Why am I BINGING??????????? How bad is this?

Why am I BINGING??????????? How bad is this? Topic: Why am I BINGING??????????? How bad is this?
July 16, 2019 / By Annette
Question: UGH, for the past week, i've binged like crazy, averaging about 2000 calories each day which is a LOT for me. I'm only 5 feet ish, 94 pounds, 16, and small boned...and hardly exercise. For example, today I ate: 2 powerbars a box of cereal (south beach diet whole grain crunch) honey from the jar some rice, beef, yogurt (the only healthy food i had) jello crystal light powder straight (ugh) and a carton of haagen dazs dulce de leche ice cream... plus other nibbly things..such as bits of poptarts etc... That is about 2500 calories and I feel bad because I skipped eating dinner and my parents are mad at me and think i'm starving while in fact, i'm gaining like mad crazy. I'm used to around 1200 calories to maintain....so why am i binging? is it psychological? How can i stop? Do any people have this kind of problem also? I REALLY WANT SOME ADVICE AND WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT..will this lead to weight gain? i've eaten extra 3000 ish but i've GAINED 4 pounds.
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Wyot Wyot | 10 days ago
Your still young, and your body requires about 2000 calories per day. If you are only eating 1200 calories a day, your body is telling you it is not enough to maintain itself. Women especially need a certain percentage of body fat in order to be healthy. Our bodies are programed by nature to do this, so that whenever a woman gets pregnant, she has enough calories to develop a healthy baby, without having to burn muscle tissue. 94 lbs is pretty tiny if you are over 5 feet tall. I'm 5'5" and my best weight was around 120-125 lbs. (I'm a little over that now, but I've had recent thryoid problems.) If you are worried about gaining weight, don't. You probably need another 10 pounds to be at a healthy weight for your size. Nothing wrong with a few curves in the right places. If you want to make sure the weight goes where it's supposed to, then start exercising a little bit. Just walking a mile a day is very good exercise. It will keep your body toned and proportioned. Please don't let your self fall in to the evils of anorexia or bulemia. They will ultimately ruin your life. Just make sure you eat healthy foods, and get a moderate amount of exercise, and you will probably be just right. It sounds like you already know what foods are good for you, so that's a great start. Hope this helps
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Wyot Originally Answered: I've been binging a lot lately? Help?
I've recently went on a diet, and I find the same thing happening to me! You just have to distract yourself, as hard as that sounds. You're probably eating idly, out of boredom, which is very common. One of the biggest problems is that while you look in cupboards, fridges, etc, you'll find something you like and think "Noo! I can't eat that now,' but it'll be in your head all day, until you just give in. You have to find a way to push those thoughts out, or eat something healthier. Clementines are a great snack, and only 80 calories. And they're the best calories you can get! :) Good luck!!

Shea Shea
1200 calories is not enoph calories. i used to eat like that and i started binging after a while too. you need to start eating 1500-1700 calories of healthy and filling food that makes you feel satisfied. and if eating that much scares you and makes you think you'll gain weight than relax. when i ate 1200 calories a day i was 105, then i started eating 1500 calories and now i'm 100 lbs. and i don't excersize either. try it!
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Nivek Nivek
You actually cannot reduce your self, At the very least you can have scars which you are going to ought to provide an explanation for to each new man or woman you meet, that might get awkward whilst making use of for a task or institution, People eager about you romantically would see them as a caution signal although you your self do not consider the equal means you probably did whilst you had been reducing. If you insist I prefer the worst one reducing could be it. You particularly have got to quit. As lengthy as your now not throwing up later on the risks of consuming excessively would possibly not emerge as obvious until later in lifestyles. As for the opposite do not beat your self up approximately it
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Korey Korey
Or you're just a growing young person who is hungry. Babies do it during their growth spurts, their bodies just get a craving for extra nutrients, you might be doing something similar. Maybe you're going through a growth spurt of some sort, maybe not height, but maybe somethign else and you're body wants more calories and vitamins.
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Indy Indy
You probably arent getting enough vitamins. Instead of binging on unhealthy foods eat fruit and take vitamins daily. It works for me. Hope this helps!!!
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Everitt Everitt
Lock yourself in the bathroom???????? J/K. I mean seriously. Control yourself. You should know the answer already.
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Everitt Originally Answered: Is my diet okay? why do i keep binging?
When I was disordered I always binged on peanut butter. I couldn't keep it in the house because I would eat ten spoonfulls. Your diet sounds good - try getting into eating and living healthy and learning about how each nutrient affects your body. That's how I got better. Instead of focusing on being thin I focused on being healthy. It sort of worked because a few years later I found myself looking at very skinny girls and actually thinking they didn't look attractive and needed some more meat on their bones to make them pretty.

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