerlessness, and are an attempt to gain some measure of control over one's life. if this is true for you, you should know that you have far greater control over your life than you imagine. Every moment of every day you are expressing that control with every choice you make, even if the choices are only to turn left or right, do something now or put it off, or whether or not to comply with someone else's mandate. by recognizing that each choice you make is an expression of your power over your universe, you can overcome these feelings of powerlessness. with every concious choice you make, take a moment and tell yourself: "i am doing this by my own choice, i am choosing to express my power over the universe through this decision." dance therapy has been shown to reduce body dysmorphic perceptions, but i do not recomend general dance 'classes' as they are always filled with mirrors. making meal time a social event helps take the focus off the food and it's relationship to your body. try to find something you can be passionate about that has nothing to do with food. don't focus on 'beating your problem.' many times, by focusing our power against something, we validate the problem and so make it harder to beat. Journaling can help a great deal, and is a way to self-analyze what you are going through. i've found it to be wonderfully theraputic. when writing though, don't just write down what you did or what happened. write down how you felt, and why you reacted the way you did. this can be one of the easiest and most theraputic tools anyone (literate) can use. rather than discuss this with your guidance councilor, try talking to the school nurse. if your decreased appetite is a result of a feeling of bloating (such as is common with PMDD,) or other purely physical symptoms, they may be able to help by treating the underlying cause of those symptoms. You may also want to consult your family health care practitioner. these people can refer you to specialists in the field, trained to deal with the specific complexities of eating disorders. if all else fails, take a trip to Ramuda Ranch. Good luck. you're facing a tough challenge in life, but one that you have the power to overcome.
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Aglæca Originally Answered: Teens do you think that physical health is more important than mental health?
Mental health and physical health are intertwined. They affect each other. Your overweight for reasons and you should decipher them. Exercise is important for mental and physical health, so is eating well. It actually doesn't take a whole lot of exercise for most people to be thin, diet is the primary factor for weight. If your really having a hard time with this, you should consider seeing a nutritionist, they can help you a great deal. You may also be eating out of stress, emotional issues, or you may have a food addiction. Being overweight is almost always a sign of something deeper and it's worth exploring with yourself, and maybe help from a therapist and a nutritionist like I mentioned. You may also have a thyroid problem, that can also cause excess weight. Either way though, just love yourself!! You are much more than your body and appearance. Think of your strengths and focus on them, but don't blow of physical health either. Your body is your temple, take care of it.

Tim Tim
You need to see a mental health professional. I wouldn't recommend a school guidance counselor, they're not trained to deal with these types of disorders. You need to see an adolescent psychologist/psychiatrist. Just because you eat doesn't mean you're going to lose weight. Do some research on your own. Figure out your daily caloric intake and how much exercise you do on average, this will tell you whether or not you might gain weight. Keep in mind that certain foods will never cause you to gain weight no matter how much you eat. Celery is a perfect example. You burn more calories trying to digest the celery then you get from it. Bottom line, this is something you need to get a handle on while you're still young. You're not getting the nutrients an adolescent needs to develop properly. Continuing on this path could lead to serious health problems down the road, up to and including death. Please, get some help.
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Ralphie Ralphie
Because your mother is already alerted to your eating habits and she is begging you to eat, it's time to tell her your fears. She loves you. She knows all about anorexia. She will help you get the help you need. No one ever feels ready for recovery. Ask anyone with a mental illness, a drug addiction, or an alcohol additction. It's always a dark secret. It's always hard. Trust your own mother.
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Marmaduke Marmaduke
Eat, eat, eat. You gotta eat. You can exercise to lose weight. Even taking a walk each day will probably be enough for you. Tell your mom and get help. Your young and you need to get this taken care of now before it's too late.
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Jerrold Jerrold
You need to go back to your attorney and the judge who made the decision... You're correct to assume she is stalling. She knows what she's doing... She thinks you wont take action, well, prove her wrong. Stand up for your rights and your daughter. She needs her Mother. Good Luck, Mike
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Jerrold Originally Answered: What lifestyle changes have you made that have improved your health (mental and physical)?
The biggest for me: -exercise on a regular basis -making sure I drink water -switched from coffee to tea -I was already a vegetarian, but I recently cut dairy and eggs out of my diet and feel great, especially after cutting out dairy

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