Are diet, caffiene-free sodas just as bad as the regular stuff?

Are diet, caffiene-free sodas just as bad as the regular stuff? Topic: Are diet, caffiene-free sodas just as bad as the regular stuff?
June 16, 2019 / By Benjamina
Question: My dad drinks these things like they're water; are they better than the regular stuff or just as bad?
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Best Answers: Are diet, caffiene-free sodas just as bad as the regular stuff?

Adriannah Adriannah | 2 days ago
No, they are not AS bad but they are still wasted calories and don't give you anything nutritious in return. Useless/needless calories will turn to fat. Sodas are worse because they don't even contain regular sugar. They contain High Fructose Corn Syrup which is a sugar substitute that is sweeter than sugar and also 80% more likely to cause diabetes. Such a substance should be outlawed in the United States but it would have such a huge impact on the corn industry and faces huge resistance as it is (in just labeling issues) on restricting things like this. They should go back to putting cocaine in the drinks or arsenic. HFCS is addictive as it stimulates our desire for sweet fruits which has nutrients and vitamins that are actually good for us.
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Adriannah Originally Answered: Is It The Taste? How Many Soft Drinks Do You Drink Per Day? Do You Drink More Diet Than Regular Sodas?
I drink lots of soda because of the taste and because I am addicted to caffeine. I don't drink much regular soda, I drink diet 99.9% of the time because of the calories and I have gotten use to the taste. I think it stays about the same year round and I drink regularly anywhere I'm at. I say I probably drink about 5-6 soda a day! Terrible, I know! I really need to cut back

Thaddeus Thaddeus
diet soda is alot worse than regular... the fake sugar in it is known to cause cancer even the they deny it... many people get cancer from their eating habits. of course you should drink caffiene free soda. the caffiene in the soda is bad for you. really, how could they get real caffiene out of coffee and put it in cola?? they cant. whatever drug they put in the soda is not really caffiene and caffiene is just another word for "cheap crappy cocain rip offs" its some weird drugs some mad scientists make up. and also, one of the requirements for a drug to pass as caffiene is it has to make you sick to your stomache... so maybe they put another drug in it to make you sick so you will think its all the same. its not. dont ever eat anything with no calleries or lowered callerries cuz it could lead to cancer. and it will prolly taste like ****. just eat healthy foods and exercise... you can be the most healthiest eater in the world for 20 years and still be very out of shape and die at 30 or 40 from heart discease. you gotta get that cardio work out. its the best way to not be fat too... you could eat the most fattening food and eat 5000 calleries a day and be skinny and in good shape if you exercise.. diets with little food are very unhealthy... and also, if you dont eat, you wont have enough energy and you will be tired and it could lead to accidents and diabetes aspartame is very bad i think, but, there is a new fake diet no callorie sugar called phelylaninine im not sure how its spelled but it is being used in many diet products and even in gum thats not even diet and food thats not even diet food.. it must be cheap and crappy... i read a label from a thing that had this new "sugar" and it said that it can cause cancer
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Porter Porter
It really depends on what kind of diet soda it is. If the diet soda contain aspartame then it is just as bad for him. If they don't then they are relatively healthier all though too much of anything can be a bad thing. If he isn't drinking some water everyday to balance it out then it wouldn't matter what type of soda he's drinking.
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Maitland Maitland
Yes...in fact you could argue that they're worse. Artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, NutraSweet, Splenda, etc. have been shown to be neurotoxins. You are actually poisoning yourself by consuming them. If you ever look at the packaging of 'Sweet & Low', you'll see the warning that the substance has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. The 'experts' will argue that the harmful side effects of these sweeteners is insignificant due to their low concentrations. The scarry thing is that people consume cases of these soft drinks every month. I have no doubt that the rise in cancer rates that we see is in no small part attributable to the massive consumption of diet sodas, and all of the crap that's in them. So...do we take the sugar (which is natural and that the body knows how to handle) or do we poison ourselves? Or maybe...just maybe...drink water.
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Jenkin Jenkin
there became a study launched these days exhibiting that human beings who drink foodstuff ordinary soda frequently are greater possibly to be pre-diabetic or improve style II diabetes. even with the undeniable fact that, the authors of the study suggested that they do no longer understand if the foodstuff ordinary soda is a reason or a symptom -- meaning they do no longer understand if ingesting lots of foodstuff ordinary soda contributes to coming up diabetes, or if people who're in threat of coming up diabetes tend to drink lots of foodstuff ordinary soda. i've got constantly theory myself (in a thoroughly unscientific way) that there might desire to be some correlation, on the grounds that ingesting some thing that tastes candy yet is composed of no sugar might desire to by some ability trick the physique into freeing some small volume of insulin, that would construction up an insulin resistance over the years. the terrific liquid interior the worldwide on your physique is water, so i could play it secure and drink as a number of of that as you are able to.
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Jenkin Originally Answered: What are some snacks you can have while on the Atkins diet? Not any of that Atkins brand stuff, other stuff.?
it really pays to become acquainted with the rest of the diet. Just meat and cheese is not required at any stage, but after week two you get a lot more flexibility. As a guy I think he can go quite a bit higher during stage 2..check the book or website again. great snacks, not all under 1 net carb (you need to understand carb from net carb because net carbs are the only ones that count..see the web links below) deviled eggs sliced ham with cream cheese spread on the inside and rolled up pork rinds I forget the name but there's a company out there that makes crackers out of cheese and they are good..check lowcarbluxury.com nuts strawberries beef jerky roasted soy nuts sugar free jello carbsmart creamsicles (these are my favorite snack and they ARE 0 carbs!) low carb ice cream low carb yogurt (and I read a recent report that suggest the residual carbs in yogurt don't have to be counted because they are pre-digested) pork rinds (can be dipped into any low carb dip or salsa) It also pays to learn to cook as there are thousands of great recipes out there, even recipes for cookies and cakes! Cooking is also the best way to control what's really in your food. There are also good products that taste a lot better than the Atkins brand stuff. Keto makes good stuff, and the Pure Delight Chocolates (Walmart had them, World Market still does) are better than most other chocolates. The warnings - Some of the sweetners in sugar free and low carb sweets can have a laxative effect on some. If you're sensitive to them, they will give you gas that will peel paint! Also...adding snacks is good, but at no time on atkins are you supposed to eat yourself silly. Even though all you are counting is carbs, he tells you to eat only until satisfied. You can still overeat and sabotage the diet. What's more the whole point is that you learn new habits, so snacking all the time is not a good idea.

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