I'm sooooo skinny, what can I do to gain some weight???

I'm sooooo skinny, what can I do to gain some weight??? Topic: I'm sooooo skinny, what can I do to gain some weight???
July 16, 2019 / By Bernice
Question: Ok I'm 23yrs and about 5'2 and i weigh about 84 pounds. I also have 3 kids!! What can I do to gain weight?? If I exercise will it make me lose more weight?? I eat pretty much all the time and anything I want but nothing helps. What can I do differently?? I also want to gain weight but lose my baby pooch. Is not big but it's annoying. Is that possible???
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Aerynn Aerynn | 7 days ago
First I would talk to your Doctor. You should not weight 84 pounds at 5'2. That tells me something is wrong already. Once you know it is not a health or disease issue, then you can work on your diet. You need to eat healthy even though you are trying to gain weight. Eat proteins, for your muscles, pasta or potatoes for your good fat and sugar content. You can do sit ups and such for your stomach, to strengthen and tone your tummy muscles and still gain weight, if you are eating every meal, including all recommended fruits, veges, breads and meats. Good luck.
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Aerynn Originally Answered: Why am I dropping sooooo much weight?
If you are eating well (and normally) and you are losing this amount of weight you need to see your GP. Any change in eating habits or exercise levels may cause a weight gain or loss, but not by this much. Go and get checked out. Edit: With regards to the stuff you have since added, if you are a nurse and you know all this stuff about yourself, how come you are asking this question. Don't you think you should just see your GP asap. I know you are worrying, but most people on here aren't experts, we can only offer our opinions. Go and speak to the experts!!!

