Weight Loss Help? confused about some stuff.?

Weight Loss Help? confused about some stuff.? Topic: Weight Loss Help? confused about some stuff.?
July 16, 2019 / By Beryl
Question: 1. i heard somewhere that apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. is this true? if so, how much do you drink? 2. i'm thinking about trying this diet for a week or two...does it seem healthy? i'll have a bowl of all-bran bran buds with 1/4 C silk unsweetened soymilk every morning. then i'll eat nothing but fruits and veggies for the rest of the day. i'll have a glass of 100% juice cranberry pomegranite juice with 3 tbsp of psyllium mixed in with breakfast, then only water...preferably ice-cold water. how much weight do you think i'll lose? (i currently weigh about 150 pounds) 3. how long should i exercise and how many times per week? is every day too much. 4. what are some good exercises that will burn a ton of calories? between a jog on a treadmill, an elliptical, or a bike ride, which would burn the most calories? 5. what are some good songs to work out to? please, no rap.
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Africah Africah | 4 days ago
It has to be organic apple cider vinegar with the mother in the bottle. The body is designed to walk. Research shows that slow, rhythmic movement exercise, such as walking, resets your body’s weight set point and creates a thin, lean body. A one-hour walk everyday will change your body dramatically in as little as one month. Eat a big breakfast It is interesting to note that 80 percent of the people who are overweight eat a small breakfast or none at all. Eighty percent of thin people eat a large breakfast. Your breakfast should consist of as much as you want of the following items. Everything listed should be organic. Apples, pears, berries, kiwis, pineapples, grapefruit, plums, peaches, prunes, figs, rye bread, raw butter (raw means not pasteurized and not homogenized), raw milk, plain yogurt (this means no sugar or fruit), wild smoked salmon, beef in any form as long as it’s organic, chicken in any form as long as it’s organic, lamb in any form as long as it’s organic, tuna, sardines, eggs, tomatoes, peppers, salsa, celery, carrots, any vegetable, potatoes in limited amounts, coffee in limited amounts made with pure water not tap water with raw milk or cream and raw evaporated sugar cane juice or honey as a sweetener, real tea (not tea in tea bags). Eat a huge salad at lunch & dinner I don’t care if your lunch is a cheeseburger, French fries, and a pint of ice cream, add to it a big, huge salad and eat that first. You’ll be amazed that you lose weight. The salad can contain anything you like as long as it is only vegetables and they are organic. The salad dressing should be organic olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, or organic vinegar. If you really want to speed the weight loss process use organic apple cider vinegar. Add some organic sea salt, fresh ground pepper, or some garlic for taste. For more tips on how to lose weight go to my site there is a link to it in my profile.
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Africah Originally Answered: I am soooo confused on alkaline/acidic stuff?
There is a lot of conflicting research on this topic, but in general I think that there is an important destinction between the pH of the food before its eaten and the pH of the ash it creates in your body. For example, a lemon, which is very acidic, actually leaves a highly alkalising ash in your body after digestion! And salt is vice versa. It is the ash pH that is the important one, and it has to do with the minerals contained in the food. Many animal-based and processed foods contain high levels of sulphur and phosphorus, which when digested turn into sulphuric and phosphoric acids. Cow's milk is very acidifying because it contains both animal protein (with lots of acidifying minerals) and lactose (which develops into lactic acid, a VERY strong acid). I would say that eggs are acidifying, given that they contain so much animal protein. Dried legumes and grains are slightly acidifying. Most fresh fruits and veggies contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese etc. which have an alkalising effect on the body via a more complex reaction. As for candida, being a type of yeast is a bit of a borderline case - I tend to think (from what I've read) that it would thrive more in an acidic environment, considering that fermentation tends to occur at lower pH levels. That being said, the reason that so much confusion exists is the range of conditions under which the tests are done - the state of the person's health, the amount of time elapsed between digestion and testing etc. No food "always" brings a certain level of acidity or alkalinity; it is a guideline only. The body has a very complex system to sustain the blood's pH levels - and when an acidic ash enters the bloodstream the body will try to sustain the balance in the compromised environment, leaching alkaline minerals from other parts of the body (eg. calcium from the bones, leading to weakened bones). I realise that this is a controversial topic and some people think it's quackery but I also think that there are some economic interests at work here (eg. if an alkaline diet is extremely healthful then it makes sense that the powerful meat, dairy, medical and pharmaceutical industries [and others with financial stakes in these] would want to stop it being promoted as it would drive them out of business). Nutritionist Robert Young is at the forefront of the acid-alkaline theory of disease. Make sure you have a good read of different views! And just one other thing; balancing the pH of your diet isn't an end in itself but a reflection of how healthy your general diet is. A plant-based, wholefoods diet will naturally be more alkaline than one with a lot of animal-based and processed foods. So it's better to eat healthy than buy tablets or alkaline water! Here's a bit of reading material to get you started: For: http://jasn.asnjournals.org/cgi/rapidpdf/ASN.2006030233v1.pdf http://mattmetzgar.blogs.com/matt_metzgar/files/diet_ev_aging.pdf http://www.energiseforlife.com/list_of_alkaline_foods.php There's also a good list of reputable journal articles on this blog page: http://www.energiseforlife.com/wordpress/0112/top-rated-scientific-journal-backs-the-alkaline-diet Against: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/DSH/coral2.html There's my two cents!

Thutmose Thutmose
carry five grocery bags from the car to the kitchen and put the food away take out the trash wash the dishes and wipe down the kitchen counter
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Quinton Quinton
try a pasta less spaghetti by mixing shredded zucchini veggie meatballs and raw tomato sauce seasoned with a dash of zesty oregano
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Mannix Mannix
think ahead to how youll eat and exercise on the weekends its easy to get too relaxed on saturdays and sundays but healthy living is a 7 day a week endeavor
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Jeremy Jeremy
Consume honey before bed because consumption of honey may help to burn more fat during those early hours of sleep
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Jeremy Originally Answered: SO CONFUSED WITH WEIGHT LOSS HELP!?
Yes. Lift weights and keep up the boxing training. Pyramid training will really help. Start your eating program from now. Forget about the past and just look forward. You need to eat 6 small meals a day of equal portion complex carb (brown rice, brown bread, wholemeal pasta, sweet potato etc) and protein. A portion is equal to the size of your fist. No more than 20 grams of fat in a day. Space the food out evenly - every 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs is ideal. It will get your metabolism working like a machine. In a month from now you should be extremely efficient.

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