Omigosh Im so tired of being fat its like I exercise and exercise but I don't lose weight?

Omigosh Im so tired of being fat its like I exercise and exercise but I don't lose weight? Topic: Omigosh Im so tired of being fat its like I exercise and exercise but I don't lose weight?
June 25, 2019 / By Antonia
Question: its like every one else is losing weight but im not its really hard to stay away from fatty foods but i really want to lose weight big time because Im getting way to big i don't look right clothes I hate how i look in the mirror I tried the whole throwing up deal but that does not work at all i hate that feeling so i stopped after 2 days then i tried to go a diet 1200 calorie diet i quickly fell of track now im thinking should just put my self down like tell myself every day how fat i look in my head or should just starve myself but starving myself might not work to well because i love food so much i don't know sometimes i get really depressed and just want to curl up in the corner and be alone :( I've been fat all my life i weighed like 288 pounds in 8th grade than I lost of that when I got in high school i weigh like 255 pounds in high school than i started dance class like ballet, hip hop, jazz and lost like probably only 10 pounds than gained it back after recital time was over and now here i am 19 years weighing 298 pound wow my little sister has a boyfriend who has a brother the same age as me and she was going to hook me up with him because he asked her to but I said no because I feel like im 19 i should be the hottest sister out of all my sister i mean im pretty yes but im to big when i look at pictures that I took i look terrible so what do you guys think do i have issues
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Zackary Zackary | 1 day ago
Well knowing you're pretty is a start. No more buts. If you want to say I'm pretty,big,smart,caring etc. that's fine. The buts in your language need to go before you can start working on your physical butt. Comparing your self to your sisters is a no-no. The first thing you must understand is that there is nobody on earth like you. That makes you a collectors item. There's a connoisseur out there waiting to make his bid. But he won't bid on what he can't determine is authentic by examination i.e. date, conversation. He can't bid on what he doesn't see. The more you resemble your sisters and others, the less collectible you become. So no more of that. OK! You don't mention how tall you are, but regardless you are overweight. You're young, you have medical intervention options available to you. There are free online weight lifting and exercises classes for big girls on the internet, look for them baby, look. You like to eat, your habits can change in time, but don't change that. What's wrong with liking to eat? It's eating to much of what you like, that the issue. And yes you do have issues. When you stop having them, your dead. To your point you've been big all your life. So avoid being unreasonable and expect overnight success. It takes dedication, time, effort and self love. Last one first baby. That "convince yourself your fat in the head stuff wont work". Your brain will help you achieve anything you believe. You tell your brain your fat, it will work to keep you that way. You tell your brain you're getting healthier everyday it will work to help you reach that goal. Tell your brain you should lose weight, it will help you find ways to punish yourself. Tell your brain you look sexier everyday you'll be naturally drawn to the things that support that fact. You are so much more than your weight. Aren't you? Live like you have no weight. 19 is the time to be out and about. Plenty of people will remind of your weight while your out and in. Remember if they haven't authenticated you, they don't know your worth. They don't qualify nor can they probably afford to place a bid. So move on pretty one. There are men out there that love "Big Girls". Some people will try to tell you it's a sexual fetish. Don't believe them. There is nothing wrong with a man being attracted to big women, every man has his body preference. Look for decent dating sites that feature, men who love big women. Even if you just want to chat, it's good for the self esteem. Find out why they prefer big women. Trust they wont have a problem telling you. Just don't ever strive to be any size for any person but yourself. Some men want to keep you big as much as others want to keep you slim. OK What's 340 - 170 =? Quick now! My weight baby girl. I won't tell you how, but I will tell you it started with being good to me, self-love. When you get that together, and you will, your plan of action will be clear. You probably wont need to know how I did it then, but look me up anyway. Good Night! So Said SoSo
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Zackary Originally Answered: I exercise / eat healthy, lose weight get really happy and the next day I overeat and don't do any exercise?
I was the same way. I it's like I would have a ton of motivation for a while, lose weight, then lose the motivation after a while and get lazy. You need to find something to movitate you when you, or inspire you. Buy an outfit that you really like in the size that you want to be (or get out an old outfit you can't fit into that you wish to wear again) then when you feel like eating junk food, or not being active, go try and put on that outfit. That usually does it for me and reaffirms my reasoning for wanting to lose weight. Although, you should be losing weight to get healthy and stay happy, which I do, but doing this usually keeps my motivation up. Also, they say it takes 21 days to create a habbit, so just try to be active and eat right for 21 days, then hopefully it will just be a normal routine for you. Good luck!

