12 hours in London - what do do on a slim budget?

12 hours in London - what do do on a slim budget? Topic: 12 hours in London - what do do on a slim budget?
June 16, 2019 / By Annice
Question: Myself (18), my best friend (18), and my younger sister (14) have a twelve hour layover in London. We'll be there from 10 PM to 10 AM, through the night. We'd hate to waste a night in London - does anyone have any suggestions on what can be seen in London during the night? None of us drink and we have a minor with us, keep that in mind. We'd really love to see the sights, but what's worth going to in the middle of the night? We're also vegetarian, so... But I've just found out that we can do a layover in London on the way home too - from 7 AM to 3 PM. Any tips for short daytime hours?
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Xan Xan | 2 days ago
Assuming you're flying into Heathrow, it will take you an hour or so to get to central London by tube. So you probably won't have great deal of time. London is beautiful at night as long as you are streetwise. Stay where there are plenty of people and be wary of anyone approaching you offering to show you around. Don't use unlicenced taxis, black cabs only. Leave your luggage at the airport and make sure that any money etc is secure on your person. Breakfast at Smithfield Market is the obvious one as everything packs up by 8.00 am. http://www.touruk.co.uk/london_markets/s... It's a taste of the old London. As is Borough Market - open 4am-10am http://www.boroughmarket.org.uk/ Bermondsey Market - antiques, works of art open 6am-2pm http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_... Use black cabs or the night buses to get around. EDIT. Just to clarify, Smithfield is a meat market, but it's a beautiful building and all the cafes and pubs are open all night to cater for the market workers. We used to go every year at Christmas to get the turkey and have breakfast in one of the cafes. I suggested it (and the other markets) because it is interesting, a taste of traditional London, you can get food and drink, and it's busy, therefore safer than wandering in places like Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square with only the perverts and druggies about.
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Sheamus Sheamus
There are night tours but they do not run that late plus you do not say where you will be landing so you will have to think about transport into london and back out to the airport (tubes here do not run all through the night). I would not suggest sightseeing on your own at that time. Some museums and attractions open until about 10pm so even that's out. Sorry not much help!
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Noah Noah
Girls, What day of the week are you stop-over and with that I can give some more suggestions. Maggie was right about being streetwise and taking BLACK taxis. But Smithfield is a MEAT market.
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