My guinea pig gave birth in night what to do? please help?

My guinea pig gave birth in night what to do? please help? Topic: My guinea pig gave birth in night what to do? please help?
June 16, 2019 / By Aubrie
Question: i have 2 guinea pigs both are female n it has been more than 8 months i bought them. I dont understand how both of them became pregnant. I was thinking that both of them have become really fat until one of them gave birth last night. i even consulted a vet he said that they were just too fat n i needed to cut over their diet though my mom never allowed me to do so [thanx to god]. now the question is should i just let the babies with the gp or let the piggie roam around for little n then put her back n what to feed both of them. when should the babies start eating? I just met with an accident last eve n am not able to take her to specialized vet cause he's 40km frm my house plz plz plz plz plz help i am 100% sure both are females and the second one too is pregnant. the question is how do care for them plz help no silly replies I'm just nt well enough to tackle the silly answers
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Abaigeal Abaigeal | 6 days ago
First of all, you can leave the mother with her babies for now (remove male pups at most age of 3 weeks) but remove the other pregnant guinea pig if she shows sign of aggressive (which is most unlikely to happen but you still have to watch out for it). As for "what to feed both of them", I'm assuming you're referring to the mother and her babies, if it is then it's best if you let them have unlimited hay (alfalfa + grass hay). The mother can have it until her recovers (about 2-3 weeks) which also provides her with the nutrients she needs as she still needs to feed her pups. Pups need alfalfa to provide them with nutrients as well. Other than that, provide them with their normal food (best for now it should be alfalfa-based pellets, but change the mother's diet to Timothy-based pellets and hay after she recovers and let the pups keep on having alfalfa hay with timothy pellets or meadow hay/grass hay with alfalfa pellets until they are 6 months old then change their diet to timothy hay and pellets). Fresh fruits and veggies should be provided as well. The babies will start eating solid food within a few hours after they are born. For more detailed info, i suggest you read these posts: http://guineapigcare.com.au/piggy-pedia/your-guinea-pigs-pregnancy-the-stages-of-pregnancy/ and http://guineapigcare.com.au/guinea-pig-breeding/
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Abaigeal Originally Answered: my cat just gave birth yesturday , when do i need to take everyone in to the vet?
I would call your vet clinic again and make an appt. with a vet who is available. They will have records of your cat from previous visits so if your vet is not available, the cat will still be in good hands. Since your cat gave birth yesterday, I would not interfere just yet. The mother cat is still in "instinct" mode about protecting her kittens. And she may have given birth to more kittens but hidden them either somewhere in your house, garage or yard, depending on the location where she gave birth. The worst thing you could do right now is try to pick up the kittens yourself and move them to another area. The mother cat will perceive this as a safety threat and may hiss or growl at you. The best thing you can do is get a cardbox box ready with a blanket or newspaper for the mother cat and place it in a somewhat dimly lit, isolated part of the home (a room that no one uses) where she can nurse the kittens calmly and feel safe. Place her litterbox, food and water in that same area so she doesn't have to go far. You may want to wait 2 months (after the weaning period ends) if you consider having your cat spayed to prevent future births. Otherwise you may have a lot of kittens on your hands in your household. Remember that your cat knows what she is doing so trust that she will take care of the kittens. Food changes and medication will likely happen as the mother will need to produce healthy milk for the kittens and wet canned food microwaved 15-20 seconds is a good alternative to dry cat food, esp. b/c it will help with hydration. But you should call your veterinary clinic with a list of things you'll need more information about post-natal care of your cat and kittens. -type of canned food (science diet is a great brand) -use a non-dust type litter like yesterday's news made from recycled paper...it's safer for the kittens to use as well b/c it doesn't have any dust or chemicals in it. -any medications or shots (8 to 10 weeks for kittens) -best way to monitor the situation in a "hands off" way -how to handle the mother cat's postpartum diarrhea and postpartum bleeding...by observing and tracking any bloodloss. She may need stitches depending on what the vet finds. -take the kittens w/the mother cat in one carrier to the vet too if you can. Wait until the mother cat weans her kittens at 5-6 weeks before you give them any food. Her milk is the best source of protein for the newborn kittens right now. Good luck and congratulations.

Spike Spike
keep the mother with her children. if it is possible remove the other. feed the mom like normal as guinea babies can eat real food soon. the only diffrence (besides you will need a higher quantity of food) is that you should provide as well a calcium having hay for the mommy and her kids.( for a few months only) also I know you said a vet trip was impossible but you can still call them. also please get all pigs to a vet soon ( the children need to go to a check up vision and sutff, the mom needs to see a vet, and in case you hadn't noticed... the other one is PREGNANT) mabey a friend can drive you, a cab, or something else. 2 things that I found odd were that your vet thought a pregnant pig was fat, so is there another more expierenced doc you could visit. and the usual length of a pregnancy is just over two months so are your guineas playing with someone else... mabey the doctor should look at this too. rspca.org "Young guinea pigs begin eating solid food during the first few days post-birth. Weaning is a gradual teaching process which occurs over a period of time (approximately a few weeks). Babies must be kept with their mother until the weaning process has finished, babies can feed independently and the babies are at least 4 weeks of age. Newborn guinea pigs are sexed by examining the external genitalia (your vet can assist in sexing the babies). Guinea pigs reach sexual maturity at about 2-3 months of age so the different sexes must be separated before 8 weeks of age. Guinea pigs can fall pregnant again straight after giving birth to their litter - so entire adult males must be kept separately from females in late pregnancy and after the birth to prevent any further unwanted/unplanned litters of baby guinea pigs." hope I helped.
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Ossian Ossian
Animals take care of their young just fine without help. It'd be best to separate the other adult who isn't nursing from mommy and her babies. Keep providing regular food, the babies will start eating at it when they're ready. The best you can do is just leave them alone, mommy will take care of feeding them and everything. Also, I'm sorry, but unless they're the virgin mary's of guinea pigs, you do not have two females who became miraculously pregnant. Really now.
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Leroi Leroi
One of them was obviously a male.duh smh Maybe you should call the vet then and see what they say to do.
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Leroi Originally Answered: I need cat help! My new cat just gave birth to a stillborn kitten, what to do?
Aw, that's so nice that you adopted a kitty =) She most likely doesn't need any medical attention as long as she's acting normally. It is natural for them to eat the still-born, so don't think anything bad and its fine that you took it away. As far as the food goes... This is something I have recently been turned on to. Grain free food! How wonderful is it not to have corn fillers and brewers rice that has already been processed and all kinds of other crap. I just transitioned my cat from Eukanuba to Taste of the Wild grain free food. She LOVES it. It has roasted venison, smoked salmon, deboned chicken and turkey, herring meal, raspberries, blueberries and tomatoes for antioxidants. This food is even cheaper than what I was paying before (2.25/lb for eukanuba vs 1.80 for TOW) There are quite a few wonderful brands out there such as Innova EVO, Wellness CORE, Merrick's Before Grain, Solid Gold and more... check out this online store. http://search.onlynaturalpet.com/search.... If you have any other questions feel free to email me, I'd be happy to help if I can. I work in an animal shelter and I am a Certified Veterinary Assistant ADDED: Science Diet is CRAP, so is Royal Canin for the price you pay. Don't fall for all the hype, Science Diet has 3 main ingredients made from CORN, which is nutritionally USELESS to a cat! Raw diets are the best, followed by HIGH quality wet food, then grain free dry food in conjunction. Check out this rating of price and quality of all the top cat foods http://www.petfoodratings.net/cattable.h... http://www.petfoodratings.net/cats.html

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