Is it possible to lose 50 pounds in 3 weeks?

Is it possible to lose 50 pounds in 3 weeks? Topic: Is it possible to lose 50 pounds in 3 weeks?
June 16, 2019 / By Bee
Question: i was just wondering if it is possible becouse i was watching tlc channel and this obese dude lost 50 pounds in 11 days...and im only 50 pounds over weight ans im planning to lose that with alot of cardio and becoming a vegan. so is it possible i can do that? AND PLUS MY AUNTY LOST 70 POUNDS IN 3 WEEKS EATING NOTHING BUT SALAD AND CHICKEN BROATH...
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Admiranda Admiranda | 2 days ago
Not unless you are really sick. This is the fastest healthy weight loss program I know of. Here's a serious answer. I hope it helps. *If want to get fit and/or lose weight, here's my Weight Loss Program through Body Building and Nutrition. It works! First, don't Use Diet Pills. They are bad for you. Most of them are just a scam or they are addictive. Counting calories is a pain in the neck. It will drive you nuts. But, losing weight is simple. You just have to do the right things. *(If you are older and have not exercised in many years you should see your doctor and have a stress test done to be sure your heart is ok before starting this program. Also, walking eveyday is a good lifelong practice.) *Fad diets sometimes work but, you can be sure that at least 25% of the weight you lose will be muscle. Then when you stop the diet you will gain back all of the weight you lost but no muscle. So, you will have 25% more fat than you did before! Fad diets just aren't worth the bother. *Fasting or skipping meals will teach your body that famine is common in your world and your body will begin to store more fat to get you through the next period when food is not available. It's better to eat healthy foods often to teach your body that food is plentiful and that there is no need to store calories as fat. Eat a vegetablw or frui every two hours. *Here's a simple trick that can help you lose weight without doing anything else. Drink a litre of water as soon as you wake up in the morning and then drink two more throughout the day. You'll notice a difference the first month. *Here's another trick that works. For every pound of muscle that you add, your body will burn 3000 calories (1lb) of fat every day. That means that just by having an extra pound of muscle on your body you will burn a pound of fat every day! So, add muscle! *This is the fastest way to add a pound of muscle. Squats and Pushups! You do them on alternate days; squats one day, pushups the next. And you do them SuperSlow style. That is, you do the easy part twice as slow as the hard part. That way you fatigue the muscles quickly. Then you rest the muscles for 48 hours which gives the body a chance to make new muscles. *Squats should be done with a wide stance and all the way to the floor. Pushups the with palms shoulder width apart and all the way to the floor, then all the way up. Use the full range of motion of the muscle group you are trying to develop. If you are too weak to do pushups, try them with your knees on the floor or do them with your feet on the floor and your hands an the bed. *The idea is to tire the muscles out completely so do a set of squats until you can't do another, then rest for a couple of minutes and do it again. Do that 3 times and you're done for the day. The following day, don't do squats but do pushups. Do them the same way, going down twice as slow as you come up. *You will lose weight fast, unless you add more junk food and fat to your diet. Instead, eat at least 5 to 7 different raw vegetables and fruits every day. Cut out anything that comes in a bag, box, can, bottle or any kind of package. In other words, cut out all processed foods, soft drinks and sweets. Eat more grains and less red meat. Check out the Food Pyramid. *If you really want to give your body the best possible chance to be healthy and fat free, go to infinity2.com and order their weight loss formula and Essentials for Life. That will give you all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics that your body needs and will keep you feeling better and healthier. They also have a Proteabolic Mass Formula for serious athletes who want to build muscle mass quickly and safely. *Weight loss without exercise is not good. You need to eat healthy, exercise and get your rest. You will feel better, look better and be healthier. Try it for a week. You will notice a difference. You will feel better and that will motivate you to continue. *Losing weight only in specific areas of the body is impossible. You can't just lose weight around the belly, for instance. So, if you want tight, rippled abs, do crunches and leg raises every other day the way I described above. *One last point, stretching is essential for a number of reasons. Pick up a copy of ''Stretching'' by Bob Anderson. Read the intro and understand his reasoning before you do the exercisis. Good luck! *This information is based on my personal and professional experience. *Check these links: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/index_e.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_guide_pyramid http://www.infinity2.com Sponsor ID 3290988
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Admiranda Originally Answered: How to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks maybe 4 weeks?
Don't do a shake diet. There is a healthy way to lose a ton of weight fast. I'll share it with you. I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks with it (all of fat, no muscle was lost). The only downside is a) it's hard and b) it takes a lot of willpower (usually crash dieters don't have any) to form a long term sustainable plan to maintain the new weight after the initial loss The way is called a protein sparing modified fast PSMF. Basically take your bodyweight times your bodyfat percentage and subtract that from your bodyweight. Multiply that by 1.25 and eat that many grams of protein per day. You can eat NOTHING ELSE but that number of grams of pure LEAN protein on this (only skinless chicken breasts, tuna, 99% lean ground beef, lean turkey breast, egg whites, and protein powder). Every calorie you eat in a day MUST be from lean protein. There are two exceptions to this rule. One is optional, one is absolutely necessary. Everyday, you must take 3-9 grams of fish oil and a multivitamin. I'm not playing around here. Not only is it dangerously unhealthy for you to starve yourself of nutrients you usually get in a typical varied diet, but it can easily stall weight loss if you don't take these. The other exception is that you are allowed to eat an abundance of leafy, green, and/or fibrous vegetables (celery, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber). REMEMBER EVERY SINGLE CALORIE IS PROTEIN. NO CARBS. NO FATS. NO NOTHING BUT LEAN MEAT, YOUR FISH OIL CAPSULES, AND ZERO CALORIE VEGETABLES (WHICH ARE ALL FIBER AND WATER). You could lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks with this. Do not do this diet for more than 6 weeks. If you do your body will not be able to lose any weight anymore as it will go into starvation mode. If you want more detail, read the book Rapid Fat Loss by Lyle McDonald.

