Would bowling make my lower abs hurt THIS much?

Would bowling make my lower abs hurt THIS much? Topic: Would bowling make my lower abs hurt THIS much?
June 16, 2019 / By Arielle
Question: Earlier today I went to my sisters friend's birthday party, which was at a bowling alley. I bowled 2 games, and I haven't bowled in years. By the time I got home, for some reason. it hurt for me to even sit down! My legs, arms, upper abs, and everything else felt fine. But my lower abs (right along my waistline) hurt like a *****! Like I said, I can hardly even sit! It does NOT hurt for me to do situps or crunches, and it does NOT hurt for me to otherwise flex my abs. Additionally, pressing and pushing down on the area especially hurts. I'm a teenager, though, so it's not like it's old age or anything. Additionally, sometime throughout each day I make room for 2 sets of 50 crunches, though I know these mostly work my upper abs. -- The only other thing that I can think of is when I was standing on a chair and was pushing EXTREEMELY hard against a wall (so hard that my chair slid back a few times) to try and get tacks to hold up a birthday sign. This, I know, used my lower abs, but it didn't seem like it was that much work! Would bowling for the first time in a long time make my lower abs hurt like this? Again, the pain is especially present when I sit and when I press on the area (my waistline) and push down. And no, it's not period cramps, I know that for a fact. Thanks! I'm trying to figure out what the heck I did . . . I just did a set of rower sit ups and I did a 40 second plank, and neither of these hurt! These DO use my lower abs, a lot! Now I'm starting to get worried :-/ Perhaps I'm thinking it's my lower abs when it's something else . . .
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Zebedee Zebedee | 8 days ago
you didnt do anything bowling streches out your lower abs its a great abs work thats howm i got my pack
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Zebedee Originally Answered: lower back pain, nipples hurt & constipation.ladies pls answer?
Definitely sounds like you can be! I thought for sure I was pregnant because I NEVER got constipated, and I was... so that was a big symptom for me. If it's unusual for you, I'd say chances are pretty good, especially with the other symptoms. :) I took a pregnancy test too early once and it came out negative. I believed it and come to find out, I was pregnant. So, not sure I would take a test yet.. might need to wait another week or so! Good luck!
Zebedee Originally Answered: lower back pain, nipples hurt & constipation.ladies pls answer?
You could be but you will have to wait and see. Not too long to wait if your period is due on the 8th - some tests claim they will show a result a few days before the period is due, but they don't always work. Good luck

Sid Sid
Diverticulosis is a widely used venture i which the interior lining of the gut protrudes into the intestinal wall, forming small pouches interior the wall of the colon. Diverticulosis regularly would not objective any indications, although some persons with the region do get exhilaration from bloating, cramps, and distinction bowel habit, similar to constipation, diarrhea, or alternating assaults of each. abdomen soreness (especially low on the left edge) spoke of with the aid of fever would desire to sign the growth of diverticulitus, an ailment of the pouches. that can bring about abscess formation and to perforation of the bowel, that's in a position to objective peritonitis, a generalized ailment of the tummy lining. to circumvent those themes, flow step by utilising step to a larger-fiber diet with greater advantageous finished grains, end result, and greens. And nicely sturdy fortune.
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Ogden Ogden
i dont know maybe u lost ur appendix or something go to a doctor if your continue for a couple of days pains
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Ogden Originally Answered: How can I make cramps from my period not hurt as much?
Well, I just answered this question a few days ago, and this is exactly what I wrote: --------------------------------------... I started my period when I was 11, and by the time I was about 14 or 15, I was on prescirption anti-inflamitories to stop the pain. It was so bad one time, I went to the emergency room feeling like I was going to pass out. A lot of people really underestimate the pain of menstrual cramps and would offer me an Advil or Midol. Believe me, Midol did NOTHING to stop the pain. Then, when I was about 19 I went on the birth control pill to stop the cramps and it worked amazingly. Now, I can just take an Advil to stop the pain. I still get pain, but it's significantly reduced and I can bear it. Maybe something in your lifestyle or diet is different, or your hormones may just be changing, and now your periods have changed, making them heavier and more painful. Good luck, I know it can really be horrible having to endure pain that others can't relate to. Especially when it's every month. ------------------------------ However, in addition to that you could try other pills, such as Midol or Advil, or use a heating pad or a nice warm bath. You could also try going for a walk, because movement usually makes it feel a little better. But if your cramps are really bad and walking or regular medication (such as Midol) doesn't work, you should see a doctor about it, because you may be able to go on medication for it.

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