How would you loose weight in 5 weeks, without going on a silly diet?

How would you loose weight in 5 weeks, without going on a silly diet? Topic: How would you loose weight in 5 weeks, without going on a silly diet?
July 17, 2019 / By Bambie
Question: or spending heaps of money.
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Best Answers: How would you loose weight in 5 weeks, without going on a silly diet?

Addison Addison | 4 days ago
exercise, eat healthy and in small portions, drink a galss of water before you eat anything, it causes you to get full faster, also never drink diet sodas, they cause cellulite and slow down your metabolism! EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! exercise alot but never over exert yourself, or it will destroy you keep up will power never let anyone get to you about anything negative exercise or do this whole thing with a friend, it will make it fun and you will hardly realize you are working out but never let fun get the best of you or you will not be focused and not succeed keep doing this all your life exercise and eat healthy because you do not want to gain it back hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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High five for being a vegetarian!:) This seems like it will work. The best way to lose weight quickly is to cut out carbohydrates, and do exercise that won't have you gain muscle since muscle is heavier than fat. Drink a lot of water and take vitamins and you should be fine:)

Talmai Talmai
If you want to lose weight you'll have to start doing cardio style exercise programs (you could also just ride the bike/use the treadmill, but I find they become boring after a while). The idea is to get your heart rate significantly elevated for at least 35-40 minutes. As an example, Tae-Bo or one of those other similar programs would be a great place tostart. They are great for cardio and they will also help to improve your flexibility and agility, while toning. You have 5 weeks to lose the weight, if your consistent and do it 4-5 times a week, you should see great results in that length of time.
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Percy Percy
A 10 minute run on it is possess is practically vain - you will not be attaining your cardio threshold. Since you do plenty of routine already, why do not you do exactly them just a little tougher. Alternatively, cross to your 10 minute run earlier than netball or hockey. Then have a stretch - this manner you're going to hot up greater, undergo fewer accidents, and burn extra energy. It's a well concept to have no less than one million time without work every week, to permit your frame to get well.
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Loyd Loyd
take a dietary supplement such as hoodia extract (can be found in the natural food section of your local grocery store next to the vitamins) Don't eat white flour NEVER EVER drink soda not even diet -its so bad for you Drink lots of water try not to eat bready foods such as noodles and bread and ect. if you do make sure it is whole wheat and if you eat noodles make sure it is only a fist size When you eat salad don't have a little salad with your dressing! and never use ceaser! Stay away from all sugar and don't have anything that is high in high fructose corn syrup! good luck hope this helps ! also do lots of exercising! calculate your bmi to see what would be a healthy weight for you
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Jeb Jeb
i can help you lose 21.5 lbs of body fat in 8 weeks. it works and it is 90% more effective than any diet or exercise
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Jeb Originally Answered: If i weigh 180, and work out for 2 weeks 7 days a week,and i loose 6 pounds,do i loose weight in my inches to?
Naw , you likely wouldn't see any inch loss in your waist ...not over 6 pounds but it would depend largely on where your body got those six pounds from. Typically you need to lose at least 10 pounds to lose an inch. Above 5'6 you need to lose closer to 20 for some reason Edit: That is nonsense . your body can lose 6 pounds easy in two weeks. You body builders must not understand the physics of a calorie or the metabolic rate of the human body. 3500 calories =1 pound , if you were to eat 2000 to 3000 calories a day. You body will naturally burn with no assistance on average 2-2.7k calories per day. Now if you suddenly work out every day , and this is increasingly true if you do it at the right times, you may find yourself burning and extra 1000 calories + a day easily .Now here is the part you guys don't seem to understand. The metabolism is like a motor once you amp it up , it keeps going for a while. So if you were burning 2k calories a day before you started working out . Significant work outs would increase that number to say closer to 3k. - Now lets add the 1000 k of burn we got from our exercise. Our deficit for the day? -2k ...2k x14 = 28k /3.5 = 8 pounds loss in two weeks. That's without changing your current diet at all. You can lose a pound a day if you want to be extreme. Swim an hour non stop doggy paddle whatever, run up stairs for 15-20 minutes, hit a punching bag for 10 to 20 minutes. Stand when you should sit , jog , walk fast , do dishes . I was swimming 2 to three hours a day . I would swim an hour get out for 2 . Then i would jog and box in between those exercises. I cut my calorie intake from 2-3k to 900 a day. Spread it out so my body couldn't go into starvation mode. fed myself vitamins and protein. I lost 1 pound a day for a month and a half straight. Overall I have lost 125 pounds in less then a year. So some where , someone is wrong. I have pics to prove it and you can clearly see in my pics , I didn't lose any muscle. That's why you people say "the biggest loser is fake'. It is not fake. You just don't understand that some website or trainer can not best explain how to lose weight. Instead its an act of science and knowing the right formula for your body can cause dramatic changes in short amounts of time. Now keeping the weight off is mental. Anyhow thats all i have to say on it .

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