what is THE best way to gain weight?

what is THE best way to gain weight? Topic: what is THE best way to gain weight?
July 16, 2019 / By Azure
Question: im trying to gain weight for football so i need more. right now im 160 but im tryin to get to 170-175. eating a ton doesnt work for me cause my metabolism is high. ive heard sugar makes you gain weight but... i need more advice linebacker
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Abital Abital | 4 days ago
I would try my "Kitchen-Sink" milk-shake: MIlk, ice cream, chocolate sauce, bananas, raw eggs...and throw in some of that protein powder. Three of those a day on top of a regular diet rich in protein, fats and carbs should do the trick. Cereal with whole milk, chicken with thick, creamy sauces, on rice, potatoes, bread with butter. Are you really eating enough?
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Abital Originally Answered: I've been on a protein diet, I lost weight instead of gain weight...why? I'm tryin to gain weight!?
The only way to gain weight is to take in more calories than your body requires. IF you rely solly on weight traiing to gain weight, it is gonna take a lot of time. Even if you reply on weight training, protein just aids in muscle recovery. It is the combination of protein with carbs that actually add size to them. That is why any weight training pprogram advocates that within 3 hrs of a workout you need to take a good meal that has both protein and carbs. For your other meals you can take protein and lesser carbs but the 3hrs timeframe after your workout is most important if you wanna put on muscle mass. Try to incorporate more carbs in your diet and you will see a difference. Good Luck

Swithun Swithun
I was 140lbs in high school and jumped up to 180 in 6 months by eating everything I possibly could. I ate potatoes, steak, rice, beans, etc as often as I could and drank three weight gain shakes (2000 cals each) per day. It was extremely hard to eat like this, but the stomach eventually grows. Don't eat until you're about to get sick, but you'll have to eat a lot.
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Patrick Patrick
first of all i think ur weight is fine but if u insist... then dont just go eat junk food, that wil make u FAT and then u cant play soccer anymore, since u have a high metabolism then rathen than eating 3 square meals a day, eat 6-7 SMALL meals a day, each consisting of vitamins , carbohydrates and protein in a ratio of 25%/45%/30% respectively and ull be JUST FINE! hope ive helped!
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Lorin Lorin
every time you are going to eat sit in a soft chair and make sure to slouch every time you eat.When you are done eating just stay in that chair or laydown on a bed and watch tv or play video games
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Lorin Originally Answered: What are good foods to eat if im 16 years old and i want to gain weight and gain alot of muscle!?
To be honest to really put on lots of muscle you have to put on fat. Its just the way it works. In the Bodybuilding world its called bulking and cutting. People "bulk up" ie put on lots of muscle and fat really fast and then "cut" the fat off. Some good foods for you to eat would be foods high in protein. For example chicken breasts, steak, protein powder, Milk and fish. However you also need to have other things for a balanced diet. However the most important rule is KEEP EATING. No matter how much food you think you are eating you need to eat more. And no im not talking about eating extra cheesburgers. Eat 5-6 small meals every day so that you make sure that your muscles have nutrients to keep on building.

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