Exclusively breastfed 12 month old son is VERY chubby. Etc.?

Exclusively breastfed 12 month old son is VERY chubby. Etc.? Topic: Exclusively breastfed 12 month old son is VERY chubby. Etc.?
June 16, 2019 / By Anngela
Question: My nearly exclusively breastfed 12 month old son (he eats solids on ocassion, although he's not always interested) is VERY large. He weighs nearly 40 lbs. and is wearing 3 year old clothes. His waist is so chubby though that he can really only wear stretchy sleepers and sweat pants... he's a round meatball! He's gone to all of his regular checkups and at his last one (8 months) the doctor sais he was just a big boy. WAY off the charts in both weight and length. But lately everyone has been stressing me out. They think that it has something to do with my breastfeeding him on demand and think that I should wean him now and monitor his food intake. I have two questions really. My questions are... Is it possible to overfeed a breastfed baby? and Are there benefits to nursing beyond the first birthday? Thanks.
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Wystan Wystan | 1 day ago
Some breastfeeding babies are lean and some get chubby.. Don't stress out, things will all work out on their own.. My baby is 14 months and breastfeeds on demand too, right now infact! You should never diet a baby... depending on teeth development, he will gradually want more and more solids. Just make sure they are healthy options like many different fruits, veggies, noodles, different types of meats. (I so hate it when I see 12 month olds eating french fries and fried chicken every day and juice bottles for all night long.. that can't be healthy.. ) If your doctor says he is healthy for his size, than just keep offering healthy food choices and you can't go wrong. Wean when you and you baby are ready to wean.. Dr. Sears says that most babies will gradually wean themselves.. Just do it when you are ready, you can breastfeed as long as you want... It will be important to get more nutrients though after about a year and half... Since your baby is larger than most at his age, he may be ready for more nutrients that are from solids. Don't feel guilty about your baby's size unless he is eating unhealthy foods, baby's when given many choices they will usually regulate themselves on how much to eat. Also, make sure he is getting lots of activity. Stimulate him with different playing activities and games that get him moving. Take him to the park and let him run around. :D (on average a crawling baby can crawl up to 500 yards a day!) Don't over work your baby either though, they will let you know when they are tired and ready for something else. Proper hydration is important too. Good Luck.
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Wystan Originally Answered: Leaving exclusively breastfed 8mo old w/ grandma for the night to wean...Too young?
Up untill the age of 12 months old, a babies diet shold be made up of mainly milk. If she won't take formular at 8 anda half months old, can't you just wait another few months?? My eldest was b/f and wouldn't take a bottle ever. Part of being a mum is sacrifice. Tjey are only little for so long. So, I would get over it and do what's best for you daughter. Your time will come to have a night off. Seriously, parenthood isn't that hard to do. Be greatful for the time you still have with her. Soon enough they grow up and you will have all the time in the world for movies.

Shealtiel Shealtiel
WHO recommends two years of breastfeeding (though not exclusive the whole time); I haven't read the report but clearly a lot of doctors and/or scientists believe there are benefits. Unfortunately there are a lot of weight issues in this country, and everyone thinks they know best. If your doctor thinks he's healthy, then odds are he really is just a big baby. Kids change so much when they're young -- my best friend's son was near 11 pounds when he was born, and round and chubby up til about fifteen months; now he's five and a beanpole, through no "monitoring of food intake," just the changes of growing up. Usually using "my doctor says" will shut people up. I know it's a pain listening to everyone's "expert" opinion, but try to stand firm. They don't know all the details, so they can't possibly know best. If you're that worried about it, you might get an opinion from another doctor, but don't let regular people talk you into things. It's far too early to give your kid a complex about food.
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Niven Niven
Yes it is possible to overfeed a breastfed baby! Babies who breastfeed are getting a lot of calories and nutrition. This should be only reserved for babies less than 6 months old. Other than that, he needs to eat more solid foods to keep up with his growing nutrition needs. He is 1 year old and needs more veggies, fruits and protein. Not all the fat and calories from breastmilk. I am guessing he is not very active either because a 1 year old baby should be walking and getting into stuff and burning off those calories. Feed him less and stop breastfeeding him and get him active and he will lose the weight. I am sorry but 40 pounds at 1 year is just plain overweight. He should not be wearing strechy diapers and sweatpants. That is just rediculous. I don't think there are any nutritional benefits to breastfeeding beyond 6 months, maybe 8 at the most, especially if the baby is tiny, weak, was small at birth, was premature, or has health problems because breastmilk is full of antioxidants and protein for sick/weak babies. But your baby is just not interested in solids because he has no reason to be. He knows if he won't eat then you will just breastfeed him and he gets what he wants.
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Kori Kori
my son was very big, too, but was exclusively fed by a bottle. Some kids are just big. The doctor used to tell me that if his height/weight ratio were consistently the same then there was really nothing to worry about. I'm sure your son will thin out as he starts walking and running around. Sorry I can't help you with the breast-feeding issues. It didn't work for me.!
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Ingram Ingram
Well, I am not sure I can directly answer those two questions. However, at your son's age his size is not of real concern. Once he start getting more mobile and active he will start to slim. Breast feeding beyond 1 should not be necessary. You can give him whole milk now for nutrients. Reason in past people breast fed past 1 yr was the lack of available/safe dairy products.
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Ingram Originally Answered: 6 month old breastfed baby too skinny?
I totally agree that you need to get him more breastmilk than solids, which would in most cases have less fat than your milk. Offer him avocado, which is a nice fatty and yummy fruit. Offer him the breast on total demand, I sure you already know that but I just wanted to remind you of that......if he gets a pacifier, take it away and nurse him for his sucking needs. And you could attempt to pump and skim the fat that rises and add it to another pump session and give it to him via sippy, cup or bottle. My six month old does fabulous with an open cup, and she loves self feeding avocado chunks.....if he is just not there with the solids, breastfmilk is just fine. And, if at 6 months you have a good supply then he is eating just fine.....if he is keeping up your supply then I wouldn't be overly alarmed at his thinness. Is he otherwise urinating and having bowel movements? Does he appear healthy, happy and meeting milestones?

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