How can you get abs like these?

How can you get abs like these? Topic: How can you get abs like these?
June 16, 2019 / By Baylee
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Adeline Adeline | 2 days ago
some people are just built that way...or eat like birds. I've asked my cousin (a gymnast) the same question. She says there isnt really one specific crunch you can do to get a perfect six pack or abs like that. According to her trainers, its about being totally in shape. For her (whose stomach does look like that), it includes lifting, running, stretching, dieting, and crunches....and having a trainer.
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Ted Ted
Well first off the girl in the pic has no muscle tone, she is skin and bones. She really doesnt have abs. The best way to get abs is to do old fashioned crunches with your feet away from your glutes while lying in a supine position. That along with a clean diet will give you results. There is also no such thing as upper/lower abd, the rectus abdominals is 1 muscle group and isnt seperated into upper/lower, thats a common myth.
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Pharaoh Pharaoh
You need to strip all fat from your abs to get them to show. If you do crunches with a fat belly, it will get bigger from the added muscle. This girl looks like she is just naturally thin.
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Lynton Lynton
Personally, I don't think she has got abs. Yes, her stomach is toned - but I can't see any abs.
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