How much weight can i lose per week if i follow this diet?

How much weight can i lose per week if i follow this diet? Topic: How much weight can i lose per week if i follow this diet?
June 16, 2019 / By Audrea
Question: I will consume around 500 calories a day, and i will burn 1000 by riding the stationary bike, every day. How much weight can i expect to lose per week?
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Abbi Abbi | 8 days ago
calculate your basal metabolic rate using this http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calcul... your bmr is the calories you would need to consume to sustain your current weight laying in bed all day. you will generally burn hundreds of calories just by being on your feet and moving around all day. find your daily exercizes here to calculate how many additional caloried you will burn per day http://www.prohealth.com/weightloss/tool... add your bmr to the calories you burn exercizing and add a few hundred more just for being up and around all day. that is how much you would need to consume every day to maintain your current weight doing what you plan to do. if you only plan on consuming 500 cals per day, then the difference between 500 and the number in the above sentence will be how many calories of body fat you will lose per day. 1lb of fat = 3500 calories generally. multiply your daily fat loss X 7 for weekly fat loss. if you don't have enough fat to burn you will lose muscle mass and waste away and, especially during your growing years, you can suffer permanent cognitive damage from allowing your brain to be starved like that. drastic diets are dangerous. good luck
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Abbi Originally Answered: How do I gain weight for about 1 week? Please give me a diet plan that is easy to follow.?
I was a personal trainer for several years. I have taken many classes in college and several certifications from ACSM. Follow these guidelines: This is all depending how much time you have on your hands. M-- Legs, shoulders, traps T-- Rest W-- Back, Bi’s R-- Rest F-- Chest, Tri’s S-- Rest SUN.—Rest Foods: Fish, chicken, spaghetti, stews (thick and hearty), bread rolls, egg whites, wheat toast with jelly, oatmeal, Bananas!!!(takes the cramps away after workouts), Salads, fruits. The main thing here is quantity. Start off with 3 or 4 huge meals. All the breakfast stuff above should be one meal (work up to it). Cardio can be done with 20 minute sessions, but don’t over do it cause u wanna build muscle. This cardio should be done so the mass amount of food and weight gain won’t strain your heart. Weight training: Heavy weight—10 to 12 reps 4 sets (anything lower than 10-12 will increase strength only and not your size. Use a little lighter weights to start out so you don’t hurt yourself. Work on your form first, use a site for this or I can send you more info. later. Even on your off days, eat a lot of tuna. ALWAYS EVERYDAY drink a lot of water. The high amount of protein has to get flushed out or it will cause kidney problems. When weight training you should not be able to get the last one or two reps of your final set. That’s when you know you did it right. Anymore ?’s, hit me up.

Stacey Stacey
RMR (resting metabolic rate) will tell you how many calories your body burns if you only sit around on idle all day. This is your break even point. There are tons of calculators online. Once you figure out the RMR of your bodytype you can figure out how many calories to take in. Consuming 500 calories a day is really unhealthy and will most likely lead to dehydration and fatigue that prevents a workout that does you any good...if you are lucky enough to avoid hospitalization. The trick is to find the RMR of the weight that is your goal and build a fitness play around that number. It is agreed upon by many fitness experts that if the average person loses over 3-4 lbs a week...their body will consume muscle as fuel. You can actually end up with a body composition that is worst than what you started with. Instead...cut 500 calories a day...or simply use the RMR of your goal along with a balanced diet.
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Othello Othello
Yes. Safe weight reduction can readily be approximately a pound per week. Depending on how overweiight a individual is... it would be a little bit extra. Excercise daily, diminish calorie consumption. Cut again on breads and meats... devour extra contemporary vegetables. Walk/run, top rep...low weight - coaching. Be cautious with the load coaching. Weights construct muscle which weighs greater than fats. You can lose inches with out truthfully wasting weight. Your buddy might desire to make a "measurement target" rather of a weight target. Cardio burns off the fats. The weights tone what's left. Many persons drop pounds but nonetheless seem ...."smooth." 10 -15 pound is VERY do-in a position in that point interval. Oh yeah... NO soda pop... and No quick meals (burgers, fries) and keep away from some thing fried. If she cn do this... she'll be equipped for the journal quilt shot very quickly!
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Les Les
One lb is equivalent to 3500 calories. If compound 1000 exercise calories burned with the daily caloric requirements of the body which could be between 2000 and 3000 then with your current diet you would burn between 2500-3500. This is roughly a lb of mass a day or every day and one half. this is over 3x the recommended amount of weight loss a week that is still considered healthy. Additionally the absolute minimum that you can consume a day in calories and survive is 500 calories. This would fit into the guidelines of serious anorexia. I say this with the utmost seriousness and not whatsoever in a jesting manner. If you follow this regime it will result in SERIOUS health complications and possibly even death.
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Jamey Jamey
dump the junk food if you want to avoid temptation make sure you clean out the fridge and the pantry
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Jamey Originally Answered: Is it okay to not follow my diet once every week?
Low carb I'm assuming cutting or weight loss. Bad idea, these are the diets where cheating really kicks your ***. If you're bulking up or something cheat meals are reasonable but when you're cutting cheating even just once a week will slow you down quite a bit. Depends how serious you are about it though, it probably won't plateau you if you're planning to lose a lot of weight and the cheat day isn't too bad. If you're seriously cutting quickly though and pushing for an exact body fat percentage then no cheating, bad! Try to just stick to your diet all the time. If you have a really bad cheat day it can negate all you've done for a week.

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