Loved ones who refuse treatment for depression?

Loved ones who refuse treatment for depression? Topic: Loved ones who refuse treatment for depression?
July 17, 2019 / By Ariel
Question: I have a relative who is having depression but yet she refuses treatment or to take medications for her depression. She refuses to follow up with her appointment too. Is it wise for us to just send her to the hospital even if she doesn't want to? What if she just refuses to listen to any of us? For how can we allow her to behave this way as things will worsen? The general hospital doctor has said that she should be admitted. she has suicidal tendancies and she cowered in a corner, has weight loss, hides in her room whole day. shakes herself, slaps the chair, cries, knock her head as she is very fustrated. She has no children hence maybe she feels that life has no meaning to it...moreover there is no one to look after her in the day.
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Zebadiah Zebadiah | 7 days ago
Is she in danger of harming herself or others? Does she have children to care for? These are things you need to factor in. Has she been on any medications for her depression? If so, she needs to have her meds changed. Some medications do not work but others can make a 100% difference in her life. You might want to make a doctor appointment for her for a check up. Give the doctor a heads-up that she is exhibiting signs of depression. She may have something physically wrong. You and another family member can take her there. No one should live with depression. There are so many wonderful medications that can help her get her life back on track. And NO, the depressed person cannot work it out by themselves without help. A chemical imbalance can be devastating to a person. Help this family member. Enlist the help of others in the family, members that this person respects. Good luck, and Godspeed.
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They can warn you about the side effects of losing weight by severely restricting your caloric intake in this way but no, they cannot make you do anything you do not want to do include treating your diabetes. Please become well informed about the possible complications from untreated diabetes, however, so you will know the signs. Consider treatment to keep yourself healthy. Again, no one can MAKE you do anything but it would be smart if you took advice on your health and tried to comply.

Sibbe Sibbe
I have been suffering from post partum depression for the past one year when I gave birth to a baby boy. I couldn't stop thinking about how my husband loves him more than me and how things might be better if he wasn't born at all. Thus, I stayed away from him because I knew that I might do something I will regret for the rest of my life. Almost instantly I went to a therapist and convince them that I need help. Among other things, I've tried herbal supplements and other book to treat depression but nothing works like the Depression Free Method. So now I'm proud to say I'm one of the happiest mother in the world. My husband loves us both very much and I thank the Lord for the blessing he gave us. Depression Free Method?
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Ofir Ofir
Suffer from depression,really bad at some times in my life.It is hard to talk sense to some people if they are in denial,or too sick to care. I would try to talk to her when in a "soft mood".Question her in a caring way,trying all the while to inquire why she suffers from the blues. If anything,make a deal or reward if she commits to tratment for 30,or better 60 days.See if life isn't a little better with a Prozac treatment plan.Then just make the appointment and take her,all the while promising a good time(like shopping,or whatever she likes) afterwards. I see another answer where he has some medication side effects,bad ones at that.I cannot argue some meds could effect some people different.But in all my years of taking these meds,i really never suffered a single side effect.I took Prozac for about 6 years,my new doctor decided to change me to Celebrex.Took it OK for years,but i did suffer from reduced sex drive.I really never thought it worked as well as Prozac,but thinking "doctor knows best". After another transfer,i told my new doctor this last year,back to Prozac.All this to explain that i really cannot say i suffered any Horrific side effects at all or felt terrible.
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Laurence Laurence
You cannot commit someone against their will for depression if they are over 18. Depression meds don't always help, and sometimes have terrible side effects. Maybe she just realizes she is better fighting it without help, as she finds the standard treatments do not help her. I can understand that. I know this doesn't make things easy on you or the rest of the family, but try to imagine how she feels. Should she take meds that make her sick and turn her into a zombie (that's what some meds make you feel like) or try to deal with it on her own? Unless you see she is getting into real trouble with it (talking about suicide, reckless behavior, huge change in weight) let her work it out in her own way. If she is doing any of these things (especially the suicide part) call your local mental health department and see what they recommend.
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Ivo Ivo
I know in MA you can have somebody committed, but it is a long process if you go through court. you can call the police if they are being suicidal, homicidal, etc but that only lasts 72 hours and they can sign themselves out after that time against medical advice. Also in MA the Department of Mental health will only help out if it has been going on for more than 1 year and is a serious impairment on life. Can you sit down and talk to her and explain your concerns? Maybe she doesnt realize shes that depressed (which happens more than you think) Let her know you are there for her to help her, but that you will not force anything on her. Try to involve her in things she used to love (baseball, cooking, sewing, etc)
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Fido Fido
Her will is legally upheld over yours. Even the family doc cannot force her into intervention - He/she could only refer. Unfortunately, although you see her house burning, she cannot emote the internal fire searing her conscience within. Hence, denial and numbness prevades. I am a strong believer in seeking a higher power for intervention, for He is the one true physician, healer, and deliverer. If all else fails, and all avenues of secular medicine are exhausted, please consider seeking the assistance of a Pastor who can deliver her from a stronghold/curse and restore her to her original blueprint that God had intended, in body, mind, spirit, and soul. Good luck and God Bless You and your loved one.
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