How to advoid gaining weight in college?

How to advoid gaining weight in college? Topic: How to advoid gaining weight in college?
July 16, 2019 / By April
Question: My freshman year starts soon in college and I've heard people can gain from 5-15 pounds their freshman year and i really don't want to. any ideas to help me not gain weight?
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Zackery Zackery | 2 days ago
First of all, comfort food is a HUGE trap when you move away to college. You want that mac and cheese like mom made... stuff like that and you need to avoid, or at least really limit , such things. Be careful. Carbs ARE needed for energy, but when we are in a stressful and new environment where we are uncomfortable, we tend to eat too many of them to help comfort us. Watch out for this !! Keep a bowl of apples in your room. Don't get hooked on that Big Gulp every morning for breakfast, or having to have that fat and sugar filled coffee drink every morning. These can seriously pack on the pounds and give you nothing in return. Invest in a blender and make yourself a healthy smoothie every morning- you'll FEEL better, think better, perform better and , in the end , LOOOOOK so much better when you don't have that extra buttock !! Don't go the other way and starve yourself, either. You need good food, lots of veggies and protiens to give your body and mind the energy it will be burning. Eat. Several times a day. I'm not saying hit the pizza buffet 5 times a day, but I am saying carry an apple with your or some nuts or something to nosh on between classes when you have a study break. And don't waste a ton of money on those expensive bottles of juice- buy it at the grocery store and fill your personal insulated bottle at home. You'll save literally HUNDREDS a year by doing this. Same with water- buy a water pitcher that filters and now there is even one that comes with its own water bottles. ( If you're a renter, that is... dorms might not be able to let you do this... but I believe it is minimally nvasive installation...) Regardless, a refillable water bottle is far less expensive than all those water drinks and much better for the environment too! See? Two birds, one stone. WALK... sure, you might have to take the busses to get to campus if you don't live there, but if you only have to go a couple of blocks, walk it as much as possible. Instead of the crowded elevators, take the stairs. Not only will it keep you leaner, but stairs keep your butt and legs looking great!! WHY pay for a gym membership if you have REAL stairs?!?!? 100 calorie pack cookies are a fantastic idea. They are just the right amount for a snack and help curb that craving. Remember tho, just about any carb you eat after 6 doesn't tend to get metabolized and will go straight into body 'storage', so a moment on the lips, forever on the hips... so maybe readh for fresh fruit instead. Besides, fruit has so many other benefits! Keeps your body working well, helps your skin stay clear, keeps your mind working. ( Did you know an apple will help perk/wake you up?? Yup!)
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Shimi Shimi
The hardest thing is avoiding all the college junk food. You'll have fast food and pizza readily available with no one there to make you a healthy home-cooked meal. You just have to be responsible about what you're eating. If your college has a gym available for student use, take advantage of that. Walk around wherever you can, and drink water as much as you can instead of soda. Basically it's the same stuff you'd do at home, it's just up to YOU to do it all because no one is going to be there to make you do things. Alcohol is another big reason why college kids gain weight- all the parties cause chronic alcohol consumption. Don't get caught in the trap of partying every weekend, or going out for multiple drinks on "thirsty Thursdays". Get plenty of sleep too... all-nighters are pretty inevitable once in a while, but shouldn't become a habit.
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Ocean Ocean
My best advice is to avioid the dinning hall. My best friend went to college and actually lost weight in fact she lost 30 lbs in the time she was there. She just took some dancing classes and did a lot of walking and riding her bike. Now she ate stuff she had in her dorm mostly stuff that was healthy. Its hard but I am sure you can avoid the freshman 15.
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Lark Lark
I just wrote a page on health tips for students! As a 3rd year university student, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to exercise as often as you can. It's so easy to feel tied down to your studies. Exercise will improve your mental functioning as well as your health. Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly achieve higher grade than those who don't! Additionally, most of us don't realize this, but you actually burn fat in your sleep! It's so easy to become sleep deprived in college - there's always something more exciting going on than sleep. But you need to sleep to lose weight. Learn more about how to make time for exercise, and what sleep deprivation does to the brain at my site. And enjoy your first year! I hope it's fantastic.
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Itamar Itamar
Don't eat while you're studying(have a good balanced meal before, and after, but no snacks), and maintain your activity levels, most college students basically just gain, from getting inactive.
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