After losing a lot of weight, how do you get rid of the extra loose skin?

After losing a lot of weight, how do you get rid of the extra loose skin? Topic: After losing a lot of weight, how do you get rid of the extra loose skin?
June 16, 2019 / By Bess
Question: Since May 2004, I've lost almost 270 pounds and quite literally become half the man. Unfortunately, because of this dramatic weight-loss, I have a lot of extra skin (particularly around my abdomen and buttocks). Is there a way to lessen the amount of loose skin other than going through surgery? I'm only 21 years old and I've been told many times that because I'm young, my skin will tighten up by itself. Is this true, or do I need to do an extensive amount of exercise? I have considered getting corrective plastic surgery, but I cannot afford it, nor do I want to risk my life by unnecessarily putting myself through major surgery. Help!
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Afrika Afrika | 5 days ago
Congrats on the weight loss ... but I agree, with above only a certain amt will spring back the rest has to be taken care of surgically.
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Afrika Originally Answered: losing weight but afraid of extra skin?
Providing there is gradual weight loss there should be no problem with excess skin. Keep the skin moisturized and massage cream and oil in well. The action of the massage will tone your skin and make it more resilient. Keeping it in good condition and hair free is an added incentive(for me any way) to keep looking your best while dealing with the weight loss. Well done with your efforts so far, you're doing well!

Thutmosis Thutmosis
sorry to say but exercising more will not help, when you gain weight your skin has to stretch to hold all the extra fat but when you lose it the skin cannot stretch back, it does a little but not that much i myself lost alot of weight in 4 weeks, from pant size 38 to pant size 30-32 but i dont have any lose skin stretches cause i wasnt extensively fat, but the only way to get rid of your extra skin would be through surgery unfortunatly but now you are a helthy weight and thats good, for such an acomplishment you could ask a tv show to give you some help, i heard tyra banks is good and for someone who lost 270 pounds im sure they could help but surgery would be the only answer to your problem, im sorry to be the one to break the news. your skin may tighten slightly but not that much.
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Radcliff Radcliff
270 pounds in two and a half years is good, congratulations! Unfortunately, there obviously was a lot of skin that was stretched, and considering you lost the amount that you did, that skin can not be put back to its original state. Corrective plastic surgery isn't as major as you think it is...no major or minor organs are going to be in the way of any of your surgeries for skin removal, actually. Sounds to me like you were majorly misinformed about the whole process...do some more research on the subject...and cngratulations again!
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Manny Manny
Unfortunately, the only way to successfully manage that much loose skin (at present) is through plastic surgery. Yes, your skin will tighten to a degree as you get older, but not if you have (what I suspect to be) hanging folds and flaps of more than 3-6 inches in length. I recommend looking at this website for additional information: http://www.aftertheweight.com/html/conto...
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Manny Originally Answered: When losing weight, how can you prevent the hanging extra skin from happening?
You've pretty much got it - not enough exercise and too much weight loss too quickly. You can improve your skin's elasticity by exercising regularly and often, and that will minimize the amount of extra skin you have. Depending on how much you're losing it may not be an issue, or it may be completely unavoidable. Exercise (and a healthy diet!) will make the skin as resilient as it can be, and you're correct that losing weight more slowly will also help - it gives the skin time to catch up. If you're at a healthy or moderately overweight weight you should be aiming for two pounds per week (you may lose a bit more at the beginning, etc.) and if you're very overweight and/or obese you could aim to lose up to three pounds per week. Those targets aren't just for your skin either, but for the health of your heart and other organs as well.

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