I wear a size 15 in jeans... am I fat? How much weight should I lose?

I wear a size 15 in jeans... am I fat? How much weight should I lose? Topic: I wear a size 15 in jeans... am I fat? How much weight should I lose?
June 16, 2019 / By Beta
Question: Hi, I'm 193 pounds and I wear a size 15 in jeans. Apparently, I have huge hips and thighs. Oh, and I wear between an L and an XL in shirts. Am I fat? I never thought I was, I thought I was just very thick, but people always look at me and say "Get your big *** out of here!". It makes me really sad, so I'm going to try to lose weight this summer. How much weight should I lose? Oh, and my height is 5'3".
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Agatha Agatha | 9 days ago
A perfect size for your height is at least 115-140. Thick is when you wear at least a 7 to 11 in jeans and your shirt sizes are a small. If your wear a medium or large in shirts it's only because you have big boobs but your stomach is flat. A lot of people tell some overweight girls they're are thick to make them feel good about their weight so it sparks some confusion. Thick girls are what you see in rap music videos, skinny girls are what you see on the runway, and fat girls are girls with a gut. Amber Rose and Buffy the Body are good examples of thick Remember you should always be happy with what you look like and if you feel like you need to lose weight then don't let anyone stop you because exercising has great benefits for your self esteem, one good workout will make you feel happier instantly. Good luck with the weight loss and don't forget to follow a strict diet high in fiber and if you start now you be slimmer by summer.
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Agatha Originally Answered: What size jeans do you wear, how much do you weigh, and how old are you?
Are you fishing for compliments you tiny little thing? I'm 56 years old, I've had five babies I weigh 140, am 5"6" and wear a size 10 jeans/pants - it's a struggle, I diet and exercise, but it CAN be done. You are MORE than just right for your age and height. Adjust for your time and place in life as you grow older. Don't let the fashion magazines dictate your self satisfaction. I've been watching the Olympics. Those girls - the swimmers and gymnasts- are in TOP, PERFECT human condition. And yet, I thought, some of the fashion magazines would label them "FAT" because of the measurements of their thighs or hips. PLEASE try to just be healthy, EAT HEALTHY, and LOVE that healthy body that is carrying you through life! Don't let the idiots on Madison Avenue (who I swear HATE real women's bodies) make you think that you are any less than a PHENOMENAL WOMAN as Maya Angelou said. (Read Maya's poem if you haven't already.)

Tibby Tibby
You really need to just be happy with yourself. If you want to lose weight and be more fit because YOU want to, then by all means go for it! Don't do it because of other people. If you want to start becoming active, try changing a couple daily lifestyles. Such as when you run errands, or when you watch tv. Drink lots of water. Learn different ways to control your hunger. You know what they best thing is to do when you want to be more tone, is swim. Grab yourself a pair of fins and you will get a work out xD I am trying to get tone and I swam for a hour and a half today and my body is still feeling it =)
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Rafe Rafe
Oh sweetie... I wear a 16... biggest I've ever been. I'm 5'5" and have never wore a bigger size than a 12. Ignore the haters and just try to make healthier eating choices and get some sort of exercise.
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Markus Markus
Honestly, if you are losing weight to impress people, don't. If you are all alone on earth would you worry about size? No one will see you. See, the person who will really love you will love you no matter how you look. And they will think you are beautiful in every way.
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Jerold Jerold
Don't listen to other people if your comfortable with the way you look than your gorgeous if you think you want to change a few things just eat healthier and maybe excersise a little more you don't even need alot of change just move a little bit more get up to change the tv channel pace back and forth do jumping jacks every little movement helps
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Gil Gil
this isn't the most healthy weight for your height. but you should lose weight because YOU feel dissatisfied with your body, not because you have been getting rude, random comments. Lose as much weight as it takes to make you confident and help you ignore the jerks :)
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Gil Originally Answered: I'm a female in her early 40's, 5' 8" tall and wear a size 6 jeans. Am I considered fat?
Really? I think I read that the average 40 year old woman was a size 12 or something ... I'd consider a size 6 slim. Not super skinny, but a nice size. Add: I know what you mean! I'm about the same size, though still wearing juniors cut (5-7) and while I'd love to be a 3 ... when I actually got down to that size through strict dieting, I looked strange. Now, I try to maintain this size, but be fit. Different people have different frames. Sounds like you know what looks good on you. She may verge on an eating disorder ... someone who is that caught up in numbers rather than how you actually look and feel can't be that happy!

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