wierd sickness can someone diagnos?

wierd sickness can someone diagnos? Topic: wierd sickness can someone diagnos?
June 16, 2019 / By Bailee
Question: so starting on thursday i began to have frequent diarrhea it was mostly brown at first just getting all the food out of me ill assume, but then it slowly became just liquid and it had mucus in it or white stuff(which ill hopefully assume is mucus) i was going like 3 times an hour because i couldn't hold it in. at first we thought i was constipated so we took a laxative. it did nothing. still had diarrhea though, very frequent. so the next day to get to school cuz my mom didnt want me to miss she gave me a pill to stop diarrhea. it has stopped the diarrhea... but.. now its sunday(3 days) and i have not gone since. i always have been chronically constipated only going once every 2-3 days but i feel like there could be an underlining sickness happening right now and the pill has messed with the digestive track or something like that. also at the beginning i had very bad gas which subsided after i took gas-x. so is there any flu or something like that that could explain the very frequent liquid and mucus like diarrhea, its not alot at a time its just like the minute i feel like its coming i have to get to a toilet. help please,(i know its not the most pleasant one) ps. im 17 and i did consume alcohol the prior weekend if that contributes but i doubt it.
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Ada Ada | 9 days ago
Try taking some bulk fiber laxatives. It will not give you diarrhea. It will give you a solid bowel movement and push out any waste in your intestines. Make sure that you take it with plenty of fluids though. If this doesn't work you need to consult your doctor.
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First, there is no lupus test. Diagnosing lupus is a combination of medical/family history, symptoms, a variety of tests, and process of elimination. There is no such thing as a false positive for lupus. That said, some people with lupus clotting disorders (antiphospholipid antibody syndrome) have a fals positive for syphillis. If the "test" was done by a general pracitioner and you suspect lupus, you need to get a second opinion from a doctor who actually has training in the process of diagnosing and treating lupus-a rheumatologist. Find one at www.rheumatology.org

Tad Tad
There are always 'bugs' going around that cause diarrhea. I don't think you need to worry about the pill, probably Imodium, messing up your intestines. The rest of today, you should drink lots of liquids and little food. Try the BRAT diet: banana, rice, apple sauce and tea or toast. Don't eat a lot as you want to be kind to your intestines. If this diet goes down well, you can increase foods. Avoid foods like white bread, pizza, spicy foods and large amounts of meat. When you increase fiber and fluids, your digestive tract will be happy and you may not have to resort to laxatives.
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Pearce Pearce
There is a reason you're not supposed to have alcohol under 21. Underage drinking can cause severe problems with young people. Food poisoning is a possibility. Consult your doctor.
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Louie Louie
on the comparable time as my morning ailment stopped it develop into like somebody grew to become on a comfortable exchange. it went away interior the technique a meal. and then i develop into now no longer sick lower back for some situation of my being pregnant
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Jaylin Jaylin
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Jaylin Originally Answered: Is this normal?? its kinda wierd and its freaking me out?
You need to immediately contact your physician. The product alli is new. In the meantime, use Depends pads to reduce the staining damage to your clothing. Orlistat which is marketed as Alli and also known as Xenical (evidently) has information about side effects at the USDA CDER site...shown below in the last source listed. The other sources are related; however, they do not address the side effects...see an excerpt below: What are some possible side effects of Xenical? (This is NOT a complete list of side effects reported with Xenical. Your health care provider can discuss with you a more complete list of side effects.) Oily spotting Gas with discharge Urgent need to have a bowel movement Oily or fatty stools Oily discharge Increased number of bowel movements Inability to control bowel movements

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