Cat seems to be more tired, maybe lost weight, is always meowing?

Cat seems to be more tired, maybe lost weight, is always meowing? Topic: Cat seems to be more tired, maybe lost weight, is always meowing?
June 16, 2019 / By Aveline
Question: I have a 7 year old cat who seems to have lost a lot of energy in the pat few weeks. I picked him up today and it just feel like he lost a lot of weight. He's been getting more vocal lately and usually is meowing really loudly at night. I'm not sure whether or not I should be worried, but I am. Is this normal? He's a housecat btw, he doesn't go out and when he does accidentally slip out he comes back within a few minutes. We have another cat who is a year or so old whom we adopted and they're usually playing together, but now he always just seems to be sleeping. Is he sick? I'm really worried.. help please? I'm a struggling college student so I don't exactly have the funds to pay for a vet visit.. If it's serious I'll pull the funds out somehow but I just want to know what I'm gonna be dealing with before I panic. Thanks for the help. He's a siamese btw so I'm aware that he's more vocal than normal cats but even this behavior is odd for him. He seems to be sleeping under the bed more too. Talked to my mother and we're taking him to the vet tomorrow. He's been drinking a lot of water and I have yet to see him touch his food. He was a little overweight before, maybe packed an extra lb or two but it wasn't anything too severe. We'll find out what's wrong with him tomorrow in the morning and until then he's drinking a lot of fluids and just tried to go to the bathroom on a pillow but did not. I hope it's nothing like Kidney Disease as Ariane said.. I'm really worried. Thanks for the input, everybody!
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Abia Abia | 3 days ago
This does call for a vet visit. By the time cats seem sick they usually are really feeling lousy (since they are pretty stoic and tend to hide illness) I'm sure you are not just imagining the weight loss - and losing a lot of weight fast, no matter what the cause, can lead to other serious problems in a cat especially if he has ever been overweight. At any rate, you do need to find out what is causing that. It may be actually something not very major that triggered it; there are also a few possibilities of more serious diseases, all of which it is best to catch ASAP. The big way to divide possible diagnoses is by how much he is eating - - Is he eating his usual amount -- or even more -- but losing a lot of weight anyway? Or is he losing weight because he does not have much appetite for some reason? If the former, the 2 things that most come to mind are hyperthyroidism (which would also fit in with him being even more vocal than usual) and diabetes. you'd need to get a blood test to determine which. Both are very treatable. If his weight loss is due to lower appetite & less caloric intake, it may just be that he has some kind of infection so he has been off his feed and needs some meds to kick it. or could be a dental problem causing pain when he eats & he needs a tooth pulled or something.. Or could be something as serious as kidney disease. Which can be treated and slowed or even arrested for years. Good luck, i hope you get him in soon and he will be feeling better.
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Stevie Stevie
Yes, you need to take your cat to the vet. It might be nothing serious, but do you want to take that chance? One of those symptoms alone might not be a big deal, but as a cat parent myself, I would definitely worry at that combination. Most vets will allow you to finance a visit if you do not have enough money to pay up front. Good luck, and I hope he's okay!
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Paise Paise
Call your local vet. He is most likely to just have a little cold. Nothing to be worried about. My cat did the same thing and he is fine and it has been three years.
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Jaron Originally Answered: My cat won't stop meowing?
If your cat is a Siamese, then it is perfectly normal. Some cats are just naturally loud. Do NOT squirt your cat with water because he is meowing. Just because he is bothering you doesn't mean you should squirt him. You only spray water on a cat if he or she bites. If the vet says there's nothing wrong, then you're going to have to deal with it. If you really can't handle the cat, I suggest giving him to someone who can.

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