To all vegans........?

To all vegans........? Topic: To all vegans........?
June 16, 2019 / By Annmarie
Question: because you don't like animal cruelty and that, do you own pets? and if yes, what do you feed your cats and dogs??
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Yarwood Yarwood | 8 days ago
I'm a raw vegan who does rescue work with animals, I only have one here at the moment (I've got to refresh my yahoo page) but I don't own her, we're friends. She's a cat, and her name is Bubbles and I feed her raw food just like myself with one big difference.. I'm all plant and she is all animal. I feed her liver, heart, neck, brain (once), thigh, meat, intestine, skin, feathers etc. I feed her an array of an entire carcass of an animal, what she'd get in the wild. I don't feed her one day a week, further to stimulate her wild experience. She's a bloody healthy cat! Cat's CANNOT be herbivores, vegan pet foods for cats all carry warnings saying they're there to supplement a balanced diet because they're not complete! Go add carrot to your cats diet for a month, get her to eat it by mixing it into her food, she'll die from beta carotene poisoning! Dogs can be vegan, BUT they do much better on an 80% animal 20% plant diet IN MY EXPERIENCE, I do agree that some dogs may prefer 100% plant and so be it. But anyways, that's how I feel.
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Yarwood Originally Answered: Do you think that vegans who have made the sacrifices to become true vegans?
I don't often come onto the V&V forum, and there are two main reasons why not. One reason is the 'holier and more vegan/vegetarian than thou' attitude of many who post here. The squabbling and unpleasantness and the absolute certainty that they know best and are right. I dislike all this but I put it down to the fact that many of those using the forum are very young, still in school in many cases, and are therefore recent converts with the zealousness and arrogance of youth. Nothing really wrong with that, though - it would be a sad world if young people didn't have passion and ideals. And I know some of the more bizarre fanatical 'questions' are posted by trolls, not vegans or vegetarians. The second reason is something really quite creepy - people who are not vegan but are obsessed with vegans and spend huge amounts of their time on here trying to catch vegans out and prove they are hypocritical and not 'true vegans'. people actually logging on to say 'Ha! Call yourself a vegan when you're breathing the air, walking on the street, shopping in shops, living in a house! Hypocrite!' I'm at a loss to understand the motivation of such people, and I assume they have very little going on in their lives. I am a vegan, but I'm not JUST a vegan, I have other passions, beliefs and interests. As a vegan, I make every effort I can not to participate in animal cruelty and exploitation. Nothing dies or suffers to feed, clothe, clean or beautify me. But veganism is not about individual purity and absolutism, and it's interesting to note that it is always people who are making no effort to minimize their own contribution to animal suffering who argue that it should be. The treatments I have had and continue to have for cancer have without a doubt been tested on animals; I am not prepared to die over this issue and I await your cries of hypocrite. But this does not mean I'm not a vegan. I'm not interested in a vegan-obsessed omnivore's definition of 'true vegan'. As for 'moving somewhere temperate' why would I or anyone leave the people they love, many of whom are omnivores, and isolate themselves in a bubble of supposed purity away from the rest of humanity? Stay and fight, stay and argue for your beliefs, whatever they are, rather than looking to a naive and unachievable ideal. It may be uncomfortable for omnivores who feel some guilt about their eating habits but not enough to change them, and who therefore spend their time trying to catch us out in contradictions, but vegans are going nowhere. I don't care what you eat, why are you so bothered about what I eat and do? **EDIT: Thanks for reproducing the definition of vegan; I am vegan according to every part of that definition, which does not include isolating oneself from the rest of the world. I don't see the label 'vegan' as any sort of a status symbol, merely a description of what is. I will continue to refer to myself as vegan whenever necessary, which isn't often. I'm not sure why you've directed me to a link about honey, as I didn't mention honey and certainly don't eat it. You haven't answered my question - just why are you so unhealthily obsessed with vegans and veganism? Obsessed to the extent of creating a new definition of 'true' veganism? Another question: could you please list the ways in which you yourself minimize your contribution to animal suffering and exploitation? As I said before, I'm not just a vegan. Like most vegans I care passionately about humanity and spend time fighting for a better future - against the war in Iraq, against racism, against victimisation in the workplace ... Leaving the rest of humanity to go hang while I live in a pure little bubble lest I tread on an insect is not an option for me, or something I would ever wish to do. I think your obsession with veganism and invention of a 'true veganism' stems from your guilt at the knowledge that veganism as defined by Donald Watson and the Vegan Society and followed by many of us here,is something you could not achieve. Relax, we don't expect everyone to be vegan.

