Lose at least 50 lbs. Within 3 months?

Lose at least 50 lbs. Within 3 months? Topic: Lose at least 50 lbs. Within 3 months?
June 16, 2019 / By Ayn
Question: Im 21 and weight about 260. What can i do to lose the weight fast? I have no money for a gym or special foods so if there are any exercises i can do at home? Im going on vacation in june and want to get as slim as possible in that timr. Any advice?
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Abijah Abijah | 1 day ago
TO LOSE WEIGHT: 1. Drink only water and milk. (Milk for protein) (Water = no calories/fills you/healthy) 2. Eat 5 - 8 times throughout the day. No fried food. (Increase metabolism) #1,2 = Diet. No exercise needed. you WILL lose weight no matter what. 3. Exercise: Everyday for an hour. Doesn't matter what. Cardio to optimize weight loss. Pull-ups/Chip ups: Lats/Biceps or Lats/Triceps Push-ups: Chest/Triceps Squats/Lunges: Legs Crunch/Bicycle: Abs/Obliques Bar Dips: Triceps Curls/Hammers: Biceps Dumbbells Flies/Press: Chest/Triceps (Requirements: Dumbbells, a tree branch/pull up bar, and a floor. #3: Not necessary to do #1/2. Burns fat. Increase metabolism. Store less fat. Look sexy. #1/2/3 to optimize weight loss.
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Abijah Originally Answered: Whats an ideal workout that incooperates muscle growth, and weight loss of fat for 3 months to 4 months period
eat dinner before you workout to enhance your metabolism to burn more fat. don't eat after 8 p.m to help with the process. as long as your getting daily cardio in you seem fine. work your freewieghts follow this freeweight workout http://www.thetrainingstationinc.com/fre... you have a well balanced plan going for you. good job

Sunny Sunny
A bad joke about cutting off your limbs came to mind. :p Seriously, its simple and you don't need a gym. First most importantly is cut your calorie intake. Lets take what I eat for a day: Breakfast: Old fashion oatmeal w/ cinnamon a fruit of choice NO SUGAR Lunch: Salad (as much as you possible can eat) vinegar and a little olive oil any other vegetables, chicken for protein. Dinner: Baked Salmon with a vegetable (not fried). Anytime you get hungry you fill your stomach with things that have little or no calories like water. Soup is another food proven to fill you up without a lot of calories (as long as its not cream based) Exercise: walk or run 20minutes a day. Will you lose 50lbs in that period of time who knows? Will you lose weight and improve your health and well being? Guaranteed! Problem with fast harsh diets, your body doesn't get the nutrition it needs and after vacation you'll gain back the weight and then some. Think of something you can stick to and enjoy instead of a quick fix.
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Parris Parris
Ten kilos a month is not unreasonable, but it surely does not take plenty of coins to consume good both (so disregard that excuse). You are not looking for nutrition plans or tablets, just a bit traditional feel and maybe a few study on easy methods to make healthful meals offerings. Concentrate on lean meats, end result and greens, complete grain merchandise, healthful fat, and plenty of water. Put your everyday calorie consumption round 1500ish an afternoon (perhaps somewhat extra, do not pass beneath 1200 w/o a document's ok). Then upload undertaking. Shoot for a minimum of one million hr an afternoon, a minimum of five days every week (I take a look at for one million.five - two hrs an afternoon while I'm relatively desiring to drop a few kilos)...does not have got to be all at one time of day. Some matters you'll be able to do this are affordable or fair preliminary design after which you are performed: Walking (rapidly) Jogging Bicycling Aerobics, firming, yoga movies or DVDs Swimming Rollerblading Trikking Dancing Misc exercise suggests on tv (exercise with them, or tape them for later) Whatever will get your middle price up and your frame relocating. Mix aerobic exercises with force exercises to tone muscle. The extra muscle you've gotten, the quicker your (resting) metabolism will likely be. Good good fortune!
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Lonnie Lonnie
Research shows that the best and healthiest way to lose weight is to fill up on high fiber, low fat foods, Fruits, vegetables, whole gains and legumes ( beans and peas) are all full of vitamins, minerals and fiber which help with weight loss. The best exercise for burning fat is simply brisk walking for 30 minutes once or twice a day.
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