How to have a new body by summer?

How to have a new body by summer? Topic: How to have a new body by summer?
July 17, 2019 / By Ashleigh
Question: I have 6 months to go before the summer starts. I want to change my body. I'm 5'5'' and 200 pounds. (i know i'm over weighed so please no comments on it) and i have a lot of stretch marks. 70% of them are dark red (i heard it is easier to get rid of them while they are still dark like mines). So what's the most effective way to loose as much weight as possible in 6 months?
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Zephaniah Zephaniah | 1 day ago
Emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for the weight loss journey you are about to take. It's easy to jump into something full of motivation, and then quickly get burnt out and lose interest. Don't let this happen to you! By sitting yourself down and acknowledging that this process is essential to your health and higher self esteem, you can prepare to be committed to your weight loss plan for six months. Eat very slowly during your meals. This will help you lose weight. It takes your stomach at least 15-20 minutes to know that it is full. Most people eat in 10 minutes of less. Perhaps set a timer or watch the clock the first few times. Cut food up into little pieces and teach yourself to take tiny bites. Drink lots and lots of water! It may not be always be easy. However, this step is very important in flushing out the toxins from your body. In addition, water will fill you up and will cut back on hunger. Drink at least 8-10 glasses every day to maximize your weight loss results. Caffeine (i.e., sodas, tea, coffee, etc.) deprives your body of the hydration that it needs. Avoid it when you can. Eat healthy snacks. Buy fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery or health food store. Fresh produce do not have the sodium and do not contain processed sugars and preservatives. You should stay away from dried items because they may have had extras (salt and such) added prior to packaging. Some examples of good snacks are the following: seedless grapes, strawberries, carrots with reduced cal/reduced fat dressing, oranges, cucumbers, and sauteed mushrooms on a small potato. Avoid eating most bread products. Most people think that bread is healthy, especially when it is made of whole-grain. Although that may be true...bread swells in your stomach. Because bread contains fiber, it makes you feel full. However, it stretches your stomach and makes it bigger. If you avoid eating breads (i.e., sandwiches and rolls) for a few months...your stomach will naturally get smaller!!! Therefore, when you eat, you will get satisfied faster. This is an important step to losing 50 pounds in 6 months. Remember: Eat 3 small-balanced meals a day and enjoy 2 healthy snacks. Always consult a physician before beginning any diet or exercise routine.
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Zephaniah Originally Answered: Help getting a summer body?
If you need an online exercise and diet plan to tone up and lose fat, try the Fat X Workout and Diet program. It's a 12 day fat burning and fitness program you can cycle as many times as you want. It works great to lose fat, tone up and get fit fast. The videos and other good tips and tricks to losing weight, toning up and burning fat fast are free on the blog (Fat X101). Good luck.
Zephaniah Originally Answered: Help getting a summer body?
ick! why might you desire to be an anorexic bubbleheaded blonde in any case?!?! simply be your self, do not fear approximately what ANYBODY thinks. Be pleased with who you're and the sector rather will comply with! I desire this is helping. Good success. EDIT: You have mentioned that that is the frame you desire via summer time. Fine! Starve your self for 3 days, drink not anything however mineral water. The runs will have to do the relaxation. Oh, BTW, if you do not just like the solutions that individuals placed toward your query, DON"T ASK QUESTIONS! And do not begin dissin' different's solutions while you do not like what they've mentioned approximately you! Good success with that kite-like frame body you so wish. I rather desire you get what you desire for.

Skylar Skylar
I know its hard to stick to a workout plan, but in addition to running and such, there are smaller things you can do to raise your metabolism. Drinking lots of water and cold food and drinks raise it a lot. Your body has to work harder to keep your core temperature up when you say, drink a smoothy. Which also happens to be healthy. Eating lots of small meals through out the day also helps. Your body is designed to hold on to your fat as much as it can so the longer you go with out food the more it feels as if it is starving, and the harder it tries to keep the fat on you. If you go long times with out food, you hold the fat and start burning other energy sources like muscle tissue. Aerobic excessive (using oxygen and for sustained periods of time, jogging for example as apposed to weight lifting or sprints) burns more fat as well because of the metabolic pathway it involves. staying on a regular excessive plan is crucial of course, but these little things help as well. hope it helps :]
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Ormerod Ormerod
new eating plan exersise jump rope is probly the best - easy and fun remember to do some toning as well - swimming or just small excersises in your home 5-6 small meals a day to start off with it will take time it will be hard but it depends how badly you want it dont starve yourself, dont skip a meal TERRIBLE idea just remember, your unique and nobody looks like you so you should be grateful with who you are because your one of a kind if your very desperate start counting your calories start off slow and build up
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Ormerod Originally Answered: How to get a better body this summer?
what i started doing is bringing a little piece of paper w/ me so i can write down what i have been eating. review it at the end of the day and pick out what you need to stop eating.

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