Shelomi Shelomi
The first answer is why I call myself vegan-ish. I think anyone against animal cruelty should not have pedigree pets brought from breeders but should be there to pick up the pieces by adopting dogs/cats etc from animals shelters, even the horses I own are someone elses rejects ;) (see here for one of them http://ponymum.blogspot.com/2009/04/wort... a little pony written off as unridable and destined for the sales and meat man !) My dog eats the same us we do, I just cook extra at dinner time, she hates DOG food and always looks terrible on it. My cat gets cat food, cats need meat more than dogs but I know you can get vegan cat food but its VERY expensive. My own stance is one of caring for the individual, so I would adopt the dog rather than liberate the Laboratory if you see what I mean ;) Hope I helped :)
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Noll Noll
I would only own a pet if it was injured, or its mother died or something along those lines, i would never go out and buy a pet because i don't support the pet industry because of its ways which i won't go into. I would also feed them vegan cat or dog food (see my sources) but really depends on the animal.
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Kurtis Kurtis
I'm vegan, and I co-habitate with a rabbit & a cat (both rescues), but I don't OWN them. They're part of my family. Noopy (rabbit) is vegan, of course. I haven't seen enough evidence that cats can thrive on a vegan diet, so Monkey (cat) eats only real meat (Pet Promise brand, usually...wet & dry) produced as humanely as possible (considering animals are still killed for it), and containing no byproducts, etc. She also loves garbanzo beans and mashed potatoes, & many more vegan foods, which is really cool. :)
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Irwin Irwin
I am a vegetarian but have a cousin who is a vegan and has kept the dog on a vegan diet. It really bothers me. Dogs belong to a pack and were hunters. They would devour every part of an animal, and then chew on the bones. I don't see how feeding them corn/rice can possibly be good for them. That's fine for chickens, but it's wrong to impose a food choice that is unnatural to an animal.
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Faron Faron
I have a dog. It's the family dog, so I didn't have a say in it. I'm fine with taking in shelter animals, but breeders are a no-no. I feed my dog food with meat in it. It doesn't bother me.
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Crofton Crofton
Vegans do not 'own' pets. To own a living thing equates to slavery. If they have 'adopted' a partner, to force them to eat an unnatural diet is animal cruelty
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Crofton Originally Answered: Vegans-eggs?? ( Vegans/Vegetarians please )?
Alright, to explain "vegetarian" eggs. That just means that the chickens were fed a vegetarian diet - many egg-laying hens are forced to eat not only feces of other animals, but flesh and animal byproducts. All in an effort to bulk up their feed with empty calories and to get rid of slaughter byproduct and waste from other areas of the meat industry. That's not the worst of it - the majority of egg-laying hens are fed roxarsone, a type of organic arsenic that prevents worm infestations (considering how they're on top of one another in these places). Testing on dozens of egg varieties nationwide, ranging from Amish to organic to local grocery eggs, showed that more than half of all eggs have arsenic in them regardless. This arsenic builds up in the human system. But hey, it's saving the egg head honchos money! You'll notice other eggs say things like cage free or free range. Most eggs (95% for a conservative estimate) are cheap because they come from battery hens. They're kept in disgusting, filthy, tiny cages and shocked and forced to lay eggs. Chickens can't lay more than an egg a day AT BEST. They're oftentimes fed poorly, their bones are pretty much reduced to brittle powder, their feathers are falling off. People were hazard suits to enter the area the hens are in because the air is unbreathable, putrid and disgusting. Free range or cage free are not a promise or guarantee, but usually the company responsible tries to let their chickens have a break. Sometimes they just have no cage - similiar conditions, beak to rear end in some warehouse by the thousands - but at least there's no cage. There's no defined time for free range - maybe the chicken gets to spend a few minutes outside every day. It could be a lie. Nobody checks on this stuff. Organic labels mean the chickens were fed organic feed, and there are some vague standards about their treatment, but it's still NOT a guarantee in any way. Those aren't vegan-friendly eggs - no eggs are vegan-friendly. If someone wants to humanely raise their own chickens for egg-laying means, they'd be doing nothing wrong in my opinion - however, they'd still no longer be vegan. By definition, vegans can't have eggs.

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