Why is my shih tzu so gassy and also I found this little lump about the belly button?

Why is my shih tzu so gassy and also I found this little lump about the belly button? Topic: Why is my shih tzu so gassy and also I found this little lump about the belly button?
July 17, 2019 / By Annitra
Question: I just got this dog its 6 months old and its very gassy can I fix the problem and also I noticed a small lump sorta squishy about the belly button area Is this a concern I know some breeds of dog are know for lumps due to breed type
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Yancey Yancey | 6 days ago
As far as the gas, try changing the diet to one with more meat and less grain. The lump is possibly an umbilical hernia, whether it is a problem or not depends on how big it is, at any rate it is easly fixed. Most vets will correct an umbilical hernia when the dog is neutered, as long as you mention it.
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Yancey Originally Answered: My Shih Tzu is very gassy and has flaky skin. Could it be his chicken-based food?
It;s possible its the chicken, but far, far more dogs are allergic to all the grains in foods like Purina. You need to look for a grain-free food with meat as the first ingredient. If you want to switch from chicken, then do so, but its much more likely to be the grains. Also, dogs need salmon oil in their diet for their coats and skin, even those fed a top quality food. When you do switch foods, make sure you do it gradually (10 - 14 days) to prevent your dog from getting diarrhea.

Shell Shell
First of all change the food you give him...that's probably the gassy problem. As for the lump by her belly button...my miniature schnauzer has that too and the Dr said that is just her belly button where she was attached to the mother. You may still want to have it checked out though. Better to be safe than sorry.
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Nolan Nolan
Please contact the hih Tzu rescue - they'll rehome him for you. in case you deliver him off to a clean abode your self, you do not have any way of quite understanding the position he is going, and also you may also be held legally to blame for any damage that befell as through the him being there, notwithstanding in the adventure that they tripped over him. a good rescue will be integrated to shelter their volunteers by evaluation criminal duty. i'm sorry this has befell - that is tricky even as your own body received't cooperate - contained in the destiny, you may want to wish to seem into adopting a racing Greyhound, which may be more effective on your aspect, and quite undemanding on a leash. yet i imagine you'll locate that SHih Tzu rescue can help you you, and locate him someplace he receives the dealing with he must be a more effective perfect personality. good luck-
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Kristopher Kristopher
I don't know about the lump ask the vet it could be a tumor OR it could be this skin thing with sweat in it. but the gas, its something your feeding it. I knew a dog who ate cat food, and he farted. P.U! Good luck!
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Irvine Irvine
you should try changing the food, maybe thats the reason why its gassy, and the lump dunt sound normal to me, you should take it to the vet, hope it feelsz betta
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