Question to vegans and vegetarians?

Question to vegans and vegetarians? Topic: Question to vegans and vegetarians?
June 16, 2019 / By Annie
Question: Hi. I've been a vegetarian for a little over two months now, and i was wondering, why are vegans vegans and not vegetarians. I've heard many people say that vegans are vegans because drinking and eating milk and cheese helps with animal slaughter. Bt i don't think that that's the sole reason. I totally agree that theese animals are being abused, that's why i think, that mabey someday i could start a farm, where i have cows and chickens that can produce eggs and milk, and when they get to old to make any more, i'd let just be the way they want to be. I would keep them safe from predators, and give them some space and REAL food. Not lock them up in a pen and only look at them when they lay eggs or need to be milked. I don't mean just cute animals. Cow are just as cute as foxes or wolves. Sharks are just as cute as other fish. But there are plenty of animals that humans don't needlessly slaughter out in the wild that they could eat. And I would have them in a minimum of 6 square acre. I also watched a peta video and burst into tears and nearly threw up. I am VERY likely going to go vegan. Thanks to everyone who had already helped an will help. You are really helping me.
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Xzavier Xzavier | 3 days ago
Vegans are vegetarians in the sense that they follow a vegetarian diet. But since they abstain from using/consuming any product that comes from animals, they also do not eat eggs and dairy. The only way to keep predators from animals like cows and chickens is to put them in a pen.. a very large pen perhaps but still a pen. Nature does not have "keep off" signs and animals can't read anyway.. Besides predators are animals too and they need to eat... or in your book, only "cute" animals count?
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Xzavier Originally Answered: Question for vegans and vegetarians...?
I support their diet and act against animal cruelty, but I do think they take it a little too far. They give off the impression that all vegetarians/vegans are extremists who despise meat eaters... which obviously isn't true.

Shelah Shelah
The animals in the dairy and egg industry are just as cruelly abused, if not more, than the ones in the meat industry. Chickens are crammed into small pens, and beaten. Cows are milked until they are dry and then slaughtered cruelly and painfully. Watch meet you meat, if you haven't. (That is probably the one you already watched, I almost threw up as well, and had to stop watching it in the middle) Also go on PETAs website and order a free vegetarian starting kit. I got one after I went vegan, and still learned a lot of things I didn't know. (They say vegetarian, but what they are really explaining is vegan) It tells you about why we shouldn't have dairy, and eggs. PETA can be a little extreme at times, but they do pretty good at getting out the word on how animals are treated. Even if that is about they only positive thing they do...
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Noble Noble
Vegans don't want to use anything that comes from an animal (by products, meat, fish and poultry obviously, dairy and eggs). As for me, I am a vegetarian. I've seen the PETA videos. Which I never saw before and it left me in tears. It was a very horrible and sad scene. Those people are disgusting without a doubt. The only time I eat dairy and eggs is when it's in something I buy. I'll never buy dairy and eggs solely alone. I did think about adding eggs to my diet because I've been feeling dizzy. And it could be from my vitamins which are vegan and don't contain iron, it's me not eating enough iron and protein which I try to do, or it's my body still getting used to the transition. But I changed my mind and realized I don't want to eat eggs. Also, I buy a lot of vegan stuff.
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Kory Kory
The dairy and egg industries are much crueler than the meat industry. In the dairy industry, cows are pumped full of hormones and artificially inseminated so that they keep giving birth in order to keep producing milk. When the calves are born, the males are taken away from their mothers, slaughtered and sent to the stores to give people veal. The females are taken away and turned into dairy cows. The mothers cry out for their babies until their voice gives out. Once a cow is "too old" (which 2-3 years in the factories), she is killed and used for meat. A cow's natural lifespan can be up to 25 years. Do you see by how much their lifespan is reduced in the factory farms? The same with the egg industry. Chickens are artificially inseminated so that they keep laying eggs. Some eggs are taken away to send to the supermarkets. Then there are the eggs that are left to hatch. If a male chick hatches, he is thrown into a grinder which crushes his bones right away. The females are pumped full of hormones so that they grow and start laying eggs as well. Their lives are shortened as well. In the egg industry, hens are killed before they reach two years old and then are turned into meat as well. Chickens can live around 15 years in the wild or as pets. Do you see the difference there? Oh and here is something about battery hens, cage-free (free-range) hens, and the so called organic farms: http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/conf... http://www.hsus.org/farm/resources/pubs/... Yes, there are a few other reasons that people go vegan. For instance, being vegan helps the environment: http://www.veganoutreach.org/whyvegan/en... And being vegan also has many health benefits. Meat, eggs, and dairy, are the leading causes in just about every disease and health problem, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Hope that helped.
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Innocent Innocent
It is my main reason, because Male cows born from the dairy industry are slaughtered as veal, and mature dairy cows who don't produce any more milk are slaughtered, and chickens are abused and kept in battery cages and slaughtered when don't produce any eggs. However, I have additional reasons in my arson. I don't believe it is natural to drink milk. When it all comes down to it, why the hell do we drink cows milk?? You don't see other animals drinking milk from another species, that would be really weird. Mammals don't need to drink milk past childhood (and the milk they do drink in childhood should come from their mother). I think drinking milk is a really unnatural, unhealthy, and frankly, crazy thing to do. Furthermore, Eggs and Dairy are filled with all sorts of unhealthy things, cholesterol, saturated fat, hormones, antibiotics, and an array of unhealthy chemicals. And as a side note (not a main reason) it helps make maintaining my weight really easy. So those are my reason's on being vegan :)
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Innocent Originally Answered: Question for Vegans/Vegetarians: Do you allow your babies/children to eat meat?
The nutrition children need from meat and dairy in their first few years doesn't care about moral objections to eating meat and dairy. I support the vegan lifestyle, in fact, I'm married to a vegan. But it would be supremely irresponsible of me to deny my two-year old dairy and/or meat. Nutritionists and pediatricians agree that dairy and meat are necessary to the on-schedule development of children. You guys should lay off the near political and ethical ideology associated with the vegan diet and stick to the nutritional arguments. Nobody gives a damn about how you think you're better than others or have stronger convictions because you're a vegan. Really, vegan police, go home.

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