If you KNEW your meat was cruelty free, would you eat it?

If you KNEW your meat was cruelty free, would you eat it? Topic: If you KNEW your meat was cruelty free, would you eat it?
June 16, 2019 / By Ayeesha
Question: Here's a scenario: Let's say it's a beautiful world and you own a house and some land. You have a henhouse where your laying hen, Gertie, lays eggs for your morning breakfast. Daisy the cow gives you milk. You had a pig, Elia, but she was slaughtered last week to make meat to last through the season. You have a half dozen hens - Strawberry, Angel, Chryanthemum, Coffeebean, Speckle, and Pepper - who all live happily and will eventually become dinner. Every animal lives happily, and those animals who are unfortunate enough to be in line for slaughter are guaranteed a merciful, painless death at your hands. Okay, now back to reality. If this ideal world existed, would you still be a vegetarian/vegan/whatever your dietary choice is? If the animals were guaranteed happy lives and quick deaths? What would you do, how would you feel? If the meat industry ever becomes truly humane, will you change your lifestyle? I know people do still live in good, clean, happy farms, I'm just asking if people had the opportunity to raise their animals in a good environment, would they be omnivores. I suppose this is aimed mostly at vegetarians/vegans. I would love to live on a little farm with my own animals. =) I just wish it was more practical for more people to be able to raise their own meat/food still, but in the modern world, it's difficult. I named all the animals in this scenario because, well, I name everything. <_< I've never been confronted with actually slaughtering an animal, so I wouldn't know if one would name their animals. From people I knew in my hometown who had animals, they did name their animals, even the ones who were going to be slaughtered. So just humor me in this scenario, either ignore the name or take it into account...it is after all an animal that you feed, you water, you smile at every day. Perhaps your neighbor George will slaughter Coffeebean for fried chicken tonight. Imagine the scenario whatever way you choose to. But everyone, you're giving me some great answers. =) I like the wide range of opinions I'm hearing here. Bekah - you don't sound harsh at all. =) Your opinions are valuable, I just wonder how people would feel if they knew their animals lived a happy life. And I do know there are many more perspectives on lifestyle I am missing here, this is a very limited scenario. With this particular situation, I can't really represent the entire population, but I can try to include at least quite a few people. <3 Thanks for answering, everyone! To I Love Snowstorms: I'm not advocating eating meat or slaughtering animals, just curious as to how people would feel if the world was a better place and meat could be obtained painlessly or at least with minimal pain. Death is pain and it always will be - while I didn't word it quite right in the question above, I'm not so naive to think one could slaughter an animal without at least some pain, but it could be done more quickly and humanely than it is done now. This is just a hypothetical question - nothing more. Though I do with I had a cow named Daisy and a hen named Gertie. That's just me though.
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Best Answers: If you KNEW your meat was cruelty free, would you eat it?

Abihail Abihail | 10 days ago
I am fortunate enough to have my own hens (Nugget, Cheddar, Henabelle and Henrietta), and my own lovely cow, Abigail. I consider their eggs and milk enough of a gift-no need to kill them for food. With all of the great vegetarian options, I personally see no reason why any creature has to die in order for me to eat. Furthermore, I see no reason to feed my body dead critters, and let decaying animal flesh stop up my digestion-it just doesn't make good sense to me. I feel much healthier on a vegetarian diet, and plan to stick with it. I think those lil farm critters deserve a life as much as I do, and I don't think there is ANY way to "humanely" kill a living animal. If the meat industry did a sudden turn around (now THERE is a fantasy), I would remain a vegetarian. My garden is in full swing, and I plan on enjoying every last bite of the food mother nature provides-and nothing has to bleed for me to eat well.
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Abihail Originally Answered: Are whole foods meat products cruelty free?
You should mistrust labels like "free range" and "cage free" they are empty phrases. Free range means the animal has access to the outdoor at some point in their life, even if it was the just the last two weeks (in most chicken cases) and the animal may never actually set foot outside, the "access" is all they need for that label. Cage free can mean they are just in a large building never seeing natural light but they aren't in a cage so it still counts. I will caution you on one more thing, do not trust all the organic hype. Especially organic from larger companies, sick animals are not treated because any medical treatment voids the "organic" label. That includes antibiotics, wormers, vaccines, etc. I have seen horribly mistreated "organic" animals where the label took priority over animal well-being. Just an FYI, not all organic farms are bad, but organic doesn't mean better animal treatment. If you want meat that is not factory farmed, I would suggest buying direct from a farmer. A lot of the time you can buy whole steers, hogs, whatever. The initial price is steep, but if you go in with other people and maybe just buy a quarter. It ends up much cheaper than supermarket meat, and often you can see the farm for yourself. Plus smaller slaughterhouses are often more humane to the animals before death. Good luck

