I want to gain weight. How do I get the fat to go where I want it?

I want to gain weight. How do I get the fat to go where I want it? Topic: I want to gain weight. How do I get the fat to go where I want it?
June 16, 2019 / By Barbie
Question: I'm really skinny, and I've always been that way. I want thicker thighs and legs, and arms too. I thought about weight gainers but I'm afraid the fat might not go where I want it. Help!
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Best Answers: I want to gain weight. How do I get the fat to go where I want it?

Adelaide Adelaide | 7 days ago
You can gain weight easily, simply eat.. Eat that food which contains lots of fats and don't do anywork eat chocolates, oily foods e.t.c Don't do any work be lazy all the time within 2 or 3 weeks u will gain the weight... It's my gurantee...!
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Adelaide Originally Answered: How do i gain weight or gain more chest muscles without buying weights or things that cost a lot?
Well the fastest way takes time. First of all when you say gain weight you mean as in gain wait in muscle and not fat. So there are some easy thing to start it off. 1. Eat while still maintaining a good diet and working out. Simple eat healthy. 2. Eat more calories than you burn when working out. This way you gain muscles. I will suggest a "lil" workout plan that i use to do. Make sure you eat a good 20 mins before or more First day you work out say Monday(m). ON m do as many pushups as you can in a min. Then rest the number of pushups in seconds. like if you did 5 push ups count 5 seconds and start again the same thing. do that 3 time. so one min the rest accordingly one min of push ups then rest then again. Now on the same day (m) do the situps.. this is a bit different now.. Take your time in situps do them nice and slow as many as you can do then rest. rest for thirty second then again.. repeat 3 times. Don't forget to stretch. You don't want to get stiff and walk around like a robot now. This will shock your body body and make it want to make more muscles. Now come the routine you might wanna try to follow. Every other day work out. Since you started monday go again Tuesday so that you impact your body to get ready. there after rest everyother day. Monday(m) Tuesday(t) Wednesday(w) Thursday(r) Friday(f) Saturday(sat) Sunday(sun) So: m,w,f, work out you abs and chest Do situps nice and slow abs are ment for slow longer uses than fast jerking movements Do 3 sets, first set a good twenty or as many as you can do, and do the same number in the next to sets. be sure to hold the last one you do for a few seconds. same thing for push ups 3 sets and do a number that u can repeat in the others after u get a bit better increase the number NO RESTING. When you do the situps your ab rest will be your pushup time and your push up time is your ab rest ON T,R, Sat, Sun, You may rest or do cardio i sugest doing some cardio maybe running or jogging or squats anything.. this way u gain more muscle weight. when pushups become easy try doing them while having your feet on your bed and doing a pushup then( thats an inclined pushup) you may wanna do more things such as leg lifts, crunches, hanging situps(hold on to like a bar and your feet are up and you bring your knees in to ur chest) well i hoped i helped.. if you have any question message me ore email me by going to my profile. Best of luck
Adelaide Originally Answered: How do i gain weight or gain more chest muscles without buying weights or things that cost a lot?
Three,500 energy is the same as 1 pound. So that implies you must eat around 600 calories a day in an effort to effect in 4,200 energy per week. Your think to digest 2,000 energy a day so as to outcome in 12,000 per week. And every month you'll be drinking 12.800 calories. Should you follow this plan you're going to loose weight, *but* you might gain all of it back in case you begin consuming unhealthy, such as fast foods. Stay away from carbs (Carbohydrates). There are good carbs and bad carbs although. Equivalent to fruits and greens. These are the healthy matters you want to consume whilst healthy eating plan. Simply cut your portions down some. Working out is particularly disturbing but it is going to aid. Try to at the least burn off 50-200 calories everyday. This will keep you in form and as an alternative of burning off water weight you will be loosing pure fat. In every week you should see outcome, daily you will have to be loosing half a pound or extra! And in every week you could have already lost 4-7 pounds. However watch out due to the fact if you stop this you're going to obtain all the weight again very quickly. Because what you are going to loosing is water weight and than your body starts to break down the fat. Hope this helps good luck! XoXoXo

Tate Tate
Hello Firstly, you can't attain or lose fats in detailed locations - there's no method to scale back the 'fats' for your cheeks with out reducing fats in different locations (i.e. your hips). What you have to do is construct a few lean muscle groups - a elementary gymnasium software will supply you this. You might additionally broaden your consumption of protein, and do not be fearful of carbs whilst you're exercise. People fear such a lot approximately weight whilst fairly its this sort of deficient indicator of wellness and health. I propose opening a gymnasium software with slight weights and medium (approximately 10) reps. Bottom line: cross for your nearby gymnasium and inform a professional instructor that you simply desire to broaden lean muscle groups with out decreasing fats absorption.
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Pete Pete
You sound just like me! I am 16 and I am super skinny and I used to wish I wasn't, but I've realized that I have a high metabolism and only time will make it slow down, my older sister had the same problem when she was my age, and she is fine now, after a few years your metabolism slows down. You can doing weight training to help your legs look a little fuller, and leg exercises for your muscles, that worked for me! :) good luck!
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Pete Originally Answered: i would like to gain weight how can i gain muscle mass fairly quickly with foods?
You can't gain muscle with foods. And gaining weight and gaining muscle are two different things. In order to gain lean muscle you need to stress your muscles in a particular way to promote tearing and rebuilding. This is called Hypertrophy. Your calories depend on your age and weight. Look up BMR, base metabolic rate, to find out how many calories you burn a day. Make sure you get at least 500 more than this since you are expending a lot during your vigorous routines. As for your schedule, remember that muscle growth occurs when you are resting, mostly while sleeping. You tear your muscles in the gym, and when they repair, they repair with extra fibers to be stronger. So, gaining even a couple of pounds of muscles may take more than a month. The best way to stimulate this will be to work out each muscle group 1-2 times a week and not work out the same muscle within 48 hours. Lifting is the least important factor though. Recovery is the most important, then your diet (at least 40% protein), then your routine. Look into Hypertrophy routines to get speicific examples of how to build mass above strength and endurance.

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