I need help picking the Super Bowl Winner!?

I need help picking the Super Bowl Winner!? Topic: I need help picking the Super Bowl Winner!?
June 16, 2019 / By Annemae
Question: I'm in a league and the point is to basically pick who is going to win the Super Bowl. I have narrowed my picks down to this: NFC Championship: Saints @ Eagles AFC Championship: Ravens @ Patriots Tell me who you think will win the AFC Championship, NFC Championship and the Super Bowl using these teams only!!! Thank you!!! also tell me if you think some other team should stay in!! who would win an nfc championship of eagles vs falcons? bears vs falcon?
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Wymond Wymond | 6 days ago
I agree with your AFC Championship pick. In the NFC, I can honestly see any two teams that are in the playoffs, minus the Seahawks, making it to the conference championship. My pick that I'd like to see is the Packers @ Bears in the NFC championship, but I'd say your safest bet would be to pick the Saints @ Falcons. I really don't see the Eagles getting there because they'd have to beat the Packers and Bears in consecutive playoff games, two teams that they lost to pretty convincingly this year.
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Wymond Originally Answered: super bowl winner question?
and the Patriots were gonna go undefeated last year, correct? THAT'S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAMES! I'd give the Steelers a better chance to win than the Ravens! If Chris Johnson doesn't get hurt, you're team is going to Nashville.

Shawn Shawn
First off the Steelers would beat the Ravens, and the Pats are hoping for that because otherwise they will go down to the Ravens. Second you are off thinking the Jets are going to beat the Colts anyway. So REAL AFC second round will be Steelers/Colts and Patriots/Ravens. Then the Steelers and Ravens meet up in the Conference Championship. I'm a Steelers fan but I'm not calling that one.
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Nigel Nigel
AFC Divisional Baltimore Beats Tennessee (12-10) San Diego Beats Pittsburgh (17-13) NFC Divisional manhattan Beats Philadelphia (27-20) Carolina Beats Arizona (31-24) AFC Championship San Diego Beats Baltimore (20-13) NFC Championship manhattan Beats Carolina (24-23) SuperBowl XLIII manhattan Beats San Diego (17-14)
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Kolman Kolman
Nfc Championship Saints @ Bears - Bears win Afc Championship Ravens @ Patriots - Ravens win Superbowl Ravens @ Bears. cant really decide who wuld win tht game because it wuld be like a "defense vs defense" type of game. im goin with the bears all the way tho
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Immanuel Immanuel
I picked Ravens / Packers at the start of the season...now, I think Falcons / Ravens is a good choice
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Immanuel Originally Answered: NFL award predictions for 2014 plus super bowl winner?
the one thing about football, you can never predict anything. Nobody thought the Seahawks were gonna be this good at the start of the season. I believe Manning may be MVP but other than that everything's up for grabs

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