I'm 95% sure that I'm anemic?

I'm 95% sure that I'm anemic? Topic: I'm 95% sure that I'm anemic?
June 16, 2019 / By Anstace
Question: Well I haven't had a blood test yet but here are my symptoms: Hair loss Ice chewing habit Dizzyness when standing up after sitting down for too long I asked my mom if I can go take a blood test and she said, "No, just eat your meat". The problem is...I HATE red meat. I HATE HATE HATE it! She also said that if I take iron pills, I'd get constipated...what can I do? I really want to get a blood test but my mom refuses because she doesn't want me to take pills/medication. I'm 14 years old .
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Zaccai Zaccai | 5 days ago
You could have some anemia and especially iron deficient anemia if you are eating SOY products. Soy depletes the body of minerals and especially iron (over 50%). You also sound like you have an adrenal fatigue problem. This can happen if you are not getting enough electrolytes, especially good salt in your diet. Adrenal fatigue can also happen if you are taking birth control pills because the adrenal gland is part of the pituitary axis that consists of four glands, the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, and ovaries. Birth control pills deplete your body of vitamin B-6 and cause the ovaries to become insufficient and this in turn causes the thyroid to slow down and the adrenal glands to weaken. All of these glands in this axis work together as a team and get sick together. If you restrict your diet of meat, you will also be creating lots of problems and especially vitamin B-12 deficiency will happen over time. Since vitamin B-6, B-12, and folic acid deficiency is what causes a huge build up of homocystein proteins in your blood, this is a BIG TIME problem that causes heart disease. Taking ANY antibiotics kills the intestinal flora that makes "B" vitamins for your body and this can create lots of fatigue as well. Since these bacteria are 3/4 of your immune system, you can see what kind of trouble you can get into quickly following modern medical advice, eh? Get educated on health and focus on making yourself health rather than focusing on treating symptoms of diseases. good luck to you
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Zaccai Originally Answered: I am anemic. How did you deal with it?
My doctor suggests eating foods with lots of iron (ex. steak, red meat, broccoli, spinach, etc). Also, since my iron was ridiculously low, I was also prescribed on iron pills which really helped.

Sherlock Sherlock
I also have low iron. You might not be anemic but just have low iron. I am not a doctor though. But there are more foods than just red meat that gives you iron. Do you like fish? That's also a good food that have a good source of iron in it. Look on the internet for some other foods that have iron. But most likely you will have to take medication for it. Not trying to sound mean or anything cause I understand why you mom don't want you taking medication but whats more important your health or not taking medication cause she don't want that in your system. Sometimes no matter how many iron foods you eat won't give you the iron you need to be healthy again. Iron pills do suck though. They make alot of people constipated I just wanted to let you know just incase you get put on them. You also will want to get some laxitives if so to soften your stool. I hope I could help you out a little.
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Norwood Norwood
Iron supplement is something the doctor needs to prescribe you. You should never go and buy it off the shelf and randomly start taking it without having had a blood test first to determine the anaemia. You may need a blood test, but in a way your mother is right, you need more iron in your diet and meat is NOT the only way of getting iron. There are hundreds of iron rich foods to choose from, so maybe you should start filling up on some of them. But seriously, you can't be sure you are iron deficient, so you do need to go and get a check-up from the doctor. Don't self-diagnose yourself from getting information from the internet because almost ALWAYS people are wrong in their self-diagnoses. Go and get a check-up with your doctor. If your mum won't take you, go to your school nurse - they are great ;)
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Lance Lance
Dizzyness when standing up after sitting or lying down for too long is normal. It happens when all the blood rushes back into your brain. I'm not sure about ice chewing... but maybe it's just a habit. Hair loss could be a symptom, but... it could be a symptom for other diseases as well. See a doctor before you ask your mom to take pills - it might alarm her, so just tell your mom you're not feeling well... and go to the doctor. Let the professionals diagnose you.
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Lance Originally Answered: Hi I'm anemic. How would i get iron......?
got this whole "supplement" crap is just that....crap! honey they are plenty of wonderful food besides meat that are great sources of iron cream of wheat oatmeal whole grains spinach and other greens strawberries nuts and seeds fortified soy milks beans blackstrap molasses and right now i don't have the time to go look sifting thru websites but they are out there...and books you could find this info in i am vegetarian and just SHOCKED at how many questions i see on here from other veggies that are not educated on their own diet and nutrition and continue to buy into the "i need meat to be healthy" society we have in the USA

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