Would this creature be more interesting than a Vampire to write about?

Would this creature be more interesting than a Vampire to write about? Topic: Would this creature be more interesting than a Vampire to write about?
July 17, 2019 / By Avery
Question: Sybaris, a devilish creature from the Ancient Mediterranean; they are serpentine-like humanoids with green eyes and sharp venomous fangs. Known for their greed and miserliness, they pass off as ordinary human beings, ugly or beautiful, working as moneylenders, bankers, traders and jewelers. They live in luxuriant caves kidnapping flocks and young people in fields to gorge on them. In human form, they are normal accept for their identical green hypnotic eyes, but in their true form, they have long fangs filled with poison, tall stature and with a greenish complexion. They are even bloodthirsty and love to drink the blood of children or maidens, and they love to eat the flesh of young men. They are averted to spring water and a stone spike. Their heads are the most weakest. sorry I mean 'except' not accept.
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Abiah Abiah | 4 days ago
Well, I am no fan of the overuse of vampires, but I think your alternative creature needs some revising. A creature that is greedy, can pass as human, has fangs, and eats people could be applied to numerous monsters. In fact, with some tweaking, this creature could pass for some sort of dragon. The Mediterranean home and stealing of flocks reminds me of the cyclops, and the snake-like body reminds me of another mythological creature whose name escapes me at the moment. Think of things that make this creature stand out from all the other monsters. Does it like all jewels, or just certain ones? Does its diet consist solely of people, or can it eat any animal? If it can eat other creatures, why would it bother with humans when we are often armed and dangerous? What weaknesses does it have (other than spring water and stone spikes)? Is it allergic to copper? Can it only travel in a serpentine pattern? Maybe it hates the sound of trotting horse hooves. These are just ideas. There are some issues with this creature's description so far. If it lives in caves and eats people, how is it living near the Mediterranean? This is a historically well-populated area and I doubt humans would just sit around letting this creature exist. People would try to wipe it out. Perhaps that's why they try to pass as human. And, when they are human, what do they eat? Cannibals get noticed. Also, do they drink water? Why can't they drink from springs? They must really try to blend in if they are posing as traders. What will they eat when they are invited to a dinner party? On a side note, I would steer clear from making them moneylenders, bankers, and jewelers...especially in a historical European setting. Jewish people often took these jobs during the middle ages and renaissance because they were barred from many other types of employment. Christians often felt that money lending was "below" them, so the job fell to the Jews. I would stay away from any parallels that could be considered antisemitic. I'm sure you didn't mean for it to seem that way. Good luck and have fun with your monster! www.paper-proofers.com
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Random plot generators are good for inspiration. They obviously aren't going to come up with a best seller, but they might give you ideas for a better story. Like, a man is addicted to mustard is going on a tour at a condiment factory, but is only allowed to eat ketchup because he's on a diet. That's a really dumb story right? Well, maybe this will inspire you to write something else. A recovering addicts girlfriend does heroine and he struggles to remain off drugs. That sounds better, and i got the idea from the earlier idea. They work, even if they sound like bad movies. Try this one- A person from better home and gardens is coming to this woman's house to take pictures, when, uh-oh, an icecream truck crashes into the backyard pool. It's just a recipe for madness.

Stew Stew
YES! Vampire's (imo) have been overdone to heck now. This sounds like a really refreshing idea that could become a very awesome story if that's what you're going for. Ditch the Vamp's I reckon. Or, write about both??
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Paisley Paisley
At this point in the universe's life, I think anything would be more interesting than a vampire. But yeah, I would totally read something about those creatures. They sound original and interesting.
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Linford Linford
Yes defintely, it is so nice to see a change from vampires which everyone seems to think if they have in their story it will make it a best seller
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Jarred Jarred
Fabulous idea! really brings a change to the world's obsession with the supernatural. :) have a lovely day!
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Jarred Originally Answered: How can i become a vampire and how can i tell who is a vampire?
Cut and paste time, it's too much work writing this out for the nth time this week, so here we go. There are no real vampires, because they don't exist. Period. There are no real vampires, undead, psi, sanguinarian, vampyre, or otherwise. The Law of Averages is pretty easy to apply to this one, not to mention the fact that there is NO scientific evidence of such, plus the fact that if vampires did exist, they would reproduce at an exponential rate, and would completely take over the planet in less than five years time. Do the math. As none of this is happening, the answer is logically that vampires do not exist. There are people who suffer from iron deficiencies, porphyria, hypersensitivity to sunlight, etc. all the classic hallmarks of vampirism, but are not vampires. Btw, for every self-professed "vampire" out there, you do realize you meet all the criteria for co-dependency as well as being defined as clinically out of touch with reality? And the educated ones should know better. I guarantee you that if I were to isolate you from all other human beings, you would not suffer any ill effects from being "deprived" of the human "energy" you claim to need. You also must realize that there is no scientific proof to back up your claims of energy or psi vampirism? And the ones with blood donors are even worse - deluding themselves into passing off an obvious sexual fetish as a physiological need. The human body is not designed to process large amounts of blood for nutrition - it just doesn't work that way. And yes, you're human - if I took a sample of your DNA - guess what? You'll be human, no "vampirical virus",no mutations, no alien lifeform, no altered chromosomes, etc. Trust me - if I isolated you from your "donors" and fed you a vegetarian diet with sufficient protein, carbohydrates, and fats you would suffer no ill effects. Why? Because you're not vampires. You just think you are - all it is is a psychological delusion born of perceived social inadequacies. For instance - look at all the self-professed female "vampires" out there - what do you think happens when they get pregnant? They go to the hospital, like everyone else, have blood drawn, get put on a special diet, etc. etc. - and suffer no ill effects, nor does their bloodwork show ANYTHING out of the ordinary. Eventually the truth of their reality sinks in and they stop putting on the white makeup, and the false fangs, and start going to soccer practice with their kids and hopefully living a normal life. When held to the light of truth the delusion starts to crack and cannot long be maintained.

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