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the pill??? Topic: the pill???
June 16, 2019 / By Astra
Question: i think that i might want to go on the pill (i'm 15) not bcuz i want to start having sex immediately, but bcuz i want to be safe just in case sumthing were to happen -- espeically ovr the summer. but i dont know how to ask my mom about it. i thnk that she might freak. so, to show her that i've really thought about it i want 2 know a few things: 1.) What are the different types of Pills? 2.) Which of those types would be best for me at my age? 3.) What are the risks w/ each kind? 4.) Do you really only get your period evry 3 months, or is it still once a month?? All help is appreciated!!!! THANKS!!!
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Abagail Abagail | 3 days ago
there are combinatio pills and progestin-only pill... then there's monophasic,biphasic and triphasic... i wud suggest combination monophasic... my doctor told me it's the same levels of hormones so it's less mood changes (up & down) ... for some ppl symptoms outweigh the advantages of BC... symptoms can include nausea, headaches, increase in acne, low sex drive, weight gain/loss, bleeding, etc. but these usually go away within 3 months... some advantages are lighter period, no cramps, decrease in acne, no pregnancy = ] some BC can make ur period every 3 months but i wud say stick to the once a month! ur period is gonna b little to nothing (2-3 days) sometimes all you'll need is a liner! if ur comfortable talking to ur mom, go ahead! but speaking with a gynecologist is best!---if ur mom says no then you can wither wait till u move out for college, like i did (lol)... or go to a local planned parenthood! good luck!
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Abagail Originally Answered: Is anyone taking the diet pill alli? It is the first ever FDA approved weight loss pill and want to know more!
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Sorrel Sorrel
To find the best type for you it is necessary to make an appointment and actually talk to an ob/gyn. All have risks, the most common being mood swings, spotting in between periods, and with most weight gain. Some pills offer a 'period every three months' but those will come with more risks due to the larger and longer amount of hormones you would be introducing to your body. Spotting is also a lot more common and is unpredictable.
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Osgood Osgood
When you are on the pill you NEVER get a "period" because the pill prevents ovulation. A period is the flushing out of the uterus because no egg has been implanted. The bleeding that occurs while on the pill is just breakthru bleeding or w/drawal..and bleeding isn't necessary at all, they arrange it that way...to have bleeding......because women feel better when they have it. Call a Family Planning Center and ask you questions. They will be much more accurate about varieties for your age.
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