Theobald Theobald
Wow...I proposal I used to be thin at 6'two'' one hundred sixty...your like a manorexic lol. Heres what I do: Your fine pal is WHEY PROTEIN. You can generally get it relatively low-priced off of the web...the well stuff is known as like "Mass-tech" or some thing. Your mother does not ought to fear...its fully common and does not have any facet results except offering your frame with sufficient protein and amino acids to aid construct mass. The factor with protein is that it best works while YOU paintings. Go to the load room at your tuition daily/each different day and push your self HARD. Then, pass house and drink a few protein. It is helping your muscle tissues rebuild faster. Also, I could advise consuming protein within the morning and at night time additionally, to ensure that your frame is not burning muscle to get vigour. Do NOT simply "devour fatty meals" like that different man stated...that's now not the style of weight you wish to acquire, and it comes with a plethora of alternative well being issues, adding making you much less of an athlete for basketball. Make certain you devour carbs and drink plenty of milk, and common fats could also be a well factor (however now not in extra.) Good success, we are on this one in combination!
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Prince Prince
Dr Diet is a Moderately Low Calorie Diet (MLCD) meal replacement that is designed for people who wish to embark on a safe and long-term weight loss and maintenance programme. It contains nutritional ingredients such as Supro® Soy Protein Isolate, 25 essential vitamins and minerals, and also an excellent source of calcium and anti-oxidants. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners, lactose or cholesterol and is low in fat. Dr Diet is clinically proven safe and effective, and it does not cause any side effects for long-term consumption. This allow flexibility that can be incorporated into your daily routine or lifestyle and will motivate you to continue the programme for longer periods. Dr Diet is suitable for anyone including people who are over weight, normal weight, under weight, and even vegetarian. Gradual Weight Loss: Take 3 packets of Dr Diet to replace 2 meals and 1 snack per day. Weight Maintenance: Replace 1-2 normal meal(s) with 1-2 packet(s) of Dr Diet daily. Nutritional Supplement (Underweight): Take 1-2 packet(s) of Dr Diet in the morning, afternoon or as an evening snack. If you want to know more information, you can email me at [email protected] I will be glad to answer your enquiries.
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Malachy Malachy
Start Lifting weights and eating even more. Eat a mix of junk food and healthy food. This way you'll gain weight by getting all those extra calories from junk, and you'll get fit from working out and eating high-protein healthy food. Then if you get bigger and want to lose just fat and not weight, start running and eating healthier along with weights.
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Jerahmeel Jerahmeel
Hi,I have been a personal trainer and a bodybuilder for 25 years. I have developed an excellent easy to follow diet & exercise plan that has proven results. I just had one lady lose 95 lbs. using my plan. I have also trained professional athletes like Jason Bay of the Pittsburgh Pirates. I will also offer a consultation via e-mail or by messenger to help you along. I can offer this to you for only $20.00. Cash please. Cheques will have to clear first. And I am David Price, 2177 – 6th Ave., Trail, BC, Canada, V1R3B8 I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!!!!! Take care. Sincerely, David Price Ps>> please include your e-mail address and mailing address.
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Gerald Gerald
Lift weights-eat lots of peanut butter-and good wheat bread-plus a multi vitamin-try this for two weeks and you will see a difference-1 sandwich three times a day-drink lots of fluids-milk water-diet pop-no raw sugar it is poison.
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Gerald Originally Answered: I'm sooooo scared of my weight! im so fat!?
Okay, you have been through the route of the bad stuff already, and you need some help now. That is a good thing, because I can tell you WHY you have been gaining weight all this time! (1) Using diet pills cause permanent weight gain. Why? Most contain caffine in it to try to raise your metabolism. BUT as a side effect, the caffine causes other proplems with your muscle fat and causes you to gain and store the wrong kind of fat around your muscles. So the second you stop doing a diet, boing, your weight goes up. (2) Yo-yo dieting causes tremendous weight gain. Just as in the case of caffine, when you go on a starvation type diet, your body says "alert! alert!" and begins to store stuff as the more permanent type of body fat. As soon as you eat normally again, boing!, the weight goes back up as your body stores food for the next starvation period! (3) You are working out heavily. This is great! BUT you probably saw your weight increasing as you worked out and then started going on diets again! What happens when you work out heavily is that you build new muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat, so it appears on the scale that you are gaining weight! You were losing fat and gaining muscle! BUT as soon as you went on the diet, the trend reversed, and you gained permanent fat and lost some muscle! (4) STRESS is getting to you about everything related to this. This is ALSO causing you to gain weight! Stress produces natural hormones in the body that interact with your muscles, and from the results of working out, instead of producing the necessary nerve sheathing for your nerves around your muscles, that production is blocked and instead gets stored as the more permanent type of fat around the muscles! ----------------------------------- Okay, so now we know that everything you have been doing so far is the cause of you gaining weight! Yay! Great! What's next? Next is some stuff to help begin to get the weight off... (1) You need some deep meditative time for yourself every day to release stress. Take up a martial art, meditate in a garden, read books, play video games, slam dance, toss rocks, swim, run, punch a bag, whatever gets your stress from life released from you. Pack away all your mirrors and get rid of your scales. You dont need to look at a scale more than once a month to check on your overall weight loss! Any more than that and you are kidding yourself! A daily weight check is too much stress! And stop the suicidal thoughts too! Imagine a newer you! (2) Get the Beach Body workout program and the Atkins diet book. The Beach Body workout program is essential because of two things. (a) It has a body shaping guide to help you get your body into shape regardless of what shape you are currently in. It will sculpt both an exercise regime AND a general diet plan for you to follow. (b) It has charts in there that tell you how much you need to eat each day so that your body does NOT go into starvation mode! It only cuts down slightly on what you eat for the day, not heavily. And I say to use the Atkins diet book because the food suggested in the Beach Body workout program is exactly the same foods described in the Atkins diet. You use the Atkins diet book and/or Atkins food in the stores to make up your meal plans and meals. (3) Your body NEEDS sleep. This is VERY important. No matter what, get between 8 to 10 hours of sleep EVERY DAY. Your body's sugar regulation and nerve system regeneration is helped by sleeping. (4) Take vitamin supplements (B complex, K, iron, C, calcium, zinc are most important - try to get close to 2000% of "daily recommended amount" for B-complex, but do NOT overdo the others at all - try to stay close or under the 100% mark for those), and drink either whole or 2% milk (Skim milk makes you gain weight because your body needs the milk fat in order to digest Vitamins D and K and calcium - so without the milk fat your body never absorbs D, K and calcium - and those 3 combined burn away body fat!). Avoid all "diet" products and artificial sweeteners and diet soda and the like - only use natural sugars. Avoid all products with caffine in it. (5) Fast for either ONE or TWO days each week, depending on how you feel. Take one day out each weekend, or take out the entire weekend and fast. Contrary to popular belief, fasting does NOT mean eating nothing - when fasting, make sure you drink at least one ore two cups of milk during each normal meal time, and take your daily vitamin supplements. If you feel like you must eat, dont force yourself to not have anything, eat something light for that meal, or eat a normal meal if you cant hold out anymore. Never force it! (6) Drink plenty of water, juices and milk - BUT do not over do it! Alternate what you drink during the day, and follow the Atkins and Beach Body snack recommendations - eat the snacks when you are supposed to - that will ramp up your metabolism! Drinking too much of the same thing all the time will lead to a toxic poisoning, even from water! (7) Continue with your other exercises like you normally do too - that will help accelerate the weight loss! ----------------------------------- Okay - now some final words. What you should be looking for on a MONTHLY basis only is changes in your body shape and style. Ignore your weight entirely. When your body shape begins to change, you are losing the bad body FAT at that point - and in the meantime all along your have been toning and gaining muscles in the right places. Your weight could go up or down during a month for the first few months, and as the fat loss accelerates, you may even find the weight going back up every month as your body becomes more toned and refined. That is why I say to ignore the weight - because the weight / height charts are all false indicators. Follow your body shape and body tone only. Good luck! Drop me a note if any questions!

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