Do you find bigger girls attractive?

Do you find bigger girls attractive? Topic: Do you find bigger girls attractive?
June 16, 2019 / By Belphoebe
Question: Im 17 years old and find my self so unattractive i cry all tha time, its so sad i know but i cant help it. im like 6ft tall alredi and a size 18, but on my top half i look small, but my hips are massive, i can see peoples reactions when they look at me :( like oh god FATTY Do you think its impossible for a fat girl to be pretty? oooh an i know, its inside what counts..... but no1 seems 2 be sein thru Thank yu xxxxx thank yu :D i do eat healthy tho, and exercise so much, ive kindf became obsesed with it, not workin tho lol. thanks for yur nyc comments, prt from that 1st 1 haha xxxxx
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Adrianah Adrianah | 9 days ago
If by bigger you meant overweight, generally I don't, just because it's unhealthy. Of course it's possible for anybody "fat" to be attractive, they just have to take more care with what they wear but it's very possible. I was practically in love with a quote-unquote fat kid, and I thought he was just so hot, fat or not. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. I've been in a similar situation so I know that saying that's not going to help, but I just thought I should throw it out there. I really recommend you start to diet and exercise; you'll feel better mentally as well as physically, and by losing weight you'll help your self esteem. What's there to lose, besides all the weight that's making you feel bad, right? I'm also pretty sure you're just being paranoid about people's reactions, it happens with low self-esteem...I'd know. I know that I usually don't even notice if a girl is fat unless she has slutty, too-tight clothes on. I hope you feel better. Don't cry! I'm sure you're attractive, just try not to be so hard on yourself. I know it's hard, but that's the only way. <3
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Adrianah Originally Answered: Are skinny girls more attractive than chubby girls? What do boys think?
I know im a girl but size 8? your fine. Everyone has opions you cant please everyone so just worry about pleasing yourself. Think anout how you feel about your weight and how you feel about yourself. There is no correct answer for this because its just opinions.

