What should i feed my 2 yellow bellied sliders and musk turtle their all in the same tank.??????/?

What should i feed my 2 yellow bellied sliders and musk turtle their all in the same tank.??????/? Topic: What should i feed my 2 yellow bellied sliders and musk turtle their all in the same tank.??????/?
June 25, 2019 / By Bashemath
Question: well i have 2 yellow bellied sliders and 1 musk turtle in a tank its got every thing in it but do they need a heat lamp on the basking area as well as a uv light i thought it was just a uv light well i feed them i bloodworm cube and a pinch of turtle food every two days but im not sure if that is a good diet.the man from the pet shop where i got them from said just feed them i blood worm cube every two days i trusted him but one of my turtles is ill so i separated it in a different tank any advise would be great as i have just recently got them .....
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Best Answers: What should i feed my 2 yellow bellied sliders and musk turtle their all in the same tank.??????/?

Adelice Adelice | 10 days ago
They will all eat earthworms, bait fishes, and liver (preferably dusted in bone meal). Cheaper and better for them than pet shop food.
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Teagan Teagan
Yes, the sliders must have a heat basking bulb! The musk doesn't...they are nocturnal. A water heater is a must. Skip the blood worms and feed a good quality pellet such as Reptomin (the best). Feed as much as they will eat in 10 minutes. You can feed every other day. This is the best turtle care site...you can find everything you need to know. http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/
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Peyton Peyton
---my 3 turtles ( RES, western painted, yellow bellied cooter) eat everything,,, fish flakes, freeze dried, brine shrimp, bloodworms, krill, ReptoMin pellets, cooked veggies( steamed or boiled) fresh dandelion greens from the yard, dried rehydrated iguana food( fruits & veggies) algea wafers, dead bugs, live bugs ---anything that hits the water whether it floats or sinks they sniff it out ---be very careful not to overfeed,, watch them,, what they dont eat will pollute the water ---I disagree with the absolute MUST HAVE for a water heater,, my turtles are healthy,very active, good swimmers and bask most of the day under 50 watt ZooMed UV bulb 4" above basking dock --- I keep them at room temperature all ,, 74-75 degrees year round --- I keep hearing of turtles with skin infections, fungus, bad chutes, injuries,,,, MY opinion,, touching / over handling of turtles is not good for them,, they are outdoor creatures in an indoor environment,, they are not cuddle pets, if you want that,, get a kitten or bunny,, does contact with human skin cause this? I dont know,,, but I do know my animals are healthy and vigorous and I never touch them ---I implore you to maintain superior filtration and do frequent water changes,,, I'm using DIY undergravel driven with submersable pump putting out about 200 GPH,,, about 8" water in a 40 gallon tank,, changing 20-25 gallons of water every 3-4 weeks
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Lyle Lyle
on condition that they are extremely small. in case you could spare the room for it, a stiff-sided plastic wading pool will enable the turtles to stay out of the different's way, regardless of if it basically holds one hundred gallons.
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Lyle Originally Answered: What do i feed a baby turtle???!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!?
ok first water turtles are very difficult to keep and require a huge tank and lots of supplies. turtles make horrible christmas gifts, they grow up to 12 inches( you got a baby) they live 40+ years in captivity. they are very messy and poop a lot, they require very powerful filtration systems, and very large tanks, depends on the species, but you might need to build a pond when it is an adult. please figure out what species it is, and how to care for it. a red eared slider has red stripes on the side of its head. is yours a red eared slider? then you need to read this information http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/ca... here are some great tank setups, you need to replicate one of them http://www.reptilecare.com/turtletank.jp... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v373/N... http://www.akuniverse.com/turtle%20tank.jpg you see how each of these setups are unique, but they all have the same things in common. Each is a large tank ( at least 50 gallons). Each are filled with clean filtered water, either filtered by a hang-on the -tank filter or a canister filter on the floor. The water needs to be 75-82F, so you need a heater. On top of the water each setup has a large basking spot where the turtle can get out of the water and basking under a warm heating lamp. Next to the heating lamp is a uvb lamp, it provides uvb rays, but no heat. turtles use uvb rays to grow and process vitamins and calcium to build a healthy shell, its kind of like photosynthesis, but in turtle form! the diet is complicated, a common disease turtles get is soft shell disease, it is very dangerous and fatal. turtles get it when they don't get enough calcium and vitamins, like if they don't have a good uvb light like Reptosun 5.0, or if they don't get a nutritious enough diet. thats why they need to eat lots of dark leafy greens like mustard greens, collard greens, romaine lettuce, green leaf lettuce, etc. they also need proteins like pellets, crickets, meal worms, minnows and snails. the proteins need to be dusted in a calcium and vitamin supplement to be nutritious. please research about their complicated housing/dietary needs http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/care.htm http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/housing.htm

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