How do you take care of hermit crabs?

How do you take care of hermit crabs? Topic: How do you take care of hermit crabs?
June 25, 2019 / By Avilon
Question: What do they feed on? Where should I place them?
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Abigall Abigall | 7 days ago
A 10-gallon glass aquariumwith 3-4 inches of sand at the bottom can be purchased at a reasonable price and makes an ideal 'starter home' for your crab. Commercial hermit Crab food (FMR) be purchased to insure a proper diet that gives them all the vitamins and minerals they need. You may feed your Land Hermit Crab various kinds of fruits and vegetables (pieces of lettuce, grapes, bananas, etc). But these should be removed the next day since those are perishable.
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Abigall Originally Answered: Are crested geckos easier to take care of then hermit crabs?
Not particularly. Most invertebrates are fairly easy to care for, regardless of how intricate some care sheets will make them sound. Having had both, I can definitely testify that the hermit crabs are much easier to care for. A rudimentary care sheet for the crabs will be a 10 gallon tank, maybe an under the tank heater if it gets real cold, a shallow water bowl with a sponge, most any substrate which works, and vegetables, fruits, coconut, and cuttlebone. A rudimentary care sheet for the gecko will be a 20 gallon tank, possibly a heating lamp if its gets real cold, an optional water bowl, reptile-specific substrates, and crickets or CGD as a diet. Now having kept both, I don't go all out for either. For the crab, I gave him a tupperware container about 18" x 14" with sand substrate, a water bowl of a Styrofoam bowl, and usually lettuce or coconut for food. I never used salt water as many people say you should and never used a heater, with my house getting as cold as 60 during the winter. My crab lived for 7 years on that setup. The animals are hardier than people think they are. I do take a little more care with my gecko because she's more expensive and a little more delicate, coming from a more tropical environment. She doesn't have a UVB light or a heater as the house temperature where she is remains above the minimum 65. I mist her cage daily and change her CGD every three days or so. She is doing just great after 6 months of having owned her. I would not suggest putting a gecko in the crab tank either because it's just a bad mix in terms of temperature, humidity, and overall habitat differences.

Storm Storm
I'd suggest on getting any small aquarium and filling it with just a little water. Then make the aquarium similar to the place you caught your pets. Then I suggest buying hermit crab food from your local pet store or you could simply feed them raw fish or shrimp. That's what I did then they lived for a long time. Maybe not long, but they lived long for me :)
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Palu Palu
If it's a land hermit crab, DON'T put it in a tank full of water, as it will drown. I only know about the land hermit crabs, which kind do you have?
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Lionel Lionel
Land hermits or aquatic marine hermits? Presuming land hermits check out this site: Http://www.hermit-crabs.com Marine aquatic hermits need a full marine set up, at least 10-15 gallons matured and cycled, if you mean marine research how to keep marine/saltwater tanks.
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Jarvis Jarvis
go to www.hermitcrabassociation.com, and every one there will be happy to help :) check your commercial food does not contain preservatives, such as ethoxyquin or sodium oxides, as these are harmful long term. many responsible owners are feeding organic, natural diets now, and the website i referenced has loads of info on safe foods, and every other aspect of crab care possible.
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Jarvis Originally Answered: I have 3 hermit crabs (all small) any helpful tips i need to know =) Im still very new to hermit crabs.....?
Housing/Crabitat: no smaller than a 10 gallon glass tank, is preferable. A glass or plexiglass lid is also preferable, to keep proper temperature and humidity. Temperature: 74-78 degrees F (thermostat) Humidity: 70-80% relative (hygrometer) Substrate: Playsand, Forestbedding (Eco-Earth, Bed-a-Beast, etc). Moss and calcisand may also be added to the tank, however it is not recommended as a main substrate. Diet: Commercial crab foods, Vegetables (favorites include-carrots, lettuce, parsley, spinach, and corn), Fruits (favorites include-coconut, mango, apples, grapes, and pears), Meats (seafood, silversides and chicken are favorites), Grains, Peanut butter, eggs, seeds, algae and seaveggies. Please see http://www.epicureanhermit.com for a list of other edible foods. Purple pinchers need both fresh and salt water (dechlorinated, salt made with a good marine salt like Oceanic). Shells: Turbo, pica/magpie, Sharks eye. Shells with circular openings are favorites Molting: -Lethargic before and hyper after molting -Legs tend to be dry and ashy pre-molt -Will sometimes molt without a molt sac or other pre-molting symptoms -Are thirsty and hungry pre-molt and post-molt Other Characteristics: -Sweet/nice temperament -Love to climb -Love to crowd into piles -Not as active as other species such as the Es -Like to hide during the day and are most active at night -More willing to pinch if they feel threatened/scared -Females seem to have larger eyes than males -Love to change shells -Love to eat and climb on wood such as cholla/choya and corkbark

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