What could cause me to feel queasy and lightheaded for the past four days?

What could cause me to feel queasy and lightheaded for the past four days? Topic: What could cause me to feel queasy and lightheaded for the past four days?
July 16, 2019 / By Beatie
Question: On Monday morning, all of a sudden, I felt lightheaded for a few minutes. I also began to feel a little queasy. This has continued through today (Thursday). Eating sometimes makes it better, and sometimes makes it worse. My blood sugar is fine. I do have low blood pressure, but not low enough to cause me to feel lightheaded. I'm a 19-year-old female. Today, I had a mild headache which went away after taking a few baby aspirins. Physically, I am very healthy and active. I don't know what could be causing this, but I would like some tips on how to make myself feel better! The lightheadedness has gotten better, but the queasiness has gotten worse. Thanks for the responses =D I am sexually active, but I doubt I could be pregnant. My period is due around Aug. 24th, and I last had sex 7/29 - 8/2. I doubt I would feel symptoms this early, even if I had conceived. We are very careful, so the chances of me being pregnant are pretty slim. Ohh no, I most definitely eat enough.
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Adelphie Adelphie | 4 days ago
i cant tell you what you have. it could be a series of things so im not sure what to tell you. it could be low blood pressure, you could be getting PMS(P=pre in this case), you may have a torn artery(prolly not though), could be medication side effects, or it is possible you are pregnant and getting early signs. what i can tell you though is try not to stand up/sit up fast, dont spin too much, drink a lot of water, if you get dizzy driving you should pull over, eat a lot of fruit(especially pineapples and bananas which have a lot of natural sugar), and get plenty of rest. Hope this helps. :D
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Adelphie Originally Answered: Lightheaded, queasy, headaches? Please read, as I have received only one answer on my other question.?
I would take an HPT as soon as your period is late just to rule pregnancy out completely. You definitely sound like you have a hormone imbalance. Most OB-GYNs would suggest you try the Pill in order to regulate your hormones, but your doctor may feel differently about it. "There's a first time for everything". It is possible to have both ovaries release eggs during any one cycle, so you really could be having ovulation pain on both sides this month, and ovulation can also cause nausea. Your symptoms are just vague enough that it might benefit you to see an internist. An internist generally runs lab tests on blood or uses x-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds in order to make a diagnosis. Even though you have the idea that your symptoms could be related to your hormone imbalance, it could be something totally unrelated, like low blood pressure, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia.... Once your internist has you tested for possible illnesses, he/she will be able to either diagnose and treat a specific disorder or send you to a specialist if the test results warrant that. I hope you are diagnosed easily. Nothing is worse than having a doctor tell you that you're imagining things. If nothing shows up on the testing, you may want to go on a specific diet recommended for women with a hormone imbalance. There are several online sites and books available teaching you what to eat to relieve your symptoms. I went on the Yeast Connection Diet and got a lot of relief, but it's an unrealistic diet for the long term. It's more of a cleansing diet, and can be the springboard to a lifetime of healthier eating.

Teige Teige
you are probably pregnant, when I got pregnant I started feeling symptoms a week after I had sex. I felt sick to my stomach but didn't throw up, headaches, backaches, and bloated. Hope this helps but it probably won't show up on a home pregnancy test until you miss your period. So either go to the doctor and get a blood test or wait it out. Good Luck!!
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Phelim Phelim
Either a lack of food or maybe you are too low on sugar? Make an appointment to see your doctor, dizzyness are symptoms of many possible reasons and some as serious as a stroke or diabetes. So make the call soon
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Maachah Maachah
I'm really not sure but I have the same thing happen to me. Maybe its possibly you haven't eaten enough for your body to run. I mean you think you eat enough but you don't.
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Maachah Originally Answered: Why do I always feel queasy then I have not eaten for a few hours?
Check your family history, if you have a history of diabetes in your family than I would defiantly get tested for low blood sugar. It also depends on how much you eat during a meal, I experience this at times, too, but I have good blood sugar. I would get tested for diabetes- you never know if you might have it and as long as you're not getting black outs or fainting or anything during those times then it isn't too major.

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