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Question: MY LITTLE jack russell WONT EAT ANY OTHER FOOD OTHER THAN WET PEDIGREE FOOD but it give him very bad diarrhea my dog doesn't seem to gain any weight and i feed him well what do i do every time i feed him dry food seems like he will poop solid but it is rare that he will eat it then i get worried that he hasn't eaten so i have to feed him dry i tried to mix it and he will push the dry food away and not eat it at all any input is appreciated
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Affricah Affricah | 9 days ago
first of all, you should look into higher quality foods like Innova Blue Buffalo Wellness Evo Canidae Taste of the Wild Eagle Pack Holistic Merrick and these are just to name a few. go to www.dogfoodanalysis.com and try to stay at the 5 or 6 star foods. your dog WILL eat what you give him, especially if you are using SET meal times, no free-feeding. you should stay away from grocery brands, all of them are filled with corn, fillers, grain, and by products and are NOT healthy. this includes Iams, Eukanuba (owned by Iams), Beneful, Pedigree, Science Diet (Science Death, only in vets offices because they get paid to stock it), Ol'Roy, Alpo, anything you can find at Walmart basically. any responsible pet owner should seriously research and switch their dogs to healthier foods. Also, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, the puppy food is a 5 star food, the adult food is at 4 stars, and most of the time the older stuff like senior foods get lower ratings but it's not always what you should go by. Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul is actually a really good food, the first four ingredients are meat and there's no corn or anything like that, and if you can't afford something like Evo (many people can't) it's a good choice to use, very good food and at an affordable price. also, when going to a better more holistic type food you may experience some diarrhea if you do not transition properly and give your dogs stomach a chance to adjust. transition phase: day one: 75% old dog food, 25% new dog food day two: 50% old dog food, 50% new dog food day three: 25% old dog food, 75% new dog food day four: 0% old dog food, 100% new dog food and this is for two feedings a day, the schedule they every single dog should be on. feed in the morning and feed in the evening. keeps a healthy regular elimination cycle number one. I actually didn't know anything about that food until i saw it in the store and was amazed at the ingredients. My great dane is 8 months old, he has been on Canidae, Wellness AND Blue Buffalo. all of them gave him severe diarrhea, he is now on Chicken Soup and is doing fantastic. nothing against the other brands either, my two other dogs eat Wellness and one eats Merrick. my cats also eat Blue Buffalo. the great dane just has some stomach issues.
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Affricah Originally Answered: Dog food for a diabetic jack russell?
Pretty much all "dog food" is unhealthy. They are ALL cooked, processed and contain preservatives. MOST contain large amounts of grains, fruits, and vegetables which are all species inappropriate foods. The healthiest diet you could feed is the prey-model diet. The basic guidelines are 80% raw meat, 10% raw bones, and 10% raw organs (5% of which should be liver). That's it. This is the optimal way to feed any dog (merely a domesticated wolf in designer clothing). Mother nature had it right the first time.

Thom Thom
All dogs play rough. However if his play is borderline aggressive or if he is actually HURTING the other dogs due to his exuberance, then i would stop bringing him to the park immediately. Learn here https://tr.im/4p1q5 It's your job as his owner to keep him under control, and if you can't so that then you shouldn't be bringing him someplace where he could get into trouble. How often does he get walked? As a high energy breed he should be walked twice a day for as long as he can stand it. Jogging is even better. You can't count on the park to be your only way of exercising him because he obviously is not ready for it (based on the behavior you describe.) So start walking him every morning and evening. Enroll in an obedience class with a qualified instructor (i would find a private training facility as opposed to one at Petsmart - as good as some of those trainers can be, they're mainly for easy-to-train dogs and don't specialize in herding breeds OR dogs that may have aggression issues) and he/she will show you how to teach your dog how to come.
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Quin Quin
Put your dog on a set feeding schedule, twice a day, and use a good quality dog food. I use Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul. It's not at Wal-Mart or most chain stores, try a local pet store. My dog loves it and he has healthy poop. He gets breakfast at 6am, and dinner at 5pm. It's about $10 a bag, and lasts my dachshund about a month or so. Just leave it in the bowl and he will eat when he's hungry. Don't worry, dogs don't starve themselves, he's just a little spoiled from the wet stuff. Try to introduce the new food slowly, so it doesn't upset the little guy's stomach.
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Malcom Malcom
has he been to the vet to rule out any medical issues? Has he been wormed? To help with the stomach upset, give him a good high quality dry food. A dog will not starve himself unless there is an underlying medical issue. feed him twice a day on a schedule according to the directions on the bag for hte correct amount. leave the food dish down for 15-30 minutes and pick up whatever he doesn't eat. He gets no snacks or treats in between meals and at the next meal time try again. It may seem counter-intuitive but it won't take long for him to figure out that he eats what you give him, when you give it to him.
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Jerald Jerald
First get a good quality food. Then feed him nothing but that food. Put his food down 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes. A healthy dog will not starve itself. Tough love, he will try to hold out for canned food but when he gets hungry enough he will eat. Sometime it will take 2 or 3 days on a hunger strike but he will figure it out. No treats, nibbles, nothing but his food. Our pets need quality food. Read the ingredients list and learn what the stuff on there is and what it does (or does not do) to/for our pets. A quick pet food 101. If the pet food contains corn/corn products or by products it is a poor quality food. Corn is a filler that can trigger skin problems. (allergies, skin problems, itching and excessive shedding) By products is anything from an animal not fit for human consumption, including cancerous tissue. Do not pay attention to advertising, they all say there food is great. "Vet approved" means they have a vet on staff to approve their product. In other words, someone paid to approve it. Same with foods most vets recommend. Salesmen "gift" vets then the vet recommends the food. Most vets are not nutritionists! Quality foods have meat as the first ingredient Wellness, Solid Gold, Innova and Merrick are a few of the best brands available. If you want to learn more check out: http://www.sagekeep.com/petfood.htm www.api4animals.org/facts?p=359& more=1 http://animalark.eapps.com/animal/PetFoo...
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Gerrard Gerrard
My dog used to hate dry food.But when we researched it it suited his breed better,better for his teeth etc. So we switched him gradually by mixing with moist food or letting the dry food soak in hot water,letting it cool then serving it mushy.Now he likes his dry food,hes a pretty slow eater naturally though he likes to chew each piece individually Lol. Sometimes we give him real chicken and rice also and he enjoys that ;]
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Dob Dob
get the dry food wet. I have a jack russell and he does the same thing. I just wet the dry food and he eats it
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Boniface Boniface
do you mean canned food or dry that has been made wet with water? That should not cause diarrhea. I would consider switching to a better food for your dog. Also feed the dry and do not wet it down, He will eat when he gets hungry. Dogs will not strave themselves.
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Boniface Originally Answered: What can I feed an older jack russell?
First off thanks for rescuing the dog! =) if i were u i would go to the store and get dog food for senior dogs, but if for some reason u can't.....i know dogs can eat small portions of peas and carrots, cheese, baked potatoes (jus cut slices of potatoes and bake them in the oven), tuna (water)....i think thats it...hopefully the dog isnt allergic to any of these products....but i would say dog food would be the best way to go.

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