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June 16, 2019 / By Barb
Question: I've just bought a pair of really nice Hollister shorts. I bought them off eBay (cheapskate I know ;)) and I didn't realise that they're quite high up and show a bit of my bum if I pull them up properly :/ I didn't really want this but oh we :/ Anyway my point is that when I tried them on they fitted everywhere except my bum and thighs :( I'm going on holidays later this year and was wondering if anyone has any tip, websites, videos, info etc. on any fitness plans, exercises for thighs and bum, general exercises, healthiness etc. Thankyou, it really does mean a lot as I really want a nice figure and also to be fitter and healthier! :)
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Addy Addy | 5 days ago
The cutest shorts I ever saw had 2 inches of scalloped lace sewed on the bottom of the legs. Everyone who saw them, wanted them. Or you can lose weight; A good diet/exercise plan would be: Breakfast: Cook 9-grain cereal (from health food store) in water with rolled oats and wheat bran. Make a big pot of it on weekends and nuke 1/2 cup each morning. Add low fat milk or yogurt, banana, walnuts and berries. Drink hot Ovaltine. Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day to raise blood sugar level which falls during the night. Lunch: Egg, tuna or turkey ½ sandwich on whole grain bread with bean or alfalfa sprouts and yogurt w/fruit. If you had meat loaf for dinner, bring a meat loaf sandwich on whole grain bread (NO mayo). On cold days, a squatty thermos of hot chili, split peas with ham, or beef stew. Snacks: Fresh (not canned) fruit: banana, orange, apple, kiwi, grapes, peach, nectarine, cherries, pineapple. No chips and nothing ever from a vending machine. Dinner: salad with white meat chicken and fresh (not canned) veggies: tomatoes, 2 kinds of lettuce, 2 kinds of shredded cabbage, shredded or sliced carrots, alfalfa or bean sprouts, zucchini, green or red peppers, hard boiled eggs, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, cottage cheese...Instead of dressing, squeeze 1/4 tomato over it. Or homemade bean/vegetable soups; great way to recycle leftovers. Or grilled fish with steamed veggies. Or omelet: In blender, whip together eggs, tofu, cottage cheese, onions, garlic powder. Cook with mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and green or red peppers. Foods to avoid: junk food, fast foods, pastries, desserts, sugar, salty foods, syrup (even canned fruit in syrup), peanut butter, fat/grease (pork, wieners, chops, bacon, salami, pizza, chips, fries), pasta, potatoes, white bread, rice, canned veggies, ice cream, soda, chips. And of course no tobacco or alcohol in any form. Both of those add wrinkles and destroy your brain. No oil except olive and mac nut. Coffee also rots your brain. To keep your skin clear, drink water. Veg. juice is good too. But not canned juice (too much sugar.) Join a gym; they have all the equipment and staff to show you how to use it to get the look you want to achieve. Much cheaper than buying your own equipment. Go hiking, biking, jogging, bowling, swimming, rowing, jump rope, play tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, jumping jacks, lift weights, trampoline? To tone your tummy, do sit ups, push ups, pull ups, leg lifts and crunches. If you lack energy to exercise, take Super B complex. Try appetite suppressant
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Addy Originally Answered: I need help with health/fitness!?
things dont come fast and easy, if u want to build muscles y do u do cardio and weight exercises?? u should do body building things, go to any gym and ask for body building trainer, he or she will explain u everything, which exercises and food r good for building muscles, lately i also started healthy life coz im fat and i learnt 1 thing.... to lose weight u should avoid carbs but for working on ur muscles u should eat lot of them 2 hours before exercises, but im not really expert in it so my advice for u is to go to any gym and ask there for help, u will get trainer and diet and im sure it will work

Tanner Tanner
Try hitting the tracks everyday and try to increase your speed and how far you run when you begin to build up stamina. That way you can get fit and healthier faster. Also it tones your butt and thighs nicely giving the chads something to look forward to at PE .
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Peregrine Peregrine
Do running, eat healthy and home made food and stop eating junk food and oily food and go to gym by doing so you can keep yourself healthy and fit Leo Privacy Guard 3.0
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Lucas Lucas
If it's fat loss you want then stop eating fat eat fruits and lean protein and it's not like you can just make your butt look good by doing leg exercise you need to burn fat off by burning calories and cutting back on eating so run bike and you will lose fat
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Lucas Originally Answered: If you are a professional about fitness, health. please help?
Maybe try changing your approach to cardio. Sometimes changing to a high intensity interval type of cardio will give you the results you want. Have a read of this article below, it might get you thinking slighly different about cardio. Best of luck!

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