Tennyson Tennyson
I doubt it, but here is a good workout plan. Eat Veggies, grilled skinless chicken breasts, and grilled fish. Cross training is really a great way to go. Sunday - Try running a mile then walking a mile. If you can't do the full mile running that is fine. Push as far as you can. Monday - Run .10 mile sprints 5 times. Cool down between each. Jog/speed walk .5 mile. Tuesday - Ride a stationary bike for 45 minutes. Then do 35 of each. Sit ups Crunches Bicycle Sit ups Wednesday - Take off and let your body heal. Thursday - Run again. Same as Monday. Push as best you can. Friday - Weight Training. Work on your upper boddy and lower body. Saturday - Take off.
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Phinehas Phinehas
ONLY 50 pounds overweight! That is very overweight! And no you cannot lose 50 lbs in 3 weeks and still be healthy, actually, i'll rephrase, you can't lose 50 pounds of fat in 3 weeks, it will be muscle and water that you lose, instead lose weight slowly, lose 1-3% of the starting body weight per week and it will be mainly fat and water, good luck!!!
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Maddison Maddison
are you sure you heard right?? it had to have been 11 weeks at least. even that would be too much. its pretty hard to loose almost 5 pounds a week., almost 5 pounds a day is most certainly not possible. unless the guy had some seriously amped wasting disease i cant see it.
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Jehoram Jehoram
no. the reason obese people lose so much weight is because they have so much weight to lose. They usually lose that much weight after some wort of gastric surgery. For some one 50 lbs over weight, it would be very dangerous to lose that about in such a short period of time.
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Jehoram Originally Answered: How Can I lose 10 pounds in two weeks, or 25 pounds in one month?
take a walk everyday for 30 min - 1 hour. try some cardio videos on youtube, the videos are 10 min each so do 3 of them giving you 30 min. if you want do 1 hour of cardio a day. don't drink soda, drink only water 10 cups!! no sweets or take out, eat healthy!! if you're going to eat late at night try munching on some grapes, apples, carrots. . .not potato chips, ice cream, candy, cookies, and so on. also these are little things you can do : when you're walking try speed walking. when your washing dishes or cleaning try putting on some music and dance around and jump around and get in some sweat. hope this helped, goodluck

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