Shimhi Shimhi
You definelty need some kind of support system. Making yourseld through up, using pills, laxtitive, only makes you body worse! When you finally realize it's worng your body will have a hard time adjusting again. Maybe a counselor can help with your issues. There is a lot of free help out there for people with eating disprders. Don't know if you have the money, but lap band surgery is a good way to control your eating.
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Oberon Oberon
It's normal to feel the way you do. I know, i've gone through it myself. My advice to you is going to sound cliche, but it worked for me. Basically, you're looking for an easy answer. Quick and noticeable results without much effort. You want to step out of your skin and into someone else's. I did too, and experimented with a ton of stupid diets which in the end made me pass out at work because my blood sugar levels were too low. Advice number one- DIETS DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, they don't. Commercials say they do, magazines say they do, but lies are easy to spin. They don't work, and chances are you'll put on more weight in the long run. What I did to kick the rubbish foods, was try to be really aware of what I was eating. I didn't out and out decide what i was and wasn't going to eat, because if you put a ban on a certain food then you're just going to crave it even more. Junk food is not a bad thing if it's only occasional. For instance, if I haven't eaten chips all week, then i'll treat myself on my day off, and then i enjoy it more! Don't think about it so much, and don't beat yourself up if you do slip up and eat it. It's only food. It's not that bad. Advice number 2- if you don't have it available, then you won't be able to eat it. If you don't have chips and chocolates and sweet biscuits on hand all the time, then you won't be able to eat them. Have a quiet word with whoever does the groceries and ask them if they could stock up on unprocessed or low fat foods instead of ones high in fat, sugar and salt. Advice number three- stop caring so much. Seriously, the second you stop caring will be when things start looking up. This was the turning point for me. All through the summer i hated my reflection and I hated myself and I wouldn't go outside because I didn't want to be seen. When school started I was so busy all the time with my classes and with work that I just didn't have the time to think about how I looked. That combined with my new way of thinking about food- so If I was running out the door to catch the bus i'd grab an apple instead of a cookie- meant that I also felt a lot better about my choices thus boosting my self esteem. Weeks later i took a good look in the mirror, and couldn't remember why i hated myself so much. It wasn't important anymore. I hadn't even lost any weight, but because i hadn't had time to obsess anymore, it just wasn't important. Sorry for the long answer, but i hope it's helpful. Good luck :)
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Lanny Lanny
You should go to Weight Watchers, if you can't go you can join on line. They teach you how to eat and it is a very good program. More people have lost weight with WW than other plans. I lost 64 lbs in 5 months with WW. Good Luck www.weightwatchers.com
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Itai Itai
Hi ! I know how you feel. I suggest eating a high fiber breakfast, lean chicken and fish, plenty of vegetables and fruits, unsalted nuts and water. Try eating a piece of fruit, fruit salad or fruit shake every time you are craving a " junk" sweet food. If you go for fried chicken, eat a chicken salad instead. Alternate your exercising schedule between cardio and strength training. Muscle will burn more calories which will help you loose weight faster.
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Itai Originally Answered: does anyone know a fast way to lose weight without exercise I have 4 kids and no time for exercise?
Well exercise is very essential part of losing weight. If you don't have time to exercise try to eat more health foods. You said you don't eat much, if you eat to little you could also gain more weigh because your body tends to store all the fat you consume in case you wont eat more. Try to eat 3 healthy meals(no take out or greasy foods), or 6 small meals through out the day. Don't skip out on the most important meal breakfast.Also don't over fill when eating, eat till your satisfied not full.

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