How doi get rid of my man boobs?

How doi get rid of my man boobs? Topic: How doi get rid of my man boobs?
June 16, 2019 / By Annelisa
Question: I'm 14 and I had about enough of being fat. What my main focus is to get rid of my man boobs. Can anybody give me really good tips in lossing weight fast and getting rid ofmy man boobs.
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Wyatt Wyatt | 5 days ago
Hello, I had the same problem when i was your age! I was 5'6'' 200 pounds and had man boobs haha. But i manage to lose 60 pounds in just a little under a year and you can do it too but it is not going to be easy and your going to really have to want to do it. Diet is the most important part. Stop eating white breads and replace them with wheat or even better whole grain. it wont taste as good but that's the price you have to pay. Stop eating cookies, chips, cake, the snacks that you find at the store like little Debbie cakes and all that stuff. Eat more vegetables and fruit they will fill you up more than chips and cookies and cakes. SODA is so bad for you. If you just cut out soda you will probably lose up to 20 pounds alone in a year WITHOUT exercise. Now exercising is important too. Push ups won't make your man boobs go away just because you exercise an area on your body does not mean the fat will dissapear from that area. that is the myth of spot reducing WHICH IS BULL. instead focus on cardio like jogging. even if you cannot jog for more than 2 minutes you can jog for as long as you can then transition into a walk until you are rested then continue to jog. try to do cardio at least 3 times a week. the more you do the faster the weight will come off. Weight training can also help squats dead lifts etc all will help. dont get consumed with biceps and pectorals they are important but you nedd to work your WHOLE BODY at least 3 days a week. I hope this will help if you have any other questions about specifics please keep in touch. And Good Luck!
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Wyatt Originally Answered: How to get rid of "man-boobs"?!?
Dude seriously listen to me.....go on a running machine everyday and do a 2.4km run. Aim to get it under 10minutes 30seconds but if you find it too hard just aim to get under 13mins Do it everyday for a month and they will be gone. Running is key to losing weight. Cardio, look it up. At the gym you prob been doing weights which for some people really doesn't help man boobs. push ups and pull ups are good as well.

Shaw Shaw
Well first of all a big tip i can give you is not to starve yourself or else your body will automatically create fat to try and conserve proteins and vitamins for consumption later. and the best workouts for getting rid of them would be to do push ups. you probably cant do a real push up so start on your knees and do as many as you can. i would advise you do these push up workouts 2 to 3 times a day, or whatever you can handle, when you can do ten good knee push ups, then go up to doing 1 real push up and then 9 knee push ups. then you work up from there to 2 real push ups, 8 knee ones and so on until you can do 10 real push ups and by which time you will most likely have lost your "boobs". Good luck i hope everything works out for you :)
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Niel Niel
First of all, start running and doing cardio. This burns callories. For emphasis on your chest you'll need to work out your core with workouts like push ups and bench-pressing. If apprarance matters more than strength to you, you'll want to do less weight for more reps instead of more weight for less reps. This gets you more cut and ripped. And you'll also get stronger as well. Don't just workout your pecks either, you need to ballance your workout. Workout your abdominal, your biceps and triceps, legs, shoulders, etc... Make sure to give each muscle group ample resting time by not working out the same muscles on consecutive days. Keep it ballanced and you will have all around good results with more strength, more endurance, and better looks all around. Also, you need to lay off junk food and eat right, diet is a MAJOR part of working out and being healthy. Get your rest too. Good luck!
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Kole Kole
The makeup of "boobs" is fat. in case you're actually not a minimum of slightly fat, then that factors to a hormone concern. you're the two producing too plenty estrogen or not sufficient testosterone. regrettably, this concern could be brought about through something severe. you may see a physician.
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Kole Originally Answered: how do i get rid of my "man boobs"?
If you’re between the ages of 12 and 18, what you’ll need to do to get rid of man boobs is—nothing. If you’re a teenage boy and your man boobs are getting sensitive and even a little bit bigger, there’s no reason to fret; this is a normal part of male development during puberty. Trust me, I had sensitive nipples when I was younger, and good god was I scared I was turning into a woman—but I didn’t, and neither will you. Just wait it out, or if you’re really that concerned, go see a doctor and they’ll tell you the same thing If you’re over the age of 25 and you’re starting to notice your man boobs getting bigger it might be time to adjust your diet. Once men like you and I start getting closer to 30 the metabolism that kept us from growing beautiful man bosoms when we were younger starts to slack on us a little bit. It’s time to stop with the meat and potatoes diet. Drink less beer, for sure, and stop eating sweets if you want to get rid of man boobs.Diet isn’t the only thing; if you’re serious about getting rid of man boobs, you’re going to start cardio-aerobic exercises ASAP. After a certain age men tend to build up fat that starts to look like boobs. When your body loses or burns fat, it does so in a global sense; that is, it doesn’t just reduce fat in one area, but all areas. What’s the quickest way to convert fat to energy? Aerobic exercises like running, cross-country skiing, and biking are the best way to lose fat and your plump little man boobies. Anaerobic exercises (weight lifting) are also a good way to get rid of man boobs. The first exercise you’ll want to focus on is the incline bench press. Most gyms have a machine that focuses specifically on your upper chest; this is the incline press machine. A greater amount of muscle mass in the upper chest will tighten some of that flab around the nipples. Remember that building muscle mass with a weight training regiment requires fewer reps with greater weight.

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