How can I get better at running?

How can I get better at running? Topic: How can I get better at running?
June 16, 2019 / By Becky
Question: I'm more worried about the running fast really so I'll mention that first: At school I play "it" or "manhunt" (which is like "it" but when you tag someone, they are it but you stay it as well so the numbers mount up) with Conor, Jacob and James. I can easily outrace Conor, quite easily outrace Jacob, both without trying too much. However, James is MUCH faster. He can't quite beat me in "it" (or tag, whatever others call it) but he is getting MUCH better! I am 14 and he is a year younger and I remember it was about a year ago I got my running to be much faster (I am now one of the fastest at my school and by far the best evader in a chase) but James is REALLY getting better. I usually don't even have to try when playing, but now I do and there have even been some close calls where I almost got caught. Can anyone recommend some training for me to do in order to be able to run faster? I would also REALLY appreciate a diet to stick to, what to have for breakfast and lunch, remembering that I need brain power as well for school work and lunch has to be able to be in a packed lunch. In case it's important, I am 14 and a half but I practice tae kwon do and have been complimented for my strength and power in techniques so I can keep up with slightly more training than the average 14 year old.
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Adisson Adisson | 1 day ago
I have been running for 8 years now and would recommend the following: I would strengthen the core: calves, quads, hams, back and abdominal (the "six pack" muscles along with the obleks), chest and arms. But when strengthening these muscles, I would focus more on the muscle endurance not the muscle bulk. For more advice for this, I would consult with a personal trainer. For the running part, I would stay flexible as it helps/contributes to your balance (so do the muscles in your core) but also helps prevent some injuries like pulled muscles and shin splints. Also, I would try to make up a schedule where you can run for X amount of days and try to have a long run. I would start off slowly, running about 2-3 miles per run for the first week and increase my mileage per week. Make sure you have the following: a good diet, hydration, sleep, a good sense on how to take care of your body, and sleep. Good Luck!!!
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Adisson Originally Answered: Will running in place be as effective (weight-loss wise) as running regular strides?
Weight loss wise, it's okay-ish, not as effective as running in like, a linear motion. I get embarassed outside too, I'm on my track team & every other day when I odnt have practice with my team, I have to practice my 200&400 metre sprints outside & what I do, is just pretend no one can see you. Or I pretend that running full speed is completely normal. Haha, atleast you can like, jog & don't have to full on sprint & have people stare at you. A lady asked me if I was delusional & thought there was a murderer behind me. True story, ahah. I'm going to shut up now, I'm rambling. So yeah, just run outside, you'll lose weight much much faster.

Tenney Tenney
* First of all, I assume you're asking how to sprint faster, not run long-distances. * Second of all, in order to become faster, you need to dedicate your time and not miss a day of practice, except for the weekends. * Here's the weekly routine I'd advice. * Monday: Warm-up by jogging 0.5 mile. Stretch your legs. Go visit a school track or somewhere and sprint 100m. Rest for 30 seconds, and repeat the process 10 times. * Tuesday: 0.5 mile warm-up. Stretch your legs and at the track, sprint 400m. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the process 5 times. * Wednesday: 0.5 mile warm-up. Stretch your legs and go to the track. Do the same work out as Monday's. * Thursday: 0.5 mile warm-up. This is the hardest workout. Stretch your legs and sprint 600m. Rest for a minute. Then sprint 400m. Rest for 40 seconds. Then sprint 200m then rest for a minute.. This is one set. do 2 more sets of these. * Friday: 0.5 mile warm-up. Jog 200m, sprint 200m. Repeat it 12 more times. * Don't drink soda or donate blood. You will lose oxygen, which will affect your running abilities. * As you're running, try to move arms more flexibly. It will help you sprint.
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Phineas Phineas
Run. Go for a jog and sprint (run as fast as you can) until you get to the next mark (like a telephone pole or something) which shouldn't be too far away. Then jog slowly to rest up until you hit the next telephone pole where you sprint again.
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Madai Madai
go and jump of something like 2 ft high and get as much air as you can force yourself and it will tighten up your muscles then run around the block as fast as you can everyday!! do this workout and it will help trust me!!! also eat everything except : chocolate,ice cream,choco milk,and a lot of something ... eat till you just about full then stop. try to keep under 7 meals/snacks including brek./lunch/dinner !
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Jehonathan Jehonathan
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