Child with developmental delay question about stopping immunizations?

Child with developmental delay question about stopping immunizations? Topic: Child with developmental delay question about stopping immunizations?
June 16, 2019 / By Aurora
Question: So, my child has been vaccinated now 3 and a half. He is considered developmentally delayed. Sometimes we wonder possible autism. However, his learning never regresses, and we have noticed curtain food that seem to help him. Now we never noticed any delay till he was 2 yrs old and had finished his shots. I really don't know if shots played a role with my son or not. Im aware of the arguments both ways. I have been told he is not due for shots till he turns five. I am wondering since i have found that certain foods and things help him if maybe its worth stopping all immunizations to see if he improves. I don't expect a cure but if it helps? Is stopping the immunizations going to cause harm? I know the risk of disease is there. Has anyone had a child with delay/ autism ETC.. and stopped immunizations, and if so did you have any good benefits from it or bad problems in do to the decision? trillium: I never meant to imply that shots caused anything. Rather Im questioning if some kids could have their own problems through the use or lack of use in them .likewise the shots may have no effect on other kids. Just like some foods seem to benefit him and the lack of some foods.likewise some children don't have a necessity for diet changes. I was looking for people to answer with their own opinions and personal experiences on the issue. thanks! You seem to have not answered anything questioned, nor have you given me any knowledge in to benefits or harm! You haven't seemed to answer even one question posed? Thanking the rest of every one who has answered with actual reasoning behind what they are saying. Please let me be clear I believe if my son has problems with delay/Autism it was there on its own. Im just trying to find ways that will help him most with his struggles.I still dont know if I will or won't vaccinate but I have till he is 5 to decide. thanks again I will keep all points and advice in thought!
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Abbygael Abbygael | 4 days ago
That's a really bad idea. Changing his diet is not related to vaccines or autism. It's really not. Many children have intolerances to sugary foods, or foods with dairy (casein). Removing those kinds of foods in any child with an intolerance, autistic or not, will yield improvement in behaviour. It has nothing to do vaccines. Nothing at all. You can't have done much reading if you think that will work. Even the anti-vaccine autism folk don't think you can reverse autism by stopping the vaccinations. They think once your child is autistic from the vaccines, then you have to reverse it with diet and supplements, and electric shock and all kinds of strange things. From this point of view, the damage has already been done, so you might as well keep vaccinating, and change the diet. And from the pro-vaccine side of things, yes there are deadly diseases which although your child may not get, your child may pass onto another child with a weaker immune system. Not vaccinating is very selfish and also a very stupid decision. ESPECIALLY after the child already has autism!!!!
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Stanley Stanley
I would not stop vaccinating. The book that Jenny McCarthy wrote about a link between autism and vaccines has been torn apart by a plethora of scientists, as I'm sure you know. I would just keep thinking about the possible consequences of him getting a preventable disease. (Also, I know you probably know this, but I'd emphasize the danger it puts everyone in when large groups of people refuse to vaccinate. Apparently TB is even coming back!) But really, I think you should trust your own judgment, and keep in mind that we live in a society where it seems everyone is way too eager to label children before they're even old enough for any of it. (I'm perhaps sensitive to this because people claimed my son's speech was delayed, and then his speech was bad, and all the time we were waiting for specialists his speech issues resolved on their own.) Just stuff to keep in mind.
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Oz Oz
"is stopping the immunizations going to cause harm? I know the risk of disease is there." well, yeah, that's the risk of harm. and the reason we have immunizations for those diseases is that they can be serious and potentially even fatal. as for "we never noticed any delay until he was 2 yrs old and had finished his shots" -- that's well after most of his shots, i'm not sure why you'd even make a correlation. lots of kids don't show delays until 2 because there's a whole new set of skills that typically develop at that age. at any rate, the issue of autism-vaccination correlation has been studied to death and they simply aren't related. please talk to your child's doctor before you decide not to immunize for what, in your mind, is a medical reason. if you don't trust your doctor, find one you do trust, and talk to them.
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Lew Lew
I would definitely stop the vaccines altogether. And to the person who said you would look like a fool- it's her decision as a mom. A close friend's son has severe autism, and he startes showing symptoms within 24 hours after a vaccine (I'm not sure which one it was, but he received it at his 18 mos check up) Your going to get a lot of crap from doctors, telling you that you HAVE to vaccinate your son, and that your a 'bad mom' if you don't. But GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING! I also recommend the movie 'The Greater Good' It is VERY informative!
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Jankin Jankin
if you want to go against vaccines, thats fine... but don't blame his autism on his shots, cause that makes you look like a fool
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