What can a nutritionist do for someone with diabetes?!?

What can a nutritionist do for someone with diabetes?!? Topic: What can a nutritionist do for someone with diabetes?!?
July 16, 2019 / By Arden
Question: ok so my sugar level is high 151 and my obgyn has referred me to a nutritionist to be put on a special diet and i will have to monitor my glucose levels and i was wondering what the nutritionist can do to keep my sugar levels down and is this something that will go away after i have the baby or will i always have it?i looked up symptoms of diabetes on line and even before i got pregnant i had symptoms of diabetes,like ocular migraines,weakness on one side and eye floaters
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Zadok Zadok | 3 days ago
The nutritionist will help you create a meal plan that's blood sugar friendly and meets the dietary needs of your pregnancy. You may have to be put on medication and/or insulin if the diet doesn't do the trick. Normally, a diabetic just restricts carbohydrates, but because you're pregnant, you have greater nutritional needs than the average person. That's why a person who specializes in nutrition and diabetes care can be so invaluable. The gestational diabetes may go away after you give birth, but you will be at greater risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, we just can't predict what will happen to you after your pregnancy. All the best.
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Zadok Originally Answered: What happens when you see a nutritionist?
It really depends upon what type of nutritionist your husband is going to see. If the nutritionist is a dietician, good luck. If the nutritionist is one who knows QRA testing techniques, that is a good one. If the nutritionist is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, they can test your husband for specific nutritional deficiencies and recommend diets, and possibly supplements. A good nutritionist won't have to guess at what deficiencies he has, they will be able to test and see what and how much of the nutrients he requires. The primary reason people plateau in their trying to lose weight is that he is eating foods that are not within his metabolic typing. There is a hormone produced by the adipose tissue (fat tissue) that regulates the way insulin and glucagon are utilized by the body. Leptin is that hormone. When a person reduces their caloric intake, the fat tissue produces Leptin and this can and most of the time, slows the metabolism down in the body. This is a protective mechanism that is designed to protect the body from throwing off large amounts of toxins that have been stored in the fat tissue and to preserve fat in times of famine. Most diets are starvation diets. Fasting has a completely different affect on the body. I have seen people eating as little as 400 calories per day and not able to lose weight, due to this Leptin issue. All these so called diets created by Jenny Craig, etc. are starvation regimens. This is why they only work when you are following them. As soon as you get off them, the weight comes right back. To check whether or not the "nutritionist" you are seeing knows what he or she is talking about, see what they say about metabolic typing and their knowledge of Leptin and how it affects the body. If they don't know, go to another one that does. I suggest you get the book called, "Life Without Bread" by Christian Allan, Ph.D. and after reading that book, you will have a much better understanding of the good's and bad's of many foods in regard to weight management. good luck to you

Sholto Sholto
ANY person can declare themselves to be nutritionists. this "occupation" does not have any formal training or licensing and is not recognized by insurance companies as being worthy of share funding. ALL nutritionists I know sell specific products and do not do a good job of advising on diet other than to tell a person to purchase this supplement (which tastes like a bunch of vile weeds) and to cut out all salt, sugar, red meats, and any other vitamins or minerals they might have purchased elsewhere. NO person other than a doctor, physician's assistant, or specialty nutses can prescribe any medication. There are NO pills that are tested on pregnant women for diabetes control. The only medication available for diabetes control for diabetic or gestational diabetic women is insulin. Most of the top Endocrinologists recommend the South Beach Living phase 2 food plan and lots of exercise. Exercise makes delivery easier too!
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Oded Oded
well the nutritionist will get you on an eating plan that will balance the glucose level and may perscribe pills to help as well as much as id like to say it will be over when the child is born the chances of that arent very good sorry but who knows maybe it will happen i wish you the best
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Larkin Larkin
nutritionist will explain what you should eat and how much and how to read labels. the nutritionist was the best person to help me control my diabetes. sometimes gestational diabetes goes away,sometimes this is when they find out you are diabetic
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Larkin Originally Answered: My nutritionist advised me to do this. What do you think?
Different things work for different people. If this diet process works for you then it would be good. I hate the detox mind set, because what is really happening that your body is getting used to less food intake.

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