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Dog problem!? Topic: Dog problem!?
June 16, 2019 / By Benedicta
Question: my dog is about to be 9 years old now. for like 2-3 years she's been losing fur on her legs and tummy. which is where she gets scabs! ): they itch. we've taken her to the vet and they give us medicine, it never works! we've gotten like 10 different medicines and pills and nothing works. any help?!?
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Adrianna Adrianna | 1 day ago
I am also thinking about changing her diet. I would go to a completely basic food. California Natural is an excellent food for dogs with allergies. I have my rottie on the Herring Meal and Sweet Potato formula and it keeps him from getting ear infections. It's going to take acouple 2 or 3 bags to notice. If not giving that, I would go to a holistic veterinarian. I would learn about feeding raw food. Alot of people rave about feeding the raw diet. I know it must be hard watching her being so uncomfortable. You just can't give up, keep trying something that will work for her. What food are you feeding at the present?
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Thad Thad
I'm sure the vet tech and vet ask you the same questions over and over again. The problem is that sometimes there are a lot more than one thing this problem can be. Are you telling your vet EVERYTHING? when i say everything i mean from the type of food, to every single type of treat she gets, whether she get scraps from the table. You can't withhold anything from them, even if it is something that you don't give them that often but still give them. Everything is taken into account when you are talking to the vet. Also, your dog may be chewing on it's self. My dog currently has sores on his legs from chewing and licking in the same spot. Part of the problem is not getting enough salt, the other part is because it's sore he keeps licking it. All i can say is try to keep a close eye on your dog, make sure she isn't getting into anything and if she is tell your vet the next time you go in. I mean when you go to the doctor, you tell the doctor everything so they don't misdiagnose something, it's the same thing for animals. Just sometime we don't mention stuff because it seems minor, like that wouldn't be the problem, but it very well could. Hope this helps
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Pompey Pompey
What medication has your vet given you, and what diagnosis for her hair loss & skin condition? There are many different reasons for loss of fur. Has your vet tested her for allergies? She may be allergic to something in the environment such as grasses, pollen, etc, or to her food. Some conditions such as thyroid disorders, Cushings Disease, or flea dermatitis can be responsible. Maybe a different vet can find a different solution. Good luck.
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Mahon Mahon
Could be a food allergy, could be an airborne allergy, could be an allergy to something in the house or fleas, could be boredom or stress. Medicine usually might help for a while but not cure these things. Sounds like a trip to the veterinary dermatologist is in order.
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Jemmy Jemmy
If her food has corn, wheat, or soy in it you might try changing to something without these ingredients. Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup, Pinnacle to name a few foods that are corn, wheat, and soy free. Those ingredients are top allergens and can cause itching.
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