What if i bathe my dog every week?

What if i bathe my dog every week? Topic: What if i bathe my dog every week?
June 16, 2019 / By Austyn
Question: Just rescued a weimaraner, he is 9 years old and his prior owner didn't bathe him for at least 4 years. The dog stinks, we bathed him on Monday and 3 days latera he is stinky all over again. I keep hearing that I shouldn't bathe my dog more than twice a month, is this true? What are my options? The wet towels don't really work on him and the cologne just covers the smell for a couple of hours. Help!!!
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Abbygail Abbygail | 5 days ago
hey i know how you feel in june of this year i got a 10yr old female cairn that had several matted hair it had poop in it and everything. my friends father is the one who had her my friend took her when he had a stroke she tried to shave the dog and clean her up. but having never been groomed the poor thing wouldn't sit still my friend bathed her twice and i bathed her once she still stunk. i took her to be groomed they had to used five of those huge q-tips per ear and like 3 different cleaners just for her ears. i was so embressed to take her, but once they cleaned her up and i got her on a good diet the smell went away. good luck
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Abbygail Originally Answered: How often should I bathe a 6 week old kitten? How soon should I start giving her dry food?
It is really too young to separate a 6 week old from her mother and littermates. However, since you already have her at home, the best thing you can do is read more about how to be a caring and responsible pet parent. There are a variety of sites on the internet which would be very helpful to you. http://www.kittencare.com/ http://www.kittenrescue.org/handbook.htm http://cats.about.com/od/kittencare/Kitt... Most cats do not need to be bathed unless they are show cats. At 6 weeks old, there is absolutely no reason to bathe your cat. Just get some cat wipes, available at stores like Petsmart/Petco or unscented baby wipes to help clean up if she made a mess. She should already be weaned so if possible, always put the kitten on a wet diet instead of offering dry food. There are many misconceptions out there about feeding dry food to your kitten/cat. Please be aware that feeding dry food is convenient to the owner, but might not be the best for your kitten/cat. You can start now by mixing her wet food with water to make a gruel. Then, encourage her to lap on the food dish. If she is unable to lap or does not know what to do, dip one finger into the gruel and gently place it on her lips. She will lick it and might just find it palatable. Slowly move your finger into the dish as she sniff it. Gently dip your finger into the dish and allow her to lap on the dish. It takes some time but she will get the idea. You can already start litter trainning her. Make sure to place her in her litter pan after each meal, playtime, naptime. She might play in the box, refuse to stay inside and run away. Don't worry though because your little kitten is born with the instinct to use the litter box. With patience and in time, she will know what to do. Just be consistent in her trainning. Good Luck to you!

Ste Ste
Every 2 or 3 months is about normal for doggie bathing. You could even bathe them less than that if you wanted. Otherwise, you dry out their natural oils in their skin. Anywho, if the smell is anything abnormal (meaning, apart from regular "doggie" smell) then maybe a vet appointment is in order. Dogs really shouldn't have too bad of an odor if they're healthy and clean. Hope this helps!
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Ozzie Ozzie
If you did not get your dog from a Weimaraner rescue group that fully vetted the dog before you adopted him, you need to make an appt. with a vet ASAP. He needs to be checked out as to 1) teeth (potential bad breath) 2) anal glands (smells a bit like rotted fish and/or burning rubber) 3) ears (as they are prone to bad ear infections - which can be malodorous) Repeatedly washing the coat WILL dry out the skin & encourage dryness, dandruff & itching. A vet needs to determine WHY the dog smells, and advise you on the proper treatment. (The odor may not be due to the coat) or if it is, it could be due to a skunk & the dog will need special treatment, if that has occurred.
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Lewin Lewin
Take him to the groomers once a month instead. The smell will go away. Bathing once a week will start irritating and drying his skin. Maybe try a bath with peroxide and baking soda ( the remedy for a skunked dog ). But don't do it once a week, and then take him to a professional groomer, who has stronger and better products.
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Lewin Originally Answered: Absolutely can not get 13yo to bathe?!?
He probably was never taught proper hygiene and never had a consistent schedule with it. I work with troubled kids living in a foster home. They've come from families who never established a regular hygiene routine with them and some of them are VERY stubborn about not taking showers. Here is my advice to you... Try sitting him down and explaining to him WHY it's important to take a regular shower, brush his teeth, etc. Don't worry about offending him. Honesty is important in this issue and bluntness might get the message across to him clearer. Tell him he starts to smell when he doesn't take a daily shower. Tell him that his friends will notice and won't hang around him. Tell him that no girl would want to go out with a guy who stinks. Tell him that he needs to keep his skin clear or else he'll break out in bad acne. Tell him that boys his age start to sweat more and it's very important to keep up with hygiene. Take him to the store and let him pick out shampoo, condition, body wash, whatever one he likes. If he doesn't know, let him smell a few and tell him which would smell best. Remind me same time, every day, that he needs to take a shower. Have a designated time (such as in the mornings right before breakfast or at nights right before bed... whichever works best for your schedule). Stick with it and keep reminding him! You might sound like a broken record but eventually he will fall through. Make consequences. For example: every day that he doesn't take a shower, he can't have his video games that day (or whatever else he is very into... a consequence that he will take seriously). Hope this helps!!

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