Sullivan Sullivan
No! I am not a vegetarian because I can't stand the thought of animals being slaughtered. I am a vegetarian because I simply don't like the taste of meat, chicken or fish for that matter. Besides, even if the animals had been happy before their death, I'd still be eating dead animals. And frankly I think that's kind of disgusting.
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Parker Parker
I was born and raised on a farm and .. Well, the ones we named we love and simply could not eat them. We loved them too much. The other ones-yes-we raised them and ate them. Now I still eat meat - I eat red meat only about 3 times per month -I try to stick with turkey and chicken although I eat plenty of "vegetarian" meals. I am in this section trying to find some good recipes. Have a good day!
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London London
There's just too many 'ifs' in your scenario for it to be possible. We humans have made our planet a point of no return, and it would probably take centuries to get to a place like you are describing "if" many humans decided to change. The meat industry won't listen until a large percentage of the population wants them to listen. As for me, myself, I. Well, I cannot intentionally kill an animal. I don't like meat. So it's unlikely that I will ever eat meat no matter how cruelty free you or someone else thought it was. I do understand where you are going with this though. I see that you are examining the fact that animal rights activists scream about horrible animal abuse. You are probably wanting to determine if the meat industry cleaned up the rampant abuse, would it make a difference to the vegetarians and vegans. No it would not. 1) PETA is making billions of dollars off people who do not see through their hypocrisy. They do not intend to let go of those donations. 2) Sincere vegans who are not affiliated with PETA and other such groups do not want to eat meat under any circumstances. We have many better options.
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Jasper Jasper
Yes, I would still be a vegetarian. Not only do I beleive eating and slaughtering animals is bad for your health and the environment(respectively), I couldn't eat any of those hens because I would have a mental bond with them. I couldn't simply kill them and eat them, thus heartbreakingly destroying my bond with them. Killing and eating those hens would be like betraying my closest friends. If I didn't give them names or something, I might be able to do it. But kill them? Kill them?! I haven't killed a living animal in my life, save for a few accidental encounters with some insects, a very sad accident with a fish, and putting my cat to sleep because she had cancer. I would never change my lifestyle even if the meat industry becomes humane.
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Gable Gable
Why in the world would ANY god care about whether or not you eat meat on a certain day? That is ridiculous. If he's that concerned, shouldn't meat would make you sick on the days that he chooses? Why not teleport said meat to starving people?
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Denis Denis
I would still be a vegetarian even if the animals were treated like kings and queens before being killed. I am a vegetarian not only b/c of the inhumane slaughter of animals, but also b/c I do not think that any animal should have to die for me to eat. I can get all my nutrients from a non animal source, so personally I think it is selfish to take somethings life for food. I also do not prescribe to the notion that animals are here for human consumption. I believe that each creature is here to live, and raising an animal to be killed, goes against that belief, so no amount of humane treatment could sway me to eat an animal. Humane slaughter is in amongst itself an oxymoron. Slaughter is never really humane, it is still taking somethings life before its time.
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Bedivere Bedivere
No! I definitely would not eat animals that I raised on my farm. And give them names like Speckles?? That's just sick. Our dogs are raised with shelter, food & are treated humanely... does that make you feel okay to slaughter & eat them? I don't think so. I don't believe animals are made for me to eat, the life they live doesn't affect that.
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Zoie Zoie
so im vegetarian, but i dont agree that it is "cruel, unnatural, unnecessary to kill a living, breathing creature for food" i know that human being have hunted to be able to survive. And i have seen documentaries of tribes in africa that kill pigs to eat. the live in wilderness, and they literaly just survive. Their pigs are precious to them, and kill them fast. They are just trying ot survive, and live a good life. They dont really care that they are murdering their animals. I wonder if civilization is what has made us like that, that we consider it a murder to kill an animal for food. While these uncivilized people just want to survive, and have all the credibility in the world since their lives are so hard, they are truly hardworking. Manyh cultures do this. moving on, i would not eat meat if it was raised and killed humanely. Because of all the wasted resources that goes into raising all the full of crap animals (antibiotics, hormones). And if they werent full of crap, even more resources would be wasted (grain, water. etc.) and the meat would be way too expensive. I am also concerned that cows produce greenhouse gases and pollute the environment. They contaminate lakes, and rivers. Health reasons. I truly, honestly believe that my vegetarian diet brings me health benefits and prevents many chronic diseases. And ofcourse, i love the animals. Even though my grandparents were farmers, i dont feel like i need meat (since im not a member of a tribe in africa lol).
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Zoie Originally Answered: Are "free-range" and "organic" dairy animals cruelty free?
By law 'free-range' animals must have access to the outside at least part of the day. How long that is is up to the famer. By law 'organic' means the animals are not fed chemicals or treated with hormones. If you are concerned about whether your food is fully cruelty-free, join a co-op. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing trend and available in most areas. Basically, you pay an area farmer a flat rate in the spring, and get back a portion of whatever he grows/raises over that year, usually on a weekly basis. It's a great deal, good for the environment, and you will know precisely what conditions your food is produced in. Do a search for a CSA in your area. Many have eggs and dairy products in addition to produce.

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