Mexicans are also white with blue eyes…?

Mexicans are also white with blue eyes…? Topic: Mexicans are also white with blue eyes…?
June 16, 2019 / By Asenath
Question: A question was mistakenly flagged Resolved in my opinion about why you don’t see dark skinned Mexicans in Spanish telenovelas. The real answer is: Mexicans are white with blue eyes, green eyes, etc. and are tall. You are talking about the Indian Mexicans that come to the United States that are short and look Native American (because in actuality they are Native American). The Indian one’s are the workers in Mexico while the white one’s tend to be the “Patrones” bosses. I crack up when people think all Spanish people whether it be Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican are all dark skinned. All of these mentioned have white people with blue, green, hazel eyes and blonde and red heads…and by the way, they do show the Mexicans you are accustomed to in telenovelas. They are the workers. Perfect example in the telenovela “Mi Pecado” they show them in the field’s harvesting Apples. FYI: I’m an American with Puerto Rican roots and I'm white with brown hair. My daughter is white with blonde hair, my son is white with brown hair and my husband is blonde with hazel eyes and is also Puerto Rican… Sorry guys, I’m new at this and I wanted to respond to someone’s question but it said resolved and wouldn’t let me. I didn’t think me posting as a comment in the questions area would get some people riled up lol! :) To the person that thinks I’m “ranting” you would too and I bet you do with things that tick you off. Try living your whole life with morons that don’t understand that Latinos aren’t all dark skin! We have all the colors of the rainbow and we love it!
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Best Answers: Mexicans are also white with blue eyes…?

Zelophehad Zelophehad | 8 days ago
...And your point is what, exactly? Genetics being what they are, nothing you've ranted on is groundbreaking news.
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Skuyler Skuyler
Great point but where is the question? Go blog about it! lol j/k The mother of my child is Mexican and she is REALLY light. Her brother is very dark. She is always confused with being Puerto Rican though. Glad you shared this because there are a lot of misinformed individuals. On a side note: Have you ever seen Paulo Andino (actor)? He is a sexy *ss gay latino man who looks like what you are talking about. He has green eyes and has a light complexion. I thought he was a white man but he is Cuban. Here he is right here: http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/image...
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Ora Ora
Mexican is a Nationality not a race so theirs also black Mexican as well. And not every Mexican is "dark brown, black hair, black eyes, their noses all pushed in, and their bottom jaw sticking out.Natives with flowery clothes like the Aztecs/Mayans" that like a Mexican assuming all Americans are fat white lazy people. Mexico was originally Aztec but than was claimed as "New Spain" from the Spaniards. But than succeeded from Spain and was named after Mexico City ancient Aztec capital of Mexico-TenochtitlanThe origin of the name of the city comes from the Nahuatl language, where Mextli or Mēxihtli, a secret name for the god of war and patron of the Aztecs.
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Lee Lee
If you watch telenovelas you will see dark complected Mexicans. They are usually in the role of servant. Sometimes you will see black peolple played by black Mexicans. Traditionally about 5% of Mexicans have been considered white, but now there are claims of up to 10%. The approximately 70% Mestizo population wnats to be white. Light skinned Mestizos usually consider themselves white and won't shut up talking about their Spanish or Lebanese grandparents. But in answer to your question. Yes there are white Mexicans. We have all of the major races represented in Mexico and we have people with blue, green, gray, brown and almost black eyes. hair color runs from black to, brown to tones of blond and even red like my wife.
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Jada Jada
Thank you!!! Someone understands...even more laughable is when they think all Latin people are "Mexicans" and are completely unaware that there are other Latin, Spanish speaking countries other than Mexico....so much for them trying to act more educated than the minorities hu?
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Finbarr Finbarr
Right to the spot. Probably those people need to Educate themselves more before they open their mouths.
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Daren Daren
ok. im black, french, and indian. i have red hair, freckles, and green eyes. im short. and your point ....
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