What is a good diet for pcos?

What is a good diet for pcos? Topic: What is a good diet for pcos?
June 16, 2019 / By Beatrix
Question: can anybody help me with a good diet that will help me lose weight i have pcos and it is really hard to lose weight seems like everything i eat i gain please help im starting to lose hope doctor tells me if i lose weight my period will come back been absent for 3 yrs im desperate .....i wanna conceive soo bad ?????? the walk in clinic put me on metformin but my doctor took me off of it like 3 months ago until i see the endocrinologist it was helping alot but she said that metformin makes you gain weight which in my case was helping me lose weigh along with my walking so im confused
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Adena Adena | 6 days ago
ask your doctor about metformin (see if you are insulin resistant). portion control and drinking water. limit the sugar and salt intake.
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Adena Originally Answered: What is the best diet for my pcos?
I don't know if you are on metformin or not.. but with pcos it is best to do a low carb diet. Although I don't have pcos, I am insulin resistant (one of the things that causes pcos) and I take metformin. I stick to a low carb diet of 45 grams of carbs for 3 meals and 15 grams of carbs per snack (3 of those per day). I eat every 3-4 hours alternating meal/snack.

Tel Tel
At a restaurant split your meal and eat only half meal and take the rest home if the quality is more
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Philander Philander
opt for self checkout wait in line for 7 minutes ring yourself up for another 10 bag your own grub and load up the car
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Macey Macey
yoga may be relaxing but you can also get a good workout an hour of yoga can burn up to 350 calories
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Macey Originally Answered: What is the best diet to help you lose weight if you have PCOS?
My mom has PCOS and she's lost a lot of weight here lately. She isn't on a specific diet really, she's just eating way smaller portions and doing about an hour or more of exercising a day (she likes to dance for exercise). And she doesn't eat any junk food or anything sweet. I'm doing the same thing as her and it's really helped me out, I've lost almost 30 pounds. So I would just try that if I were you, once you start eating a lot less you eventually get used to it. Just don't get discouraged fast, because there are times when it really just sucks and you can't lose anything. Edit:@Your ex-boyfriend: Shut up. I mean, really.

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