Help me with my weight?

Help me with my weight? Topic: Help me with my weight?
June 16, 2019 / By Avalon
Question: Okay, I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm overweight. Very overweight, I'm not gonna give the numbers, ill say that i'm 5'3 though. So I have a exercise plan worked out, tell me if its good: this workout spread out for the morning, mid-day, and evening. Also a walk around the block or something whenever in the day 100 sit ups 5 push ups weights for 4 mins 25 leg lifts (each leg) jog in place for 5 mins 75 jumping jacks Now we get to the diet. I'm confused I dont know how to start, i mean i live with my uncle and he feeds me junk food, and i try to tell him to get healthier stuff, but he doesnt have enough money, so ??? help??? And he buys like only two days worth of meals at the store, so we end up eating alot of the mcdonalds and crap like that. He gets frustrated when i try telling him that i wanna eat healthier. im in a rut because its really not my choice, i mean hes my legal guardian, and im too young to get a job. and idk. This year my big brothers being deployed to Iraq, and when he comes back hes taking me on my dream camping trip (literally since ive been six years old), to katmai. Were going backpacking, so i wanna get healthier before that trip, i mean i dont wanna spoil it because im overweight, anyways, i have around ten months before the trip so plenty of time to lose, but i need help. We dont have insurance, so i cant see a dietican, idk im confused. HELP? maybe give me some ideas on cheap things that are healthy
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Abegayle Abegayle | 10 days ago
Well I think it's totally about self-control: Breakfast: integral toast and a 70-calorie yogurt Lunch: Fruit (any kind, except banana) and a fish (not fried) Snack if you get hungry: gum or 90-calorie diet bar Dinner: Light soup (not a creamy soup, it has too much fat) Or maybe a cup of special K or cheerios Some other tips: DON'T EVER DINNER AFTER 7PM, IT HAS BEEN PROVEN IN INVESTIGATIONS AND THAT HELPS A LOT, TRY TO DINNER BEFORE 7, I SWEAR IT'S AMAZING I recommend you coffee in the morning, it gives you a lot of energy! (without sugar, or maybe splenda) Another thing is to drink green tea twice a day, it burns fat and it's good for your health And of course, do at least 50 abs per day Good luck
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Abegayle Originally Answered: Does throwig up after you eat to maintain weight,make you gain weight?because iv been gaining weight.?
If your body does not get enough calories to sustain its functions, it will enter into "famine mode." This is a survival mechanism designed to protect you from starvation when your body thinks that food sources are scarce. Your body begins to store fat at higher rates during famine mode than it would normally. If you've been throwing up too much food, then your body is probably not processing enough to meet its daily caloric needs. As a result, it is adding fat to protect you as it also tries to gradually slow your metabolism. This fat-building process will continue for as long as you continue to take in too little food to nourish yourself. (Some people perpetually under-eat, not knowing what they're doing, and end up obese. Not all obesity is cause by over-eating. Under-eating also causes obesity by trashing the metabolism. I know this because I ended up about 50 lbs overweight, slowly, due to years of eating too little. I had no idea what I was doing. When I finally started eating a proper amount to fuel my body, I began to lose all that "famine" weight quickly and easily as my body got the message that I'm not at risk of going hungry.) To reverse the problem, you'll need to figure out why you're upchucking and remedy the illness. I hope you're not purposely throwing up (bulimia). If so, you may find it harder to solve that problem (though I hope you can see now how you're actually getting the opposite results than what you want). Then, once you stop barfing, you'll need to make sure you stick to a proper diet to get your metabolism back up and running. After your body gets back to normal, you can work off the extra weight fairly easily, as long as you take charge before you gain a lot. It's safe to cut back by a couple hundred calories a day to help you lose weight, and it's also safe to do reasonable amounts of exercise to help you lose weight.

Sterling Sterling
eat healthly! Work out! That's the best way to lose it! Also remember that your weight shouldn't be the focal point of your life! If it is then that's a problem which could lead you down the road of eating disorders and disordered eating habits! If you want professional advice ask your doctor, or talk to a nutritionist or dietian they will be able to help you with this! Good luck on your journey and remember that this change must be for YOU AND YOU ALONE! DONT CHANGE FOR OTHERS HAPPINESS! HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING THIN! DONT STARVE! DONT BINGE AND PURGE! DONT BINGE! Practice a healthly relationship with food, as it is needed to live life!
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Pacey Pacey
I have a friend that works for Jenny Craig, she tells all the clients to eat smaller portions, more veggies & lean meats. And atleast 30 mins of cardio a day!.. Good Luck. Try & stay on track, but if you do fall off track, remember it's never too late to get back on the right track.
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Linden Linden
eat less. when you go to mcdonalds order a salad. you should try to exercise for at least 25 minutes 5 days a week
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Jareth Jareth
he forces you to eat it. remember we are the one that puts the food in our mouth. he may not know how to eat healthy. maybe you could find out together.he my think it cost more but it is more to eat out. learn how to cook. you can get any recipe from the internet. you will need to build up your endurance to keep up with your brother.you will need to cut out the fast foods eat more lamas they are very cheap.
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Jareth Originally Answered: How true is it that during a weight loss program, u will gain weight first before losing weight?
Don't look at it as weight gain when you are building muscle, a negative thought like that will sabotage your diet/exercise routine. This is why it is important not to have the numbers on the scale be the basis as to how well you are doing on a diet. With exercise and muscle gain, the scale will rise but inches should be lost at the same time. For example: I was on a low carb diet for 2.5 weeks and only lost 7 pounds (I was suppose to lose 14 or more) but what I notice was that I only lost 7 pounds but I lost about 2 dress sizes which would have been 20 pounds on the scale. (I lost a lot of inches and weight through jogging daily but the scale increased due to muscle gain in my legs and else where) Best of luck. P.S. Also look for weight gain during PMS.

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