Had 3500 calories! Just blew my diet! How do I turn it around?

Had 3500 calories! Just blew my diet! How do I turn it around? Topic: Had 3500 calories! Just blew my diet! How do I turn it around?
July 16, 2019 / By Barbra
Question: the past few days i have gone so far over my caloric intake, not on purpose. but it 's like i can't get back on track for my life . please help!
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Best Answers: Had 3500 calories! Just blew my diet! How do I turn it around?

Adele Adele | 8 days ago
Get out of the house and away from the kitchen---it can get tempting. (I've been going through the same thing and I hate it :/) Go for a long power walk if you don't like running. Drink LOTS of water, eat fruit, and stay busy. Get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Eat fiber, too. It'll fill you up but won't be digested. Oatmeal, nuts, apples, berries, green veggies, etc. And FIDGET! Twiddle your thumbs, pace, tap your fingers and feet. You can burn hundreds more calories per day~
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Adele Originally Answered: How to burn 3500 calories a day?
I'm just being realistic I feel where you're coming from im in the same boat but burning 3500 calories a day is a little harsh. You would literally have to exercise 3 and 1/2 hours a day at a moderate to high intensity. If you only spend your whole day exercising then I guess it's possible but there's such a thing called overworking yourself which can be harmful. 12 pounds in a month is kind of a lot I would stick to losing that much or less every month. Set yourself at a pace! And your only 145 you'll reach your goal easily if you stick to a diet and exercise (but not too much exercise)

Tayler Tayler
You'll live, get back on your diet the next day. Remember, occasional junk food is fine so you don't splurge like this right now.
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Peter Peter
Just calm down, look on youtube for some relaxation music. Chill, imagine what u want to look like, what you want to achieve, see yourself already having the wanted result, and motivation will come.
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Luther Luther
OMG!!! You will gain 2pounds this week!!!! Just eat 1500 tomorrow and do some weight lifting and cardio.
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Luther Originally Answered: Why do people say a pound of fat is 3500 calories?
Calories for foods refer to the reaction with oxygen, this is what happens when you literally set some food on fire. The number "9" is actually an approximation. Around 1900, nutritionists (mainly one, Atwater) built a huge chamber where someone stayed in bed for day(s) and they measured the heat produced. The amount of energy (as heat) was similar to the amount produced when setting the food on fire and so these approximations got started. The first mention for such an "equation", came from Lulu Hunt Peters at 1918. She was merely a physician, fascinated by Atwater's work and she made approximations, so that calories (then unknown to the US public) would catch up. Her book became a bestseller, being the 1st weight loss book directly for the public. But the equation is far from how much energy a pound of fat gives. Fact is that we can never know for sure how much it gives, but we can control it so that it gives much less. This is what low-carb and carb-control diets actually do. When you eat carbohydrates an hormone called insulin is released, the same hormone is the one that transfers fat to the cells. So, if you don't eat carbohydrates together with fat then fat doesn't get stored and it gets out of the body. How? With water (sweating or going to the toilet), because fat is insoluble in blood/water. Thus, the fat you eat doesn't always give the same amount of energy, you may lose it before it's used. It depends on how much carbohydrates you eat and how much insulin is released, how much water you lose daily, etc. Bottom line: forget this equation and forget calories.

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