Serious mental health issue?

Serious mental health issue? Topic: Serious mental health issue?
June 16, 2019 / By Anthia
Question: I have a serious mental health issue. I have a problem with urinating and taking bowel movements appropriately. I somehow enjoy that feeling of release when feces is being expelled through my anus, and I'll force my anus to pull it back in and then make small pushes back and forth to feel the release. It'll get to the point where the feces falls out and I'll put it in a piece of paper and fold it into a paper ball, and then throw it in my closet. With urine if I feel too lazy to use the toilet, I'll urinate in a cup and leave it sitting for sometimes weeks. What may this issue be?
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Zachary Zachary | 8 days ago
I am going to pretend this is a serious question.. some children have problems with bowel movements, they hold it in, until the point where they get constipated, and it can actually cause damage to their system. You on the other hand, have some issues with appropriate behaviour. I do not know why you have these issues, they may be more to it, but you need to stop throwing your feces in your closet for one thing, that is highly unsanitary. the same with the pee in the cup. Do you have OCD, where you are afraid of using the toilet because of germs? Are you mentally retarded where you are not capable of performing basic functions on your own? Are you lazy and disgusting?
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Zachary Originally Answered: How can you get good mental health?
By horrible mental health, do you mean that you are very self critical of yourself inside your head? Stop it. Easy as that. Each time you catch yourself saying negative statements about yourself, say STOP. you can change your thoughts easily. Say some positive lines of a poem or song, say something good about yourself. Go for a walk, get physically busy for 10 minutes. And think, would you say such horrible negative things to others? No, then don`t say them to yourself. Think positive, and it will change your day. Enjoy cooking good healthy food. Go for walks. Read uplifting books. Help other people. No more negatives, life`s too short.
Zachary Originally Answered: How can you get good mental health?
Lorelei has excellent advice. I believe the underlying cause for much of the negativity people experience is due to not loving themselves. Think of that verse in the Bible that starts, "Love thy neighbor... as THYSELF." Good people grow up learning to criticise and berate themselves, when in general they wouldn't treat a random stranger on the street nearly so poorly. There's no cause for all this self-directed negativity. If you saw someone who was failing to do something, the least effective method of correction is to yell at and insult them. Encouragment, support and good humor will make a much greater impact. Don't you deserve the same from yourself? Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" is the best material I've read on the subject. I cannot recommend it enough, people! :)

Shiloh Shiloh
Bipolar is despair. But the individual will revel in highs wherein they're very glad and get plenty of recommendations and check out to behave on them. It is like they've taken velocity and are not able to maintain nonetheless. Then at some point they crash and consider relatively depressed, are not able to get away from bed or are not able to quit crying. There isn't any inbetween. Medication maintains them on a good stage.
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Obadiah Obadiah
You said it yourself.. LAZINESS.. Theres nothing mental about you. you KNOW your doing these things, and it means you can change it. Perhaps...Get off your butt and go to the toilet. and idc If you thumbs down me.. Im not looking for best answer anyway
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Obadiah Originally Answered: I'm 17 and I have a health issue?
hey girl, i totally get your beef. i was 250 lbs a few years ago and got the scary prognosis from my doctor that i would be a diabetic if i kept my lifestyle up. after i cried, he suggested that all i really need to do is cut back on what i ate (for example, instead of eating multiple servings of ice cream, try one or two) and to just be busier (i hate exercise, but i got active with some student clubs at my school...which prevented the afternoon binges). i lived with the all-or-nothing motto for awhile. some days i'd be perfect, other days i'd totally fail. it was the hardest to find balance, but i just didn't understand that a 7.5/10 most days was better than a 10/10 day followed by a 5/10 day...do you know what i mean? it's still hard, and i'm still not perfect, but the weight loss has come, slowly, but surely, and i lost about 50 pounds of fat within a year. when i got some iota of confidence, i began going out for walks in my neighbourhood (god forbid i showed my face at the gym!) and got stronger. it's important to have support of family and friends, and it's really important to trust them with who they are today. don't worry that your boyfriend will leave you for someone else, and if he does, then you two don't deserve each other. you sound like an amazing person and you, like everyone else, deserve the best. if there is anything else you ever want to talk about, i'm at [email protected] all the best girl!

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