Terry Terry
I do think its possible for a bigger girl to be pretty. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. There are many people who have the same insecurities that you do, so you are not alone. But you should accept yourself for who you are. Just because you are a size 18 doesn't make you fat. If you eat healthy and exercise, then I am sure you look fine. There are probably lots of people who wish they were bigger too, I know lots of naturally skinny people who have trouble gaining weight. Maybe look at pictures of women who are all different kinds of beautiful. They can be your inspiration. I doubt people say you are fat, they probably don't even think that. Just have confidence and you will see that people don't always have the impression that you have of yourself.
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Pippin Pippin
You are going to "grow" into your body. What you discribe is your bone structure, tall, smaller or narrow shoulder and wide hips. There is not a lot you can do about that DEAR, BUT PLEASE STOP CRYING. You are made by God and God does good work. Wide hips are a sign of sexual fertility and is very attractive to many men. Some men do prefer skinny girls with no hips, the hips of a 9 year old boy? ha-ha Some guys love your body shape, which is very common. Seriously you are fine. WOMAN HAVE HIPS! That is cool. Be proud of them. It is called CURVES! Yes larger woman can be pretty, but don't say fat. If you are OVER weight than for your health, physical and mental well being, self esteem, eat healthy and get some exercise. Go for a 30 min walk every day with some hand weights. Eat right. Count calories, avoid white salt, suger, flower. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and drink enough water. Full figure and zaftig is fine, but there is obese which you are NOT). Obese is not good in any way. It will kill you. SIZE 18 IS NOT a problem. You are 17 years old dear. I am sure you are beautiful. I'm personally attracted to a woman's eyes, personality and intellect. Sure a nice body is important, but NICE body is a relative term and varies. Many guys like bigger girls. You are TALL. That is great. It may be harder for a tall girl because the average guy is shorter. Some guys might be intimidated. Girls tend to like guys who are taller than them, guys tend to prefer girls that are shorter in general but it is not always true. So you will have less guys to choose from if you must have a guy be taller to be attracted to them. Give shorter guys a chance. The self image thing is IN YOUR HEAD. I know it is hard in this world where super models are air brushed or photo-shopped. Did you see the picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Beach. http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f3/19585d1222135237t-jennifer-love-hewitt-fat-beach-pictures-jennifer-love-hewitt-fat-2.jpg People made fun of it and said she is FAT. I thought she looked OK. She came out with a statement and was strong, proud, not ashamed. That is what people want, to shame you because they probably feel bad about their self. Jennifer Love is not my type, but I thought her confidence was sexy, a woman that is comfortable in her own skin is sexy. Jennifer does have wide hips (not the hips of a 9 yr old boy). I thought she looked OK. Sure it was not the glamor pics I had seen of her before. Next time some one says something about your hips or stares are you say "WHAT, YEA I HAVE HIPS, I'M NOT A 9 YEAR OLD BOY, I AM A WOMAN!" Those glamor shots are by Pro studios, than touched up after the fact. MOST REAL WOMAN LOOK LIKE THE PIC ABOVE. Stop looking at the cover of those magazines. Look at Michell Obama. She is tall and has wide hips and smaller top. This is what is called the Peach shape. In the 1800's I can tell you that was the HOT look. Don't worry about what is HOT in the magazines and learn to love yourself. There are guys out there that like all types. Some woman go nuts and get plastic surgery, liposuction, starve their self and have personal trainers. They may be a size 6 but they are miserable. BE HEALTHY. Now I don't say GET fat or eat fast food all the time or don't exercise. That is important. I will encourage you to make a life style of eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. Do not abuse drugs and alcohol.
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Mahli Mahli
Take a deep breath and don't worry. It is VERY possible. I know people hear this all the time, but first things first, you have to find stuff that you like about yourself. Place yourself in front of the mirror, get a piece of paper and make a list of at LEAST 10 things. Do you have amazing eyes? A nice complexion? Is your hair shiny and healthy? Sometimes when we look at ourselves we try and find the worst things possible. We tell ourselves "I want to see how other people see me. I want to try to 'change' the things that I don't like about me." This is a BIG mistake. Instead, look for all the things GOOD about you. Sometimes we see other people looking at us and we are POSITIVE they are staring at the places we aren't comfortable with. Instead, we should just ignore them. Whenever you are feeling down, look at your list. Remember that it is okay and that you are beautiful no matter what. If you are uncomfortable with your bottom half, play up your face. Wear pretty tops that you really like and have fun with your hair. Wear clothing that looks good on you. If none of this works, there are ways to make your hips look smaller. Try different outfits to find whats comfortable. You can look very pretty all the time and don't fret. Sometimes we tell ourselves that everyone is looking at us in a bad way but for all you know, they might just be admiring your awesome necklace or cute new top. GOOD LUCK!!!
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Jehudi Jehudi
Our whole world is built on this ridiculous foundation that skinny is better. It is so sad to me to hear you so sad and upset when it's your body that God gave you and you should love it. I do think you should be healthy however but if you are then you are going to have to feel sexy in the skin you're in! I have been a plus sized girl and now I am not anymore and trust me, you still have the same insecurities and you still wake up everyday and breath the same air. Life goes on with or without you, don't waste another second being sad, you are beautiful even if you don't look like the magazines say you should. Nobody does! My advice to you is to be healthy though. Eat right and if you're naturally bigger, embrace it!!!
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Gemariah Gemariah
well it all depends because a lotta guys do and dont. some guys like the MEAT. they like all that. they think its sexy. especially the butt, they like that a lot. also the boobs. it all depends girl! but if you think ur so fat, why don't you eat HEALTHIER and excersize to be HEALTHY. im sure you look great, stop worrying. ppl find all the FLAWS about their body and always pay attention to those and your the only one that really finds it gross cuz u exagerate "omg, this is soooo ugly!" its not, trust me. you look fineeee. im sure you do. stop worringgg. pay attention to your beauty. also, it wouldnt hurt to be HEALTHY.
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Digby Digby
It's not impossible, not nearly! =] My best friend is a bigger girl and she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful girls I've ever known. Learn to love yourself and you'll exude confidence and confidence is the what makes beautiful people so attractive.
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Blaine Blaine
hell yea big ppl are attractive i use to wear a size 18 too and its all how you carry yourself dnt be sloppy with it take pride in yourself and if you dnt like it fix it meaning loose weight now i wear a 12
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Blaine Originally Answered: Why do girls still think being skinny is attractive?!?
Who decides what is attractive? Everyone comes in every size and shape and everyone deserves to be loved. What you're saying here is very contradictory. First you say that people shouldn't starve to fit society's idea of beauty, and then you say that people should stay curvy because that's what's a woman supposed to look like. Either way, no one is happy. Keep in mind that skinny people(who have fast metabolisms) also have a heart! I feel ugly most of the time because I'm thick. Most guys around me tend to go for skinny girls but they're all teenagers - maybe age plays a part too? Tell me what looks better in a bikini - a pair of big juicy thighs or skinny legs? We both know the answer